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California Liberty March – Sacramento Press Conference – Press Release


Roger Cotton






May 26, 2013

“The Age of Aquarius is over,” says forty-nine year old San Diego resident and fledgling activist, Roger Cotton. “It’s time for the Era of the Eagle to begin.”

According to Cotton, this would be an era of renewed patriotism and cultural reunification.

“America has such great potential. We have to reject those who have been dividing us according to our racial and economic backgrounds, as well as our politics. We are all Americans and it’s time we stop with the childish bickering and get on with the business of reaching our national and personal potentials.”

Cotton has been undertaking a six-week series of twenty-mile marches in towns and cities throughout California; from San Diego to Sacramento. As he marches, he wears shirts that say, “Protect the Constitution,” and “Defend the Bill of Rights,” and “Uphold Your Oaths of Office.” He also carries a ten-foot flag pole that flies a three by five foot American flag.

Cotton has received supportive car honks, waves and cheers. He has also been spat at, insulted, ridiculed, and threatened. Twice, he was targeted with water balloons. Despite this, he cheerfully spreads his message of political empowerment to anyone who asks him why he’s marching. “Our elected and appointed officials must uphold their oaths to protect the Constitution. Otherwise, we must get them out of office. We have to demand that politicians protect our civil rights.”

Cotton’s final twenty-mile march will be on Saturday June 1st. He will be marching from Elk Grove, into Sacramento and around the city. The itinerary for his marches can be found on his web site: http://www.liberty-march.com. He has been funding his endeavor through donations from supporters.On Monday June 3, 2013, Cotton will be marching from Meadowdale Park in Sacramento at 8 am. He will be marching just over two miles to the Sacramento State Capitol Mall, where he will hold a press conference. This event will begin at 10 am.

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