2013 – 2014: The Year of Living Dangerously

As our leaders destroy our country and doom us to tax enslavement, I wonder what more it will take before we decide it is time to take back our country and our freedoms.

Once more, Congress and Obama are kicking the can down the road. They have raised the Debt Ceiling again and will be instituting over a trillion dollars in new taxes. All to pay for the most destructive law ever passed: ObamaCare.

The Democrats seek to destroy our sovereignty, to empower their supporters, and to entrench themselves in power. All at the expense of our country. And the Republicans are too weak-willed to fight them. At this point, they appear to be complicit.

As Americans, we have lived comfortably. The price for this comfort has been the sacrifices of our servicemen, and the inexcusable misappropriation of our treasury by corrupt politicians. We live so comfortably, that the idea of  risking what we have in order to change the status quo is frightening. The reality is, we live in a fool’s paradise.

With every luxury we have indulged in and every pop culture diversion we have been preoccupied with, we have eaten of the lotus and become apathetic. Our apathy has allowed our freedoms to be whittled away. Our heritage of liberty is being stolen from us. We literally can no longer afford this to continue. Our politicians have incurred such a huge national debt that it will soon destroy us. America, as a bastion of freedom, will be gone. We must finally demand that the Political Class stop the insanity of how things are being done.

But, how do we do this?

First, we need to stop waiting for a hero to come along. There is no one man or woman who is brave enough or smart enough or moral enough to lead us from our current state of affairs. No one man or woman will suffice. It will take countless men and women of courage and conviction, of principle and honor to do what must be done. It will take a critical mass of Americans who are willing to take to the streets and make their voices heard.

The second thing we must do is to starve the Leviathan. We must not pay our taxes this year. Or the next. Not until true reformation of government in America occurs.

We must individually risk destitution and/or imprisonment in order to enact this revolution. Critical mass will not occur until we begin, individually, to act. We can organize and coordinate our efforts, but unless we each are willing to do what it takes to save our nation, we, too, will continue to kick the can down the road of history. And all too soon, America itself will be history.

The time for a third party is nigh upon us. We must recognize that both major parties will not change. Those in leadership seek to feather their own nests, and no longer represent us or our needs. Nor do they intend to uphold the Constitution. The past four years have proven that.

So, am I willing to put my money where my mouth is? I honestly don’t know. To refuse to pay my taxes in an act of civil disobedience would put my wife and family in jeopardy of imprisonment and destitution. My wife does not share my views or passion for this nation. She is not as committed as I am to speaking out and doing what it takes to enact revolution. She is like the majority of Americans: Willfully ignorant of the political treason being committed by our politicians.

And, I don’t blame her. As the provider in our family, she works hard and focuses on our children. As I continue to search for work, I have the luxury to expound and philosophize. My wife does not have that luxury.

It would be far easier to blind myself through distraction and toil to the daily erosion of our liberties; to the intentional destruction of America. But, I can’t. And I won’t. “Never give up and never surrender.” That is our family motto. When that inevitable moment comes- that moment when the stakes are at their highest and life hangs in the balance- I don’t know if I will have the courage of my convictions and stand on principle. I would like to think that I will live my motto then. One thing I am certain of is, I am cursed with incredible tenacity. And an abiding love of God and country.

I have decided to stop waiting for the next Washington or Lincoln or Reagan. These were men of their times. But this is our time now. We have to act.

In this time of universal deceit, let us reach out to one another, Patriots, and organize. Let us form a viable third party dedicated to preserving and upholding the Constitution, to protecting our God-given rights, and to live as free men and women.

I believe our motto should remain, In God We Trust. Because without God, America has lost Her way. And the godless now hold sway.

What Freedoms Lost Under Obama? Oh! THOSE Freedoms…

Anti-American President Barack Hussein Obama today is signing into law the biggest assault against the Constitution and the American citizenry any of us have ever witnessed.

Despite overwhelming opposition from citizens to these atrocious health care reform bills, Congressional Democrats voted to pass them anyway. With gleeful self-congratulations, they advanced legislation to Obama’s desk that not only WON’T reform anything, but which will only make things worse. Typical of Progressive policy! It’s always about them and their pathological need to be historic.

