The Punitive Pretzel of Progressive Logic and Hypocrisy

Progressives HATE Conservatives with a purple passion.

One of the reasons Progressives hate Conservatives is because to them, the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Progressives are Collectivists. And, Control Freaks. To them, Society is more important than the Individual. Progressives seek answers to societal problems through Big Government; regardless of the cost to Individual Rights and Liberty. Progressives seek to realize their Utopian dreams by controlling others, and forcing them to comply. Because, of course, Progressives know better, ARE better, and should be in charge.

Not only must Utopia be established (despite the realities of Life and Human Nature), but legislation to fix things must also PUNISH those whom the Progressives view as responsible for the societal problems (which, interestingly enough, never includes them). Ever notice how they pass laws that only screw things up, and then, years later, they blame others and demand the need for “reform?”

Theirs is a Punitive Political Doctrine. And they employ a twisted pretzel of logic in order to rationalize their views and hypocrisy.

How are they hypocrites? Consider this: Progressives view Conservatives as being “selfish and hateful” because Conservatives seek to keep as much of the money they earn to themselves; instead of gleefully agreeing to pay higher taxes. For “the Greater Good.” Yet all the Progressives are about is redistribution of wealth to THEIR political and ideological supporters. Somehow, institutionalized theft is not being selfish and hateful toward those who have earned what they possess. However, the Progressives’ use of Class Warfare, Spite and Envy is exactly that.

Progressives hate Conservatives because Conservatives believe in GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS; especially the right to Self-Defense. God and Guns are such icky things to Progressives, who fear everything, and who don’t like it when societal norms and mores tell them, “No. No, there AREN’T 51 different genders. And, no, something that 1% of the populace is or does that isn’t normal ISN’T normal.”

“No one,” Progressives argue, ” can tell US what to do or be. But, damn if we aren’t going to use the force of government to force you to do as WE see fit! Since we can’t transform ourselves, we will transform Society.”

“And, who NEEDS a gun?” they argue. “Society will protect you.” So naive, these Progressives. Even when statistical evidence regarding gun ownership vs crime rate, and longer and longer police response times prove otherwise, they bitterly cling to their FEELINGS that a fair and just world is just one more law away.

What grates Progressives the MOST, is that Conservatives revere the Constitution and Individual Rights. ACTUAL rights, not the made up blather Progressives like  FDR proposed in a Second Bill of Rights. Conservatives understand that a right is only a right as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s rights. Thus, the Constitution, as Obama has repeatedly said, stands in the Progressives’ way of making things rights that aren’t.

“Hey!” Progressives cry out. “Individual Rights are OUR territory! WE’RE the tolerant ones who defend the Individual!”

This, of course, is a lie. Progressives, in practice, have never been tolerant. And the only time they are “all about Individual Rights” is when “the few, or the one” in Society are members of THEIR politically-protected groups.

If there’s anything the past five years have proven, it’s that given the power, Progressives will seek to legislate away the Constitution, to economically and politically punish large swaths of the population, and to institute tyranny in order to get their way. The ends justify the means, is their mantra.

Most importantly, the reason Progressives hate Conservatives is because we hold up a mirror to their tyranny and hypocrisy. And, they don’t like that one bit.


Founders Fairs: Some Ideas for Taking Back Our Country

America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave will be ours again. These are ideas for achieving this goal.

We need to stop wringing our hands about how corrupt and liberal the Media is. It is hopelessly so. It will never change, and we should stop hoping that it will. To continue to do so, is insanity. Instead of doing the same things and hoping things will change, let’s think of rational ways we can make a difference in our lives and in our country.

We need to stop worrying about the galling and outrageous lies that Democrats in office say about us. These are evil people. They have so shame and will never change. To think they are redeemable is illogical, as they reject God and morality, and thus, do not possess the capacity for self-reflection. These people are consumed by self-loathing. And, the only people they hate more than themselves are patriotic Americans. They are insane. Hoping that they will change, is insanity.

If you don’t like the offerings available on television or in the theaters, make your own media and entertainment. Right now. And create social networks with which to sell your Conservative products to other Conservatives. Glenn Beck is doing this. We must all participate in doing so.

If generations of our youth can be indoctrinated to hate our country, we can work to teach our future youth to revere it. Through fiction, comics, games, music, drama, movies, and our own actions, we can counteract the poisonous stream of Progressive influence that permeates our society.

If activism is not your thing, ask yourself this, “Is freedom, my thing? Is being an American, my thing? Is hope for the future of my children and their children, my thing?”

If you said, yes, then you must become an activist in your own way. Otherwise, the Progressives will continue their assault, and will continue to rob this country’s blessing from you and yours.

You must be willing to acknowledge that we are at war. Progressives declared war on us decades ago; politically at first. Today, they wage war on us through our mass media and popular culture. The radicals and extremists have managed to flip everything around, and now, they have managed to convince politically-naive Americans that WE are the “radicals and extremists”.

Rather than fight this false depiction, embrace it. BE a radical. Be an extremist in the service of your country. Leap out of your foxhole of apathy and join the fight. Be brave in order to live free.

Consider moving to a red state where multitudes of like-minded Americans live. Become part of the politics. Demand that government adhere to and legislate according to the Constitution. LIVE freedom.

Don’t be afraid to be vocal. Political Correctness is the tool Progressives use to keep you from combating their lies and revisionist history. You’re an adult. Don’t allow the indoctrinated and infantilized to dictate what you can or cannot say. They do not care what you believe in. They don’t have your best interests at heart. They are the Enemy Within, and you have a moral obligation to confront them and hold your ground.

If nothing else, make a sign, go to a busy corner, and show yourself. Be the solitary voice of reason and courage in your community. Stand up and be counted. Rage against the dying of the light of liberty. You will not be alone. Your fellow Americans will stand beside you, in spirit; as will God. For, God has so blessed this nation, that we must be willing to fight to keep Him in our society. Otherwise, society will continue to be corrupted by the evil influence of Progressivism, and our civil liberties will be lost. For God (who gave us our rights), and for America (which embodies freedom in a chaotic world), we must be willing to step outside of our political comfort zones.

One concrete idea I have for taking back America is to organize and hold Founders Fairs throughout the country. These would be free-to-attend events that teach attendees about American History, about important American historical figures and their beliefs, and about the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

At these fairs, costumed actors would wander, reciting important quotes and speeches, while they hand out literature about the person they are portraying. There would be a live band playing patriotic music and military hymns. On stage, speakers would discuss topics, like: “What is American Exceptionalism,” and “Why is America a Unique Experiment in Self-Rule, ” etc. There would food vendors, and booths where American craftsmen could ply their wares, and where powdered wigs