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Presidential Affirmative Action

Given his lack of discernible experience accomplishing anything, how Obama got to be elected President of the United States is a real puzzler. But, why he got elected isn’t. After decades of redistribution of wealth through Affirmative Action, it only makes sense that “it was time.”

After his much touted and remarkably pedestrian speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, a plan was hatched.

With funding and endorsements from an anti-American European billionaire, and two television and film personalities / moguls, a perfect storm was created wherein Obama could be plucked from obscurity and declared a political rising star.

President George W. Bush is the devil. Hugo Chavez said so; as have innumerable liberals who have spent eight years spewing the most disgusting and divisive nonsense We have ever seen (at least until Governor Sarah Palin was later hurled onto the political scene, THEN things got really ugly). So, the natural thing to do when “oppressed” by a devil’s “regime” is to pray for a saviour.

Thus, the stage was set and the actors primed. The time for Change was nigh.

Once Oprah gave her endorsement for Obama on national television, his campaign for the position as The One was launched. Quickly, tragically-hip, guilt-ridden Hollywood liberals supplicated themselves to His message of change. They spoke out to the youts of our fine nation, admonishing them to “Not Vote.” Of course, they were being ironic, but as with all things Hollywood, the message had to be nuanced and cool-sounding.

Communist subversives who long ago launched “Peace” movements, and who for decades have worked to infiltrate our educational systems and our Congress, have secretly labored toward transforming America into a communist state. With Obama, and his Alynsky-based views and associates, the communists saw just the tool they needed to achieve this agenda.

A cloyingly adoring mass media began to fawn over Obama as if he really was a savior come to rescue us from the Evil Bush. In fact, they got so enamored of the man of mystery that they alluded to him actually being The Savior Returned. Pictures of Obama in Christ-like poses appeared on magazine covers, in works of Chicago art, and in some black churches. It may not have occurred to these members of the Obama Cult that comparing him to Christ was not only over the top, but deeply offensive, as well.

Still, it was time. The blacks were due, and every single liberal in the country made it their crusade to get Barack Hussein Obama elected. They plugged their ears to the troublesome questions about Wright, Ayers, Rezco, and other dubious friends and associates. And to the audio of Barack explaining how the Civil Rights actually failed and how the Constitution is inherently flawed. They closed their eyes to video of Obama speaking about redistribution of wealth. And, the video where Obama tells how he will bankrupt the coal industry. The liberals’ mouths, however, those were wide open. And what a shrill, self-deceiving chorus that has been ever since.

There is absolutely no reason Obama should have been considered for the position of the Most Powerful Man in the World. None. Except, perhaps that he spoke in mellifluous baritone, and that he looked clean and was articulate. Perhaps it was that he promised the poor that he would stick it to The White Man. Perhaps, just perhaps, it was because he was “black.”

As the election cycle came to a close, Obama moderated his message. Ever the chameleon, he promised lower taxes for the middle-class (the same middle-class his wife spoke against and told people to reject becoming).

Across the WORLD, we were told it was be a humiliating blow to Americans if Obama wasn’t elected. We were labeled “racists” for questioning his politics. One unfortunate citizen was even “investigated” for daring to ask Obama a question that lead the candidate to inadvertently reveal his socialist rationale for higher taxation.

Even the terrorists wanted us to elect Obama. Our ever objective and reliable media lambasted us and told us we had to prove to the world that hates us that we aren’t the racist barbarians they think us to be. IT IS TIME, AMERICA, they exclaimed.

So, with a bumbling Republican opponent, a complicit media and RNC leadership, as well as $600M of domestic and foreign contributions, Obama has been given the Office of the Presidency. Despite a pool of thousands of eminently more qualified people, he was made our Lord and Savior.

Now, every black and every hand-wringing liberal is elated. At long last, one of their own has gone where no black has gone before: The Oval Office. Michelle Obama is finally and truly proud of her country.

The time for change has finally come!

So, what’s the first thing Obama does? He offers a Chicago thug and long-time Clinton operative the position as his Chief of Staff. This after taking on a long-time Senate politician as his Vice-President. Obama is also arranging to appoint a Fairness Doctrine-friendly operative to head up the FCC in order to silence Talk Radio- Obama’s vocal opposition.

Smell that? That’s the winds of change. And the times, they are a-changing…


5 thoughts on “Presidential Affirmative Action

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  2. Its interesting that the Republicans care now, when they didn’t care about the over 4000 troops that died at the hands of one of their lies. You will all be judged by God himself and he knows bullshit when he heres it. Good luck to you.

  3. Of course Republicans cared when our troops died. Your assertion is yet another liberal rewriting of history.

    Which side prolonged the war (and thus increased casualties) by undermining our efforts there? Which side cried and protested and obstructed, claiming we had “lost the war?”

    The Congressional Democrats and their far left loony base. And, Obama. That’s who.

    Yes, God will be judging us all.

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