Thankfully, millions of Americans refuse to accept this criminal action. Court challenges are being filed and groups are banding together to push for the repealing of this nonsense. A number of States have  even passed legislation intended to thwart the bill’s mandates requiring individuals to purchase health care insurance.

Of course, the Internet is being deluged by Obammunist operatives who are attempting to dishearten opponents. But, they are not having an effect, because average, patriotic Americans already know the strategy of the enemy within. Americans are fighting back and saying, “No.” The more names they are called, the more resolute they are about taking back their government from the lying, power-hungry Communists in office.

Typical posts by Obammunists include, “So, what freedoms have you lost under Obama!?” How sad that they do not instinctively understand. None are so blind as those who think licking Obama’s heels is the height of societal virtue.

These dim bulbs of progressive enlightenment simply do not grasp what being free really means. Nor do they want anyone else to understand it, either.

Being free means having the opportunity to work hard in order to earn the money and personal property necessary to reach one’s potential and goals. Additionally, unless one has the power to decide how he can use the fruits of his labors to realize his dreams, one cannot pursue his happiness, and thus, is not free.

ObamaCare will impose enormous taxation on all working Americans. The confiscation of even more of a person’s net revenue strips away that person’s freedoms. It is as simple as that. When one has less disposable income, one has less choices. When one has less choices, one is less free.

In the future, should you wish to take time to protest against government tyranny, you will be unable to do so. Why? Because you will not be able to afford to take the time off to do so. You won’t have the money needed to travel, or to buy signage materials, or to pay for lodging. You will be voiceless. The only mechanism you will have left will be reliance upon elected representatives who may or may not choose to represent you. As we see now, our government represents only those in power and their lackeys.

So, when some upstanding liberal beacon of civil liberty snidely asks you what freedoms you’ve lost under Obama, just look him squarely in the eye and say, “You wouldn’t understand. It’s an American thing.”

New Declaration of American Independence

In the face of decades of unmitigated evil perpetrated by our elected officials against The Constitution, the time has come, once again, for We the People to declare our independence from the tyranny of Oppressive Government.

Those elected officials and their minions who seek to rend our freedoms from us have demonstrated no intention to keep their vows to uphold The Constitution. They have also shown a callous disregard for the welfare of all of this nation’s legal citizens. Said elected representatives threaten us now with unsustainable spending and taxation. They also are attempting to dismantle our societal norms and institutions. In short, We the People are on the verge of being forced into tax slavery.

Anti-Constitutional ideologues in political office are attempting to enact their Progressive social philosophy, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to American society; as well as an abject failure of political thought. Therefore, to our nationally-elected public officials, who have chosen to disregard our opinions and welfare: We formally renounce recognition of you as dutiful, legitimate representatives.

Your actions have spoken clearly and your intentions to betray our trust and your vows have been recognized just as clearly. Henceforth, you will no longer be allowed to feather your nests on the backs of the American People. There will be limits on your terms of service. There will be cuts to the benefits you have bestowed upon yourselves. You consider yourselves a protected and ennobled class, but you are mistaken. No one in America is better than anyone else. You are not aristocrats. You are not above the law. Your reign is over.

To the entrenched in Washington, D.C., members of both Parties that think We the People will continue to abide your manipulation: You, too, are also on notice. Those wealthy powers you serve will no longer be allowed to control, impoverish, and enslave us. We reject any form of tyranny from any source. We are free people with God-given rights that will no longer be infringed upon in the name of Progressivism or a New World Order.

We the People invoke the guidance of our Founding Fathers, and do hereby declare our intention to fight, if need be, against the vast, amoral cesspool that is Washington, D.C. We will use every weapon in our arsenal to cast off the yoke of your corruption. Come 2010, we will sweep as many of you from power as we are able. In 2012, we will rid ourselves of this anti-American Administration. If, after all this, you choose to continue to wage war against We the People, we will fight back. And, with our numbers reaching up into the hundreds of millions, you do not stand a chance of succeeding.

