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Imagine There’s No Big Government

Imagine there’s no Big Government. It’s easy if you try.

No entrenched bureaucracy. Instead, we institute accountable employees who SERVE the People for no longer than ten years before they are “termed-out,” with limited pensions. After that, they can no longer work in government again.

No unaccountable, aristocratic, elitist congressmen. Just term-limited public servants who cannot amass more income from any sources while in office other than what they earn from salaries and legal personal investments; servants who must live according to the laws they pass, and who are criminally accountable for committing illegal acts while in office.

Imagine there are no secretive and unfettered Agencies that assume the duties of Congress to pass laws through regulation.

Imagine no use of tax monies to propagandize on behalf of political parties or an Administration. No collusion between government and mass media.

Imagine strict adherence to the Constitution, and the devoted protection of the Citizens’ civil rights.


These are things that must be fought for and put into place.

We the People do not exist so that self-appointed elitists can feather their own nests at the expense of those they are supposed to serve.

We do not exist to pay for others who are capable of working but who refuse to do so. We do not exist to pay reparations for things we personally are not responsible for. We must not allow certain groups to use politics to gain societal advantage over other groups. We are all equal and must be the same in the eyes of the law.

We do not exist to labor so that more than a tenth of our income is taken by bureaucrats and congressmen to buy votes, to build monuments to themselves, to give advantages to their corporate cronies, to redistribute wealth, or to financially support foreign despots and groups.

We are born free, to be free, and we must fight those who want to turn us into tax slaves. We must fight and defeat anyone, especially fellow Americans, who seek to legislate our God-given rights away.


And then do something.

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