2013 – 2014: The Year of Living Dangerously

As our leaders destroy our country and doom us to tax enslavement, I wonder what more it will take before we decide it is time to take back our country and our freedoms.

Once more, Congress and Obama are kicking the can down the road. They have raised the Debt Ceiling again and will be instituting over a trillion dollars in new taxes. All to pay for the most destructive law ever passed: ObamaCare.

The Democrats seek to destroy our sovereignty, to empower their supporters, and to entrench themselves in power. All at the expense of our country. And the Republicans are too weak-willed to fight them. At this point, they appear to be complicit.

As Americans, we have lived comfortably. The price for this comfort has been the sacrifices of our servicemen, and the inexcusable misappropriation of our treasury by corrupt politicians. We live so comfortably, that the idea of  risking what we have in order to change the status quo is frightening. The reality is, we live in a fool’s paradise.

With every luxury we have indulged in and every pop culture diversion we have been preoccupied with, we have eaten of the lotus and become apathetic. Our apathy has allowed our freedoms to be whittled away. Our heritage of liberty is being stolen from us. We literally can no longer afford this to continue. Our politicians have incurred such a huge national debt that it will soon destroy us. America, as a bastion of freedom, will be gone. We must finally demand that the Political Class stop the insanity of how things are being done.

But, how do we do this?

First, we need to stop waiting for a hero to come along. There is no one man or woman who is brave enough or smart enough or moral enough to lead us from our current state of affairs. No one man or woman will suffice. It will take countless men and women of courage and conviction, of principle and honor to do what must be done. It will take a critical mass of Americans who are willing to take to the streets and make their voices heard.

The second thing we must do is to starve the Leviathan. We must not pay our taxes this year. Or the next. Not until true reformation of government in America occurs.

We must individually risk destitution and/or imprisonment in order to enact this revolution. Critical mass will not occur until we begin, individually, to act. We can organize and coordinate our efforts, but unless we each are willing to do what it takes to save our nation, we, too, will continue to kick the can down the road of history. And all too soon, America itself will be history.

The time for a third party is nigh upon us. We must recognize that both major parties will not change. Those in leadership seek to feather their own nests, and no longer represent us or our needs. Nor do they intend to uphold the Constitution. The past four years have proven that.

So, am I willing to put my money where my mouth is? I honestly don’t know. To refuse to pay my taxes in an act of civil disobedience would put my wife and family in jeopardy of imprisonment and destitution. My wife does not share my views or passion for this nation. She is not as committed as I am to speaking out and doing what it takes to enact revolution. She is like the majority of Americans: Willfully ignorant of the political treason being committed by our politicians.

And, I don’t blame her. As the provider in our family, she works hard and focuses on our children. As I continue to search for work, I have the luxury to expound and philosophize. My wife does not have that luxury.

It would be far easier to blind myself through distraction and toil to the daily erosion of our liberties; to the intentional destruction of America. But, I can’t. And I won’t. “Never give up and never surrender.” That is our family motto. When that inevitable moment comes- that moment when the stakes are at their highest and life hangs in the balance- I don’t know if I will have the courage of my convictions and stand on principle. I would like to think that I will live my motto then. One thing I am certain of is, I am cursed with incredible tenacity. And an abiding love of God and country.

I have decided to stop waiting for the next Washington or Lincoln or Reagan. These were men of their times. But this is our time now. We have to act.

In this time of universal deceit, let us reach out to one another, Patriots, and organize. Let us form a viable third party dedicated to preserving and upholding the Constitution, to protecting our God-given rights, and to live as free men and women.

I believe our motto should remain, In God We Trust. Because without God, America has lost Her way. And the godless now hold sway.


The Public Employee Unions Debate Explained in a Nutshell

All last year, when the Democrats had majorities in both the House and the Senate, they did everything they could to avoid passing a budget.

They knew the national debt issues were going to bite them on the ass. They knew they’d have to do something about Social Security and MediCare, and other socialist entitlement programs that are broke and unsustainable.