You will not be allowed to diminish the Sovereignty of the United States of America. You will not be allowed to open our borders to any more of those who refuse to assimilate and improve this country. You will not be allowed to force citizens to fund immoral and unconstitutional nationalized programs. In fact, we will disband agencies and repeal policies that do not demonstrate complete fidelity to the betterment of this country, and which do not operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are not your slaves. We are not cogs in a Big Government machine. Neither are we “Citizens of the World.” We are Americans. And we will not go under. We will fight and die to remain free. While you have chosen to renounce God and his blessings on our great nation, we proudly declare ourselves His children. We will return the Lord to his rightful place as moral center of our Society. We will no longer remain silent against the militant atheism that works in tandem with Progressivism to destroy America and the World.

Heed our warning: You started this war. We will end it. We will purge the evil influences of Progressivism from the soul of the body politic and reinstate patriotism and morality as cornerstones to the archways of our freedom. Abuses against the greater society by anti-American groups that constitute the minority of the population will no longer be ignored.

Individualism will ever remain integral to our society. However, we will vociferously challenge the legal and cultural perversions of our basic tenets by any minority, under any guise. This is America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Not, Cradle of the Dependent and Grave of the Enslaved. Through faith and lawful endeavors, we will be free once more. We will be great again. And, we will not fail.

This is our Declaration.

The Absolute Worst President Ever

As soon as the first food shortage or terrorist attack occurs here in the United States, President Obama will be held accountable.

Obama is so grossly incompetent, that even a regular joe like me can make such a critique with absolute certainty. He surrounds himself with other incompetents and traitors, while dancing to the tune of apocalypse played by former ballerina-cum-tough guy-cum-Soros Wannabe, Rahm Emmanuel. Meanwhile, the real Soros, the evil bastard who is intent on destroying the United States, pulls the strings while making billions devaluing the dollar.

There isn’t a single foreign policy decision Obama has made in the past 100 days that is sound or for the benefit of this fine country. Obama is trying his best to be Mr. Popular, traveling to such bastions of liberty as Cuba and Iran, besmirching this nation and emboldening our enemies. What an absolute disgrace. Never has an American president exhibited such contempt for his country while simultaneously exhibiting such unparalled narcissm. In fact, every member of his cabinet seems to suffer from this disorder.

Take Defense Secretary Gates (please). This military genius has just broadcast to the world that the U.S. “cannot” stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capability. Thus, he shares or military options and decisions with our enemies, emboldening them to proceed full-tilt with their aspirations. How will America be able to do anything effectively when Gates, the President, and ABC reporters reveal top secret information that will hamstring our intelligence agencies and operations? And, His Imperious Changer-of All-Things-American, Barack Obama wants to simultaneously weaken us militarily. No nukes for us, but if Iran and North Korea and Pakistan want to go nuclear, NO PROBLEM?

Obama also wants to get rid of our ability to keep intercontinental missiles from hitting us. No more “Star Wars,” he brags smugly. What an absolute jackass. Who elected him!?

Oh, yes. The “progressive and enlightened.” Thanks, you suicidal, weak-minded fools. We’ll be sure to slam the door on you when you come begging for food or medical supplies after the next “man-caused disaster.” You will reap what you have sown, you abject losers. You really believe you aren’t about to be taxed into indentured servitude? Even if Obama unjustly takes EVERYTHING from the rich, he STILL will be unable to pay for all your entitlement goodies (aka voting bribes). He will destroy this country’s economy forever! Is that the change you voted for? Do you still believe in it? God help us all if you do.

Now, at the start of a SWINE Flu pandemic, Angry Old Man Napolitano has kept the borders open, and will not allow airport officials to wear face masks to protect themselves. Is she insane!? Even if the flu symptoms don’t initially kill Americans who catch it, such orders are lunacy. What happens if the flu mutates once again and DOES start killing vast numbers of Americans? It will be far too late then. But, we all know that Obama and his minions don’t want a good crisis to go to waste. So sayeth the Machiavellian Emmanuel. After all, how better to justify Universal Health Care?

Despite all of the evidence that exists that PROVES socialized medicine does not work, Obama and Hilary Clinton are intent of pushing it through. Canada and European countries that have instituted such medical bureaucracies have all recognized the failure of such systems and are working to get away from them. But, not Obama. He is determined to redistribute wealth and by golly he WILL give illegal aliens their medical entitlements. Got to bolster the voter ranks come 2010 and 2012, dontcha know.

