The Public Employee Unions Debate Explained in a Nutshell

All last year, when the Democrats had majorities in both the House and the Senate, they did everything they could to avoid passing a budget.

They knew the national debt issues were going to bite them on the ass. They knew they’d have to do something about Social Security and MediCare, and other socialist entitlement programs that are broke and unsustainable.

It wasn’t until after they lost a huge number of elections in November that they finally decided to vote on the budget. They tried pulling a fast one during the lame duck session, by pushing as much of the far-left agenda as they could into the budget process, but even some Democrats finally said, No.

So, the Democrats punted the budget issue off onto the Republicans.

Now that the Republicans are making necessary cuts to the budget, in order to work toward a balanced budget, the Dems are screaming bloody murder. They increased the budget year after year, despite the fact that we have no money, and now claim the Republicans want to “cut” things.

They are making ridiculous assertions to the media in order to sway public opinion on the issue, because the Dems do not want the government to cut anything. The Democrats also punted in the hope that public opinion would go against the Republicans for doing what must be done.

Thus, we have come to the Democrats’ miscalculation regarding public employee unions.

When Obama keeps flushing tax payer dollars down the toilet to “create jobs,” what he’s doing is COSTING America even more money. Public sector jobs cost money to create and maintain, because the government takes American tax payer dollars to pay the salaries and benefits of public employees.

The public sector doesn’t produce anything. Thus, it doesn’t create wealth or generate revenue to ADD to the tax coffers. Instead, it drains the tax coffers, and, prevents money that might otherwise be in the private sector from being used to generate additional tax revenues.

Public sector union employees, on top of using tax monies to get paid, then pay a portion of those tax payer dollars to unions as “dues.” Guess where the majority of those dues monies go to? To re-elect Democrats who want the votes of public sector employees.

These union dues-elected Democrats then bash corporations as the bad guys in order to obfuscate the fact that the Dems in office secretly include pro-union policies and benefits into unrelated legislation. Over 97% of union dues spent on politics are used on Democrats. (Rather incestuous relationship, huh?) It has long been a cycle of enriching the unions and the Democrat Party, while screwing the tax payers.

Since he was elected, President Obama has blatantly rewarded his union campaign supporters with countless policies (the biggest of which is the Healthcare Law). There hasn’t been a bill proposed or passed in the last two years that hasn’t directly increased union power and benefits. In fact, unions have received exemptions from having to abide by Obamacare. The rest of us? No equal protection or application of the Law.

On top of the fact that public sector employee unions are adversarial against tax payers, they also have long promoted far-left ideology. This is bad for our culture for obvious reasons; not the least of which is the fact that self-avowed Communists make up the union leadership. The Constitution is a hindrance to their goals, and so, they financially-support many anti-American groups who actively work to subvert the Constitution. Obama HIMSELF has acted in an unconstitutional fashion on numerous occasions. His most current such act being when he declared that the DoJ will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, because in Obama’s personal opinion, that law is “unconstitutional.”

So now that the public is aware of the far-left’s money train, and wants that train stopped, the Left is propagandizing the issues and doing what it always does: continue to grow its power base by entrenching themselves into the bureaucracy, and by buying the votes of those who work for the government.

Enough of this already. Public employee unions seek advantages for the employees they represent that other Americans don’t have, or come close to enjoying. In the case of Wisconsin public employees, for example, some get benefits that are three times as good as their public sector counterparts! That is incredible. Public employee unions promote the idea that it is morally acceptable for the folks they represent to greedily seek to be better off than other Americans (at those other Americans’ expense!).

THIS is the reason public employee unions are under attack. America is BROKE! We cannot afford these outrageous pension obligations and benefits. Nor should we have to. Not only are these current levels of benefits unsustainable, they are morally indefensible.


The Democrats Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

For the past two years, I have watched and endured this president and his surrogates in the media call average, God-fearing, patriotic Americans the vilest names I have ever heard.

First, they insinuated we are violent radicals. Then, they colluded (via… JournoList) to call us, “racists.” When that proved to be false because they could produce no evidence, they went full bore to ridicule and then to outright confrontation. They have done everything in their power to belittle us. In other words, they used Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals against Americans in order to get us to conform and to comply.

Yet still, here we are. We sent them a message in November, a message they refuse to acknowledge and respect; just as they refuse to respect their fellow Americans.

And, WE are the ones who have to temper our speech?