It wasn’t until after they lost a huge number of elections in November that they finally decided to vote on the budget. They tried pulling a fast one during the lame duck session, by pushing as much of the far-left agenda as they could into the budget process, but even some Democrats finally said, No.

So, the Democrats punted the budget issue off onto the Republicans.

Now that the Republicans are making necessary cuts to the budget, in order to work toward a balanced budget, the Dems are screaming bloody murder. They increased the budget year after year, despite the fact that we have no money, and now claim the Republicans want to “cut” things.

They are making ridiculous assertions to the media in order to sway public opinion on the issue, because the Dems do not want the government to cut anything. The Democrats also punted in the hope that public opinion would go against the Republicans for doing what must be done.

Thus, we have come to the Democrats’ miscalculation regarding public employee unions.

When Obama keeps flushing tax payer dollars down the toilet to “create jobs,” what he’s doing is COSTING America even more money. Public sector jobs cost money to create and maintain, because the government takes American tax payer dollars to pay the salaries and benefits of public employees.

The public sector doesn’t produce anything. Thus, it doesn’t create wealth or generate revenue to ADD to the tax coffers. Instead, it drains the tax coffers, and, prevents money that might otherwise be in the private sector from being used to generate additional tax revenues.

Public sector union employees, on top of using tax monies to get paid, then pay a portion of those tax payer dollars to unions as “dues.” Guess where the majority of those dues monies go to? To re-elect Democrats who want the votes of public sector employees.

These union dues-elected Democrats then bash corporations as the bad guys in order to obfuscate the fact that the Dems in office secretly include pro-union policies and benefits into unrelated legislation. Over 97% of union dues spent on politics are used on Democrats. (Rather incestuous relationship, huh?) It has long been a cycle of enriching the unions and the Democrat Party, while screwing the tax payers.

Since he was elected, President Obama has blatantly rewarded his union campaign supporters with countless policies (the biggest of which is the Healthcare Law). There hasn’t been a bill proposed or passed in the last two years that hasn’t directly increased union power and benefits. In fact, unions have received exemptions from having to abide by Obamacare. The rest of us? No equal protection or application of the Law.

On top of the fact that public sector employee unions are adversarial against tax payers, they also have long promoted far-left ideology. This is bad for our culture for obvious reasons; not the least of which is the fact that self-avowed Communists make up the union leadership. The Constitution is a hindrance to their goals, and so, they financially-support many anti-American groups who actively work to subvert the Constitution. Obama HIMSELF has acted in an unconstitutional fashion on numerous occasions. His most current such act being when he declared that the DoJ will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, because in Obama’s personal opinion, that law is “unconstitutional.”

So now that the public is aware of the far-left’s money train, and wants that train stopped, the Left is propagandizing the issues and doing what it always does: continue to grow its power base by entrenching themselves into the bureaucracy, and by buying the votes of those who work for the government.

Enough of this already. Public employee unions seek advantages for the employees they represent that other Americans don’t have, or come close to enjoying. In the case of Wisconsin public employees, for example, some get benefits that are three times as good as their public sector counterparts! That is incredible. Public employee unions promote the idea that it is morally acceptable for the folks they represent to greedily seek to be better off than other Americans (at those other Americans’ expense!).

THIS is the reason public employee unions are under attack. America is BROKE! We cannot afford these outrageous pension obligations and benefits. Nor should we have to. Not only are these current levels of benefits unsustainable, they are morally indefensible.

No. ObamaCare is NOT Constitutional

A federal judge ruled that the individual mandate in ObamaCare is Constitutional. I’m not a judge, but I do know the Constitution, and this clown is wrong.

In his ruling, Detroit Judge George Caram Steeh says  Congress, under the Commerce Clause, was simply trying to lower the overall cost of insurance by requiring participation. I don’t care if the Democrats were trying to end hunger and create world peace. What they did, and how they did it, nullifies any good intentions they claim to have had.

