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Black Wednesday

Obama has managed to secure the highest office in the land. The fact that he is a Marxist doesn’t concern his supporters. The fact that the media was entirely promoting and protecting him from scrutiny doesn’t concern his supporters. The fact that the Democrats were blatantly cheating and supporting voter fraud doesn’t concern his supporters.

It is a dark day indeed.

So a black man was elected president. Is that what this is all about? Seems like it. There was no other reason, other than to once again have an excuse to blame Bush for the world’s ills. Too bad the first black to be elected is a stealth communist who has promised to “rearrange” our society and the world.

What arrogance and malevolent intent. Obama actually believes he is a messiah of sorts. He thinks the size of his ego is about right for someone at his political level. His sizable ego is exactly what will lead this country toward a disastrous end.

I am going to pray for Barack Hussein Obama. I will pray that he finds the wisdom and judgment to lead our country well. To date, he hasn’t exhibited much of either. I will also pray that in his rush for ‘change,’ he does not entertain any serious notions of altering the Constitution. Obama has already said he sees the Constitution as fundamentally flawed. How can he honestly vow to uphold the Constitution if he disagrees with its premise?

There are many unanswered questions about Obama: He has not been forthright about his place of birth, his associations, or of his political record. It is for these reasons that he will remain suspect in my mind. He is about as NON-transparent a man as has ever run for office.

God save America.


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