No one tells us what we can or cannot say or think. It should be obvious, even to the most ardent Democrat supporter, that the current crop of politicians running this nation have no intention of “serving” us. As far as they are concerned, we serve THEM.

That is unacceptable. The fact that these Communists, and they are Communists, think themselves superior to everyone else makes THEM the most dangerous people in America.

We need to continue to fight against their lies by exposing them for the liars and hypocrites that they are. This includes their mouthpieces in the media. And they are legion.

Even though sometimes it seems overwhelming to fight the powers-that-be, we must remember that there are over 300 million of us, and only 545 of these despicable power-hungry bastards in high office.

If they continue to abuse us and to harm us with laws that are unjust and unconstitutional, we will have no choice but to continue to weather their insults and traitorous behavior until we can vote them out of power. November was the start of this endeavor.

For anyone who considers themselves “apolitical,” I would ask that you carefully listen to what the media says and doesn’t say. How they say it and when. Soon, you will recognize the pattern and presence of the Leftist Agenda in this country. And, it does not have your best interests at heart.

Any responsible citizen should be a part of his or her governance, and have the courage to tell a tyrannical government, “No.”

In Defense of the “Rich, Greedy Bastards”

What have the Poor done to deserve a sainted status in this society, while the Wealthy are being demonized by this President and by the Democrat Party at every turn?

The Poor do not start businesses and hire people. The Wealthy do. The Wealthy constitute 1% of our population yet pay 40% of our taxes. The Poor pay nothing.

Being born poor and living that way sucks. I know from personal experience. I also know that working hard, educating oneself, and never giving up can elevate one’s economic status in America. Capitalism enables one to do that. Socialism does not. It just makes everyone equally poorer.

I am sick of hearing Obama trash rich Americans as being heartless and greedy. They are not, as a whole, evil. Just as the poor are not, as a whole, innocent children in need of care-taking by their political masters.

In his ten thousandth speech of the year, responding to the Republicans’ Pledge to America, Obama spouted this little canard:

‎”It is grounded in same worn-out philosophy: cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires; cut the rules for Wall Street and the special interests; and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. That’s not a prescription for a better future.”

We have to end the race-baiting, the class envy promoted by the Democrat Party. It is destructive and divisive. Tossing the poor scraps in return for their life-long votes is a shameful practice, and is not, contrary to the liberal mantra, “compassion.”

Over seventy years and two thousand plus social programs, and poverty is still here in America. And, under the Democrats complete control of Congress for three years, poverty has risen.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lie incessantly and claim the Democrats have absolutely no responsibility for where we are economically. Bull shit. Are you buying that? Are you fooled by their nonsense?

We must expect and demand a better class of representatives. Because the ones in office are corrupt and are selling us out in return for personal power.

Not only must we vote them out, but we must all engage in self-governance. We the People are the power in this nation. That is why the Tea Party Movement scares the hell out of the liberal media and the Democrat Party. Even the Republican Party has started getting scared. As well they all should be. Their days of taking our money as if it is theirs to spend on buying votes are over.

No more taxation without representation. No more legislation that benefits unions, illegal immigrants, and other special interest groups.

We are on the brink, as a nation, and our posterity is looking to us and asking, “Why? Why didn’t you fight harder? Why have you allowed the thieves and traitors to steal our futures?”

What are you going to tell your great-grandchildren one day?

Liberal News Networks Disgust Me

This isn’t going to be much of a post, as the bile in my mouth is building.

Just watching the absolutely hypocritical coverage of Sonia Sotomayor by the fawning empty suits and skirts makes me sick. Who are these people that read the same crap over and over again, knowing they are lying? Just how shameless and intellectually dishonest can these people continue to be?

People like Matthews and Olbermann and Maddow are nuts. I expect them to be partisan tools. But the lesser known liberal “journalists” and pundits, those who are good-looking, sound reasonable, and who dutifully read whatever copy they are given to read, how can they live with themselves?

They are paid liars. Think about that. LIARS.They willingly say things that aren’t true and which are intended to hurt, if not destroy others.

I can’t think of a sadder way to earn a living. Their clothes may be clean, but their souls are as dirty as they get.

A Compelling Story But Poor Judgment

Once again the Democrat Party is using identity politics and crying “racism!” to misrepresent both themselves and the Republican Party.

No sooner does Barack Obama nominate racist Sotomayor to a seat in the Supreme Court, than the usual media partisans begin warning Republicans about challenging her nomination. What gall. If it were possible, I’d bitch slap every last liberal hack who insults our intelligence by even suggesting that it is racist to question Sotomayor’s suitability for the seat. This includes any “Moderate” Republicans.

