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San Diego Tea Party February 28th

Not one month in office, and Obama and his socialist cohorts have pushed through the biggest redistribution of wealth / spending bill EVER. Packed with pork, despite Obama’s straight-faced claims to the contrary, mainstream Americans are recognizing that over $1 trillion dollars of our taxes have just been misappropriated. Obama and the rest of our purported representatives have written in money that is being funneled to every liberal organization that has ever crawled out the woodwork over the past forty years. And, all of this is under the guise of being an “economic stimulus package.”

Well, people across this nation are are outraged, and have started symbolic tea parties in their local communities.  This morning, I attended the San Diego Tea Party, which was my first “protest.”  It gives me hope we can survive the Obamanation.

I only found out about the protest an hour before I went, and so I took my children to school and drove to downtown San Diego without being able to make a sign of my own. When I arrived, I could see many people holding signs and walking around. It was a demonstration of patriotism, resolve, and determination. People spoke to each other, listened to speakers, and waved signs to passing cars that honked in support. All of this, and not a single arrest or overturned car. This event is but the first of many to come.

Liberals have long been at war with America. Like tie-dyed insurgents, they have waged an asymmetrical war against our noble country for decades. The rest of us have not been paying attention. But, now, we must and will fight them.

How these socialists have managed (with the help of the MSM) to convince the uninformed citizenry that THEY are the mainstream and that God-fearing, patriotic Americans are “fringe” is beyond my understanding. Of course, when one employs lying, deceiving, misinformation, and malice to manipulate fellow citizens, one can apparently accomplish a lot. But, things are about to change.

Now, when liberals scream at us, we will not be polite and cowed. Instead, we will stand up and shout these bastards down. When they lie to and about us, we will expose the truth and prove them to be the liars they are. When liberals pass traitorous policies, we will fight them in court and in the streets, if we must, in order to protect the Constitution. And, if they attempt to silence us and take away our weapons, we will use our voices and our guns in order to preserve our GOD-GIVEN rights.

If we must, we will band together in the millions and not pay our taxes.

We may be new to protesting and being activists, but that is about to change. Neither the power-hungry loons in Congress nor the specious, hateful liberal foot soldiers will stop us. I have joined the fight. Millions more will, too. Unlike liberals, we are not weak-willed and unprincipled. Once roused, we are not assuaged. We are Americans. And, Americans are no one’s fools. We now recognize the domestic enemies to our Constitution and now, we are more than willing to defeat them.

Here comes the revolution! Yes, WE can, too.


4 thoughts on “San Diego Tea Party February 28th

  1. You are nuts!

    You sound like a middle class Mom. HOney you were just given the largest tax cut, you will probably see in your lifetime. This country is not redistributing wealth, we are trying to put it back, so people like you can raise a family and see a living wage. People cannot function with the wages and taxes we have been paying. YOu have not seen the result of Obama’s tax policies yet. You should thank people like Obama who is out there trying to help people like you. You have been fooled. You are the sheep to the wealthy and if you for once read and realize who started these tea parties, you would not be out there. Freedom Works and Dick Armey along w/Neil Cavuto, funded by the wealthy and promoted by Fox. They are using you to fight for their interests. The redistribution of wealth that you talk about will give you more money and less to the wealthy plus Obama is trying to close the corporate tax loopholes. How does this not help you? The spending is also going to help you. The policies of the past have caused this depresssion. Sitting and doing nothing, as both Right and Left economists have agreed, is necessary to get us out of this mess. The budget will get balanced as Democrats have always done. Republicans have not. Please check my facts, as you will find them to be true!!

    • How does one respond to such liberal dementia? The largest tax cut I will ever see in my lifetime? Lady, you are Sheehan crazy. I don’t do crazy. Recheck your “facts.” They are 180 degrees away from reality.

  2. Wait and see bud! You are right now, yes right now fighting against the tax rates passed by the Republican Congress and Bush. They are the ones that have passed the higher rates on the middle class and the wealthy received the tax cuts. Enormous tax cuts. Are you old enough to remember what was paid by the upper 1% before Reagan. It was much, much higher than now. NOW YOU check your facts. Because it seems ridiculous to argue with the uninformed!!

    • Strange. I received a hefty tax cut under Bush. Under Obama, it will be a hefty tax increase. How else will his Porkulus bill and Budget get paid for? By draining the rich of every cent? This is America, not Cuba. We don’t penalize people for being successful. Communists do that.

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