By the way, how is it allowable for the president to take control of the 2010 Census? Why is no one stopping this power grab? His ACORN horde will run roughshod over the next two elections with impunity; just as they did during the past two elections. With their Obama-given $6 billion, there is no limit to what they can accomplish on behalf of the Democrat Party. They just may be able to achieve one-party rule! Hail Obama and the New Communist Party.

This is not a joke. It is happening right before our eyes. And the quisling media is covering for the unconstitutional actions of President Obama. There is enough evidence already to prove he has no intention of upholding the Constitution and should be immediately impeached. Too bad the turncoats are guarding the White House. Obama’s overreach of power into private industry (in order to support his financier supporters) is evidence enough. That, and his disregard for the will of the majority of the American people makes him an usurper.

I don’t know how much more damage this administration and the media can inflict on our country before things go to pieces and Obama institutes martial law. I do know this: Americans are not Europeans. We will not abide Obama turning this country into a New Weimar Republic. The Tea Parties are just the beginning. Patriotic Americans throughout this nation will embrace their constitutional rights and stop that from happening.

In the meantime, Obama’s presidency is about as respectable at that of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. All three seem to define elected office as carte blanche permission by voters to remake society. In their delusions of grandeur, each is doing so for the worse.

No More Taxation By Misrepresentation of Compassion!

Enough! The unintended consequences of Liberal stupidity are destroying our economy and just plain pissing me off! As far as I’m concerned, the Liberal Socialist Democrats in Congress no longer get to play the “Compassion Card.” Of all the money those self-serving bastards take from hard-working American citizens, they STILL can’t get enough.

It. isn’t. their. money!!!

Why do we allow ourselves to be financially-strapped by those losers? They have come to see themselves as royalty deserving of power, adulation, and an unlimited allowance of money with which to buy and sell our national soul. This must end.

It is our duty as citizens to rid ourselves of the corrupt members of government who create and fund entitlement programs with our money, claiming they are doing so in the name of compassion. Turning a once productive and independent people into State-dependent ATMs is not compassion.

I want my taxes cut permanently. The government can do without from now on, not my family. The government can cut unnecessary and unneeded agencies, departments, and programs. The government MUST be small again.

I have been trying to think of how we can send a clear message to Washington that its oppression and villainy no longer are acceptable. How do we, the people who make this country work and who pay for it to do so, regain control of our government? There must be a way, short of all out revolution. Violent methods of revolt are not desirable, nor do they work. Ask the Weathermen and any other fringe group that thinks the ends justifies the means.

No, I am asking how do we overthrow the reprehensible members of both parties who have ensconced themselves in positions of power? With a Media that enables and colludes with Liberals to undermine our values and to keep us ignorant of what they are doing, how is such a feat even possible?

We must not allow anymore Liberal policy to be enacted. Time after time, the results of their skewed and pandering legislation has caused great harm to our Republic. Now, we are experiencing incredibly high gas prices and food costs. Ethanol Mandates… repeal them! Oil drilling restrictions… remove them! Environmentalists… shoot any who enter the Halls of Washington in an effort to inject fake science and hippie hoolaganism in political debate.

In short, do the exact OPPOSITE of what they have been doing for the past seventy years.

Socialism does not work. Nor does our current system of pork-barrel leadership. Stop compensating victims of terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, and self-perpetrated financial fraud. Let people fall and stand on their own. As Americans. We are not Europeans, nor do we wish to be.

Stop lying to us, Congressmen and women. You are not being compassionate. You are being tyrannical. And, your days are numbered!

If It’s Good Enough For God…

I want my taxes cut. Politicians can propose and enact all of the social programs they wish, but first, I want my taxes cut. Permanently.

I want more of the money that I earn to be under my control. Not under the control of the government; and especially, not under the control of Socialists like Hillary Clinton. I work for my money. I earn it. It’s mine. I don’t presume to claim ownership over her money, so I don’t understand why she seems to think she has a right to take control of mine.