Sotomayor’s own words show her to be unprofessional, uncommitted to upholding The Constitution, and racist. We already have an Administration full of such people. Adding yet another ultra-liberal to our court system will only result in even more judicial activism on the part of the misguided left.

Sotomayor has said that she will adjudicate cases based on her feelings and life experiences, as well as on law. Not a strict constitutionalist, is she. In 2002, Sotomayor spoke at Berkeley and said she believes it is appropriate for judges to incorporate their “experiences as women and people of color,” in order to “affect our decisions.” This isn’t the impartial professionalism traditionally demanded of appointees to this position. She followed this up with, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” That’s about as racist a statement as has ever been uttered by a public official. And frankly, I am sick of the white male bashing that the Obamunists are continually partaking in.

Yet another reason Sotomayor should not be confirmed is because in 2005 at Duke Law School, she inadvertently admitted that she believes the “Court of Appeals is where policy is made.”

Policy is NOT made in the judicial system, ma’am. It is merely interpreted there. Attempting to make policy from the bench is exactly what the Framers DIDN’T want anyone to do. Since you’re not up to speed on the purpose of the Separation of Powers, ma’am, perhaps a refresher on Constitutional Law may be of use. Take Obama with you. He seems to have completely forgotten or willfully ignored anything he ever knew on the subject.

Finally, Sotomayor’s court record is not even close to being stellar. She has a string of reversals by the Supreme Court on cases where her judgment was called into question (six out of seven cases reviewed were overturned). At least one colleague, Judge Jose Cabranes,  said Sotomayor’s opinion on a municipal case (brought by firefighters who alleged racial discrimination in promotions) “contains no reference whatsoever to the constitutional claims at he core of this case” and its “perfunctory disposition rests uneasily with the weighty issues presented by this appeal.” Again, her racial bias comes to the fore.

So… a racist judicial activist with a lousy court record and a “compelling story” has been nominated and the liberals have the temerity to tell the GOP to shut up about it.

The most rankling part of this situation is the GOP probably will. There are some eggheads up there who actually believe that pandering and trying not to offend will win them elections.

GROW SOME STONES, ya bunch of Beltway Eunuchs! First, solidify the party platform and leadership. THEN worry about trying to sway votes from Hispanics (aka, illegal aliens who were raised in Socialist countries). Guess what, GOP: the Dems already have their claws so deep in these people (the hopelessly uneducated, unskilled, and unwilling to assimilate), that it would take the exhortations of Jesus himself to get them to vote Republican.  Even then, these people like their entitlements, so chances are any vote gains would be negligible come the next election.

Why do the geniuses running the GOP continue to play the Democrats’ games? Republicans should understand by now that they will NEVER win against liberals’ despicable tactics; not so long as the liberal media uses its power to lie, misstate, and propagandize on behalf of the Democrat Party.

If the GOP doesn’t try its best to block the confirmation of this unsuitable nominee now, despite the political blackmailing by the Democrats, they will never have the political wherewithal and capital to be taken serious again. The Republican Party will be abandoned by its constituency for another party that will replace it.  And, what good is a party when it doesn’t have any followers?

Stop pussyfooting around, guys. If the liberals lie about your position, call them on it. Hold press conferences. Create YouTube advertisements stating your positions. Be relentless. Be AMERICANS.

Stop letting the lunatics hold power over you. And, stop doing things only if they’re “good for the Party.” Do the right thing always, and always for the sake of the country. We the People demand this.

The American Media: Enemy Combatants Against We the People

A nation cannot be free without a free, unbiased media. We are not free.

Over the past two years, American citizens have been subjected to non-stop propagandizing about the man with no past, Barack Hussein Obama. From cable news networks to mainstream newspapers,  two things have been pushed with a feverish zeal not seen in my lifetime : the dire need for the public to go “green,” and the equally fanatical “need” for change under the previously unknown BHO’s leadership.

Mainstream media promoted Obama and squelched any negative associations he had, in order to get him elected president. They continue to do so today.

From JournoList, to GE CEO Greg Immelt’s Go Green/Promote Obama agenda with NBC/MSNBC CEO Jeff Zucker, to the ongoing covert cabal of culinary commie communicators frequently dining together at the Watergate Hotel, to the incessant anti-Conservative blather spewed by CNN/MSNBC, it has become quite obvious that there is a left-wing war being waged against We the People.