This law, plain and simple, is taxation without representation. Plus, it violates the Tenth and Thirteenth Amendments. Americans CANNOT be turned into slaves; whether it be tax slaves or literal ones. Period. I will not pay taxes for this law.

As an American who is a registered Republican, I was prevented by Nancy Pelosi and her rigged House Rules from having representation on this matter. She shut the Republicans out of meetings, and she did not allow them input into the crafting of the bill. She lied to the public vis a vis a complicit media about the Bill and about the Republicans’ involvement therein. In effect, she damaged their ability to craft consequential legislation, to fight an unpopular bill, and to make any kind of case against it. Thus, Republican Representatives were prevented from doing what they were elected to do: represent their constituents.

Since Pelosi went against the Constitution by preventing representation on what Obama is now calling a “tax,” this law is unconstitutional.

I look forward to the Supreme Court ruling on this matter. Rule of Law must be reestablished in America. The Obama Administration, along with the corrupt Pelosi and Reid majorities, have assaulted the very Constitution they swore to uphold.

Come November 2nd, the People will send a clear message to Washington, and a mandate to the Republicans: Repeal this Law. Undo what this Administration is doing to this nation.

We are going to rid ourselves of corruptocrats from both Parties and restore our Constitution. This law will not stand, and I as an American, empowered by the Constitution, will no longer stand for the evil machinations of arrogant political elites.

I know you won’t, either.

In Defense of the “Rich, Greedy Bastards”

What have the Poor done to deserve a sainted status in this society, while the Wealthy are being demonized by this President and by the Democrat Party at every turn?

The Poor do not start businesses and hire people. The Wealthy do. The Wealthy constitute 1% of our population yet pay 40% of our taxes. The Poor pay nothing.

Being born poor and living that way sucks. I know from personal experience. I also know that working hard, educating oneself, and never giving up can elevate one’s economic status in America. Capitalism enables one to do that. Socialism does not. It just makes everyone equally poorer.

I am sick of hearing Obama trash rich Americans as being heartless and greedy. They are not, as a whole, evil. Just as the poor are not, as a whole, innocent children in need of care-taking by their political masters.

In his ten thousandth speech of the year, responding to the Republicans’ Pledge to America, Obama spouted this little canard:

‎”It is grounded in same worn-out philosophy: cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires; cut the rules for Wall Street and the special interests; and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. That’s not a prescription for a better future.”

We have to end the race-baiting, the class envy promoted by the Democrat Party. It is destructive and divisive. Tossing the poor scraps in return for their life-long votes is a shameful practice, and is not, contrary to the liberal mantra, “compassion.”

Over seventy years and two thousand plus social programs, and poverty is still here in America. And, under the Democrats complete control of Congress for three years, poverty has risen.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lie incessantly and claim the Democrats have absolutely no responsibility for where we are economically. Bull shit. Are you buying that? Are you fooled by their nonsense?

We must expect and demand a better class of representatives. Because the ones in office are corrupt and are selling us out in return for personal power.

Not only must we vote them out, but we must all engage in self-governance. We the People are the power in this nation. That is why the Tea Party Movement scares the hell out of the liberal media and the Democrat Party. Even the Republican Party has started getting scared. As well they all should be. Their days of taking our money as if it is theirs to spend on buying votes are over.

No more taxation without representation. No more legislation that benefits unions, illegal immigrants, and other special interest groups.

We are on the brink, as a nation, and our posterity is looking to us and asking, “Why? Why didn’t you fight harder? Why have you allowed the thieves and traitors to steal our futures?”

What are you going to tell your great-grandchildren one day?

New Declaration of American Independence

In the face of decades of unmitigated evil perpetrated by our elected officials against The Constitution, the time has come, once again, for We the People to declare our independence from the tyranny of Oppressive Government.

Those elected officials and their minions who seek to rend our freedoms from us have demonstrated no intention to keep their vows to uphold The Constitution. They have also shown a callous disregard for the welfare of all of this nation’s legal citizens. Said elected representatives threaten us now with unsustainable spending and taxation. They also are attempting to dismantle our societal norms and institutions. In short, We the People are on the verge of being forced into tax slavery.