Actually, my view is that any money I earn is really “God’s money.” I’m just stewarding it for Him. The Lord blessed me with certain gifts with which I have been able to earn a nice living. I am trying to use my gifts even more so I can have a great living.

So far, I’ve been a fair-to-middling steward. But I am trying to do a better job. Isn’t our Government essentially stewarding our tax monies? Shouldn’t we expect it to do a better job utilizing our monies in a more effective manner? I sure do! But, as we have seen from over seventy years of social engineering through government spending, it hasn’t. Or can’t. Or won’t.

There are some who think it is just to take money from wealthier citizens and to give the appropriated amounts to poorer citizens. That is about as unAmerican a concept as I can imagine. What is just about taking the money earned by one group and giving it to another group that hasn’t earned it? Not only is it not just, it perpetuates class warfare and instills a sense of victimhood in poor citizens who buy into that philosophy. As a person who experienced poverty from childhood up into his late twenties, I find this Robin Hoodlum philosophy demeaning and insulting. 

From the time I was five, I worked. I LOVED to work. It meant I could earn money and buy things my parents couldn’t afford to buy for me or my brothers; things like decent food, clothing and toys. And, candy! I weeded gardens, washed cars, delivered newspapers, and sold lemonade. As a teenager and young man, I worked as a bus boy, fast food employee, waiter, laborer, video store clerk, camp counselor, and so on. All of which paid very little. But it paid. And, I knew that if I worked hard enough, I could make more money. No matter how poor we were, I usually felt hopeful that the future would be better.  

However, there were times when I was very young, because of my father’s alcoholism and/or flakiness, we had to wait in long lines to collect welfare. Usually, it was after we had been evicted from yet another rental. Those were humiliating times for me. Hours spent in large, impersonal (and smelly) government rooms; lines of morose people looking down at the floor in despair or resignation. I always worried that my father would give up, too, and accept defeat. That welfare would become our way of life. Sometimes I thought I would give up, as well.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Though my parents eventually divorced, my desire to do better for myself grew stronger. I’ll take adversity over hand outs any day.

My current views on money, poverty, and fairness were shaped by my life experiences. And, it is my faith that guides me toward the wisdom of understanding that enslaving another in a cycle of poverty is not compassion.

Until such time as every wealthy member of the Democrat Party gives away all of their money to the wretched and oppressed, I am not interested in their thoughts about what I do with my money.

So, no more taxation by misrepresentation of compassion. The Constitution specifically says, “to promote the general welfare,” not “to create a welfare state.” The only level of taxation I find acceptable is: 10% to the Federal government and 10% to the State government. No more. If 10% is good enough for God, 20% total sure as heck should be good enough for the government.

What Makes an American an “American?”

Consequential times are upon us. Our culture is under assault from without and from within. Given the global anti-American environment we find ourselves in, perhaps it is time to redefine ourselves. Not in others’ terms, but on our own. The vital question we should all be asking ourselves is, “What makes an American an American?”

Is it being a person who shamelessly accepts entitlement bribes from politicians who are only trying to buy themselves into office?

Is it being a person who expects cradle-to-grave security in exchange for self-determination and financial freedom?

Is it being a person who is willing to be less than his or her full potential?

I sure as hell hope not. Americans are made of sterner stuff.

Yes, Life is hard. And it should be. The human condition is defined by challenges met, endured, and overcome. Failure is our greatest teacher. It isn’t something we should deny ourselves, or our children. And, while we may occasionally experience despair because of continual failure; there is, burning within us, a tenacious spirit.

It is a spirit whose flame should be stoked so that it rages within our national bosom. With this spirit ablaze, we will continue to face potential failures, and to accept them as integral parts of life. Life isn’t made easier by sugarcoating words; not when it is the unvarnished Truth that is needed. Nor is Hopelessness salved by accepting that which we have not earned. Take away competition, and you take away what it means to be an American.

Sadly, the term “rugged individualism” is quickly being supplanted in our national lexicon by “institutionalized victimhood.” This must not continue. Anyone willing to trade their freedom for false security is not thinking like an “American.”

Americans are self-reliant, not dependent. Americans are industrious, not lazy. Americans are determined, not weak. Any other definition is unacceptable. Especially when it is foisted upon us by fellow countrymen.