When did journalists go from being the Fourth Estate to the Fifth Column?

It is disgusting that the media in America openly acts as operatives for the Democrat Party. It was bad enough when they pretended to be impartial. Now, they outright proclaim their loyalty to Obama and to the Congressional Leftists who are subverting our Constitution.

If it were the other way around, and the media covered for, promoted, and propagandized solely for Conservatism, I’d be just as horrified as I am now. The media should not be taking sides. The media should strive for objectivity. The media should side with the country, not with a party. The media should not be populated by a bunch of childish, traitorous, partisan douche bags!

Sadly, in 2008, the media shrugged off its mantle of societal responsibility and slipped on its negligee of partisan whoredom. Oh, how in love they are with Obama. The media has continued its radicalization by slapping on its beret of Communism. Joe McCarthy was right all along. There have been traitors infiltrating our ranks.

These enemy combatants are now sniping at anyone in its sights who doesn’t adhere to its anti-Conservative, anti-American narrative. Leftists torture logic, waterboard patriotism, and mind wipe history in order to achieve their goals. And, they deny any responsibility for anything they do.

Lat month, well-known members of the media ridiculed average Americans in an effort to marginalize them. Since January, networks have engaged in a campaign of misinformation (and outright lies) against Conservatives. And, throughout the financial debacle, the media has purposefully covered for the collective asses of the asses who caused the debacle. Even the unconstitutional acts of political overreach by Obama, the candidate they worked so hard to elect, get absolutely no scrutiny or coverage.

These individuals and organizations can no longer be considered the “American” Media. They are, instead, the Democrat Party Propaganda Machine. In fact, the media is now nothing more than the psy/ops army for the vast left-wing conspiracy.

In fact, President Obama has threatened to unleash the media against hedge fund investors unless they agree to his unreasonable, unlawful, and unconstitutional demands.

These non-uniformed enemy combatants are targeting not just “greedy Wall Street organizations,” but We the People, as well. And, we must target them back. Though Obama and his ACORN minions will attempt to silence Talk Radio, We the People will not be silenced. I don’t know what the thinking is in the White House, but if it takes several thousands of us to attend FCC localization oversight committees, we shall. WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR VOICE.

Liberals have taken to the streets for decades in order to make demands, coerce, and extort. If liberals want to see real activism, they need only push us further, and we will shock them by how deadly serious we are when we demonstrate. What liberals seem to forget is that quite a few people who once wouldn’t have participated in demonstrations are now unemployed. That means they are free to take to the streets and push back.

Thanks to the Internet, Americans are no longer reliant on the alphabet networks for news. The truth is being spread and eyes are being opened. The media is the enemy, and its agenda has been revealed. We will now actively defend ourselves against it and take back our nation. We will reclaim our liberty and make this a free country once more.

Why Garofalo Doesn’t REALLY Believe Conservatives are Racists

If Janeane Garofalo really believed Conservatives were racist rednecks, she wouldn’t be spouting this nonsense off. She’d be silent and keeping her views to herself.

Instead, the gnobby troll is vomiting a tirade of nonsense on every liberal media venue that agrees with her, secure in the knowledge that no one will stone her or saw her head off.

I’d be careful, though, Janeane: If there really are violently insane people on the right as you claim, they may be moved to prove you right.

Janeane isn’t the only one who believes Conservatives and right-of-center Americans are a threat.

The NHS Report released by Napolitano, just before the tea parties, is interesting, because the first thing the first lesbian director of Homeland Security does is label regular, patriotic Americans as “terrorists.”

Ah, how absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is if Napolitano wasn’t corrupt to begin with. Bang up job as Governor of Arizona, Janet. And now, you refuse to let agencies under the aegis of the DHS do their job and round up ‘undocumented Americans.’ How’s that “uphold the Constitution” thing working out for you?

So, Janeane Garofalo, if you reeeeaaaaally believed what you thought, I doubt you’d be saying it. Chickenshit is the liberal M.O. that President Obama demonstrated on several occasions during his meetings with Chavez and Ortega. Instead of honorably representing and defending the United States of America, he remained silent; fist-bumped and mano-a-manoed, and accepted anAmerica-Bashing-book with a smile.

So, if a liberal President isn’t going to exhibit moral and intellectual courage, I highly doubt a pathologically insecure liberal twit will. It’s always easiest to bash the innocent than to challenge real terrorists.