Anti-Constitutional ideologues in political office are attempting to enact their Progressive social philosophy, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to American society; as well as an abject failure of political thought. Therefore, to our nationally-elected public officials, who have chosen to disregard our opinions and welfare: We formally renounce recognition of you as dutiful, legitimate representatives.

Your actions have spoken clearly and your intentions to betray our trust and your vows have been recognized just as clearly. Henceforth, you will no longer be allowed to feather your nests on the backs of the American People. There will be limits on your terms of service. There will be cuts to the benefits you have bestowed upon yourselves. You consider yourselves a protected and ennobled class, but you are mistaken. No one in America is better than anyone else. You are not aristocrats. You are not above the law. Your reign is over.

To the entrenched in Washington, D.C., members of both Parties that think We the People will continue to abide your manipulation: You, too, are also on notice. Those wealthy powers you serve will no longer be allowed to control, impoverish, and enslave us. We reject any form of tyranny from any source. We are free people with God-given rights that will no longer be infringed upon in the name of Progressivism or a New World Order.

We the People invoke the guidance of our Founding Fathers, and do hereby declare our intention to fight, if need be, against the vast, amoral cesspool that is Washington, D.C. We will use every weapon in our arsenal to cast off the yoke of your corruption. Come 2010, we will sweep as many of you from power as we are able. In 2012, we will rid ourselves of this anti-American Administration. If, after all this, you choose to continue to wage war against We the People, we will fight back. And, with our numbers reaching up into the hundreds of millions, you do not stand a chance of succeeding.

You will not be allowed to diminish the Sovereignty of the United States of America. You will not be allowed to open our borders to any more of those who refuse to assimilate and improve this country. You will not be allowed to force citizens to fund immoral and unconstitutional nationalized programs. In fact, we will disband agencies and repeal policies that do not demonstrate complete fidelity to the betterment of this country, and which do not operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are not your slaves. We are not cogs in a Big Government machine. Neither are we “Citizens of the World.” We are Americans. And we will not go under. We will fight and die to remain free. While you have chosen to renounce God and his blessings on our great nation, we proudly declare ourselves His children. We will return the Lord to his rightful place as moral center of our Society. We will no longer remain silent against the militant atheism that works in tandem with Progressivism to destroy America and the World.

Heed our warning: You started this war. We will end it. We will purge the evil influences of Progressivism from the soul of the body politic and reinstate patriotism and morality as cornerstones to the archways of our freedom. Abuses against the greater society by anti-American groups that constitute the minority of the population will no longer be ignored.

Individualism will ever remain integral to our society. However, we will vociferously challenge the legal and cultural perversions of our basic tenets by any minority, under any guise. This is America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Not, Cradle of the Dependent and Grave of the Enslaved. Through faith and lawful endeavors, we will be free once more. We will be great again. And, we will not fail.

This is our Declaration.

Corruption Has Consequences

“Elections have consequences.” Obama and his sycophants love to use that expression;  as if being elected to high office gives them carte blanche to enact any radical program they want, using tax payer monies.

I completely reject that premise.

To accept it, I would have to accept that I am no more than a tax slave to the whims of whatever Party is currently in power. I am no one’s slave, so obviously there is a problem.

And, a big problem, it is. Our elected officials are under the misapprehension that they are of an elevated status or caste. They act and speak as if our place in society is to be no more than compliant ATMs. They are completely delusional; blinded by their vanity. We will not fall into line and work our lives away just so they can tax us and use the revenue to provide voting inducements to the poor and the illegal.

Let me articulate this as clearly and vociferously as I can: FUCK NO!

What gives these corrupt sons of bitches the idea that they can deny us representation, treat us like tax slaves, and ignore our demands for redress of grievances?

I’ll tell you what, I am pissed. I am furious. I am more than willing to take it to the streets and raise my voice in protest. Aren’t you?

Elections have consequences… Bull shit. Corruption has consequences!

It is time we rid ourselves of the entrenched filth that taints our government. It is time to speak out as one voice and demand they step down. It is time we all say, “No! We will NOT pay taxes. We will not be forced to change our lives so that you arrogant highbrows can play aristocrat. NO! FUCK NO!!

This cannot stand. Corrupt leaders can push their constituents only so far before we can no longer tolerate the abuse. And, abuse it is! It is unconstitutional, and IT IS WRONG!

I will not wait until 2010 to fight these remorseless bastards. Right now, they are trying to fundamentally change our society. We must  not have any of it. Even if they successfully pass their abominable legislation, we must fight it. We must not participate in it. When we are in power, we must and will reverse it.

America must be restored! The Communists are taking over and they intend to destroy us.

Listen up, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid! You, too, Dodd, Frank, and Waters! You are done! Your power over us is over. Your time is near its end. And when that end happens, God help you. For your crimes and dereliction of duty, you will be investigated, tried, and imprisoned.

And, don’t think we aren’t coming for you, too, Republicans! Those of you who have broken the law will also find yourselves out of office and in prison. We will not allow corruption in Congress anymore! We demand that our representatives act ethically and responsively to OUR needs, not their own.

We are not your slaves. YOU SERVE US!

So, just as elections have consequences, so too, does corruption.

If I Were King of the Foreeeest!

Does running a country with over 300 million citizens really need to be so complicated?

It seems to me that if every capable adult was responsible for his or herself, and if every community was responsible for itself, and if every city were responsible for its citizens, then every state in our union should have no difficulty running its affairs. In such a case, running the country would be fairly easy.

Instead, we have CHILDREN running things. We have petty squabbling and envious backstabbing, and power mad manipulation. And this from our LEADERS! The folks we are supposed to look up to and respect for their wisdom. And, a great number of these “leaders” are actively dumbing down the populace and instilling in their constituents a sense of helplessness, entitlement, and irresponsibility.

I’m just a simple man (Literally. I have the attention span of a gnat, so my wife can only tell me to do one thing at a time, or I will get distracted along the way and forg- SQUIRREL!). But, even with my overcharged mind and moderate education, I now believe even I could run this country. And, I could run it better than any blue-blooded Harvard graduate with Bilderburger connections. I mean, seriously, look at Obama. He is absolutely awful. ANYONE could do a better job.

So, what would I do? Glad you asked. If I were President,  the very first thing I’d do is to always speak honestly and directly. I’d throw in a metaphor every once in a while, but I’d make sure that anything I had to say was worth taking the time to listen to.

Also, Political Correctness be damned. Responsible people want to hear the truth. They don’t want leaders who dance around their answers to questions or who are afraid to speak their minds.  Pandering to race baiters and grievance mongers who will whine about anything and everything anyway is condescending and just a waste of time.

Soon after taking office, I would support the introduction of a bill in the House that would depoliticize the Department of Education. We would design a national curricula that promoted thorough understanding of our history, as well as, the premier teaching of math and sciences, and of literacy. Any States where teachers’ unions uses member dues to fund political expenditures (such as television, radio, and print ads that misrepresent facts and issues, and which specifically support candidates of a particular party), would be restricted from receiving national education funds.

I would seek to streamline the IRS and implement a national Fair Tax where citizens are taxed 10% across the board. Incentives for transitioning from poverty to a livable state would be offered in the form of job training education. Welfare would remain workfare, and only legal citizens of this nation would be eligible to receive it.

As a matter of course, I’d require every lobbyist who came to Washington and met with ANY politician, aide, or staffer to first sign in with a Congressional clerk. Those records would immediately be made available to the public. Within one week, that information would be displayed via the Congressional web site.

As President, I’d propose and later sign House- and Senate-approved bills that would do the following:

  1. During election campaigns, any television, Internet, or radio commercial that disseminates lies and misrepresentations of fact to the American people would subject candidates to significant fines. The offending candidate would need to immediately apologize to the American public for attempting to defraud them.
  2. Make it against the Constitution for congressmen and women to vote on any bill they haven’t read. An affidavit would need to be signed by each of those who intend to vote yes on the bill. During a vote, absolutely no vote buying and undue influence negotiations would be allowed. All members would be required to remain silent until it is their turn to cast a vote. No last minute speeches would be allowed.
  3. Any proposed bills would need to be focused on a single issue only; with absolutely no pork or unrelated amendments allowable. Only amendments that modify procedure and implementation of the bill would be allowable; as long as they are relevant. The names of the politicians who attach amendments would immediately become public knowledge.
  4. The language of all bills introduced and passed would need to be written so that the average American with at least a high school level education could understand it. Legalese could be attached as appendices, as long as the language in the main body of the bill is clear to begin with.
  5. Any bills introduced in the House would be required to be available for public review for no less than one month before it could be voted on. The same for the Senate.
  6. No one party could manipulate the House and Senate rules to grant themselves an advantage by denying the opposing party members reasonable opportunities to debate issues and to represent their constituents.
  7. During session, any Majority or Minority Speaker who knowingly misinforms or lies to the American public, in contravention of documented fact, would be stripped of their position, and would be subject to criminal prosecution for breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution.
  8. Absolutely NO national business could occur behind closed door sessions, unless national security depended on it. In the event that national security issues are leaked and reported by the media, the person(s) responsible for the leak would be subject to criminal prosecution for treason.
  9. All representatives and senators would be required to maintain a Washington-based web site that allows constituents to post comments about issues and votes, and to ask questions. A reasonable number of questions must be answered by the Congressperson (or by designated aides responding on his or her behalf) within a month of their posting. Should any sitting Congressperson fail to maintain their site and respond consistently with their constituents, this information will be made public both in Washington and in the politician’s home state.
  10. ALL agencies and departments of the federal government would have six months to prepare their operational budgets for auditing. Those found to be operating inefficiently would be given six months to comply with written goals, or face restaffing.  Agencies and departments found to be unnecessary or obsolete would be immediately disbanded. The results of all audits and actions taken would be made available to the public, except when doing so would harm national security.

Three words, people: Rule. of. Law. Federal immigration laws would immediately be enforced. Absolutely no Amnesty. If corrupt politicians in Mexico who are beholden to drug lords and Reconquista organizations get upset, I don’t care. As President, I would uphold my Constitutional vow. I would back up our military, border patrol, and national guard; as any good Commander in Chief should do.

The Department of Energy would be depoliticized and be freer to pursue any rational and reasonable alternative energy sources. Interference by EPA and lobbyists would be scrutinized and resolved expeditiously in order to prevent unnecessary delays from potential junk science concerns.

Health care would be open to free market competition among private insurance companies and care providers. In the event of catastrophic illness or trauma care, citizens would be covered 100% by the U.S. government. Short of that, health care costs would need to be covered by citizens’ own insurance plans and deductibles.

As far as foreign policy is concerned, I would publicly denounce any actions perpetrated by a world leader or regime against their citizens. I would not recognize illegitimate governments, nor would I ever allocate tax payer monies to bribe, assuage, or aid them. I would push for immediate dismantling of the United Nations on American soil. We would quit membership and immediately cease any and all funding for that organization.

I most certainly would NEVER denigrate or weaken the image of this nation, and I would powerfully defend its honor and safety against false claims or threats by our enemies.

I’d advocate reassertion of States’ Rights. I would assist in weakening central government by relinquishing responsibility for governing those things that are the purview of State Government; as outlined in the Constitution, and as intended by our Framers (based on their writings).

Finally, I’d promote a national program, in conjunction with state agencies, to educate our citizens about our national history and heritage, our system of government, and their civil rights. I would treat adult citizens like adults, and I would personally lead by example the character traits that I would like our children to develop.

So, if you’re still with me, THAT’S what I would do if I were President, and THAT is what I wish the next Conservative President of the United States would strive to accomplish.

NOTE: I clarified certain sections that confused readers. Those changes have been incorporated into the body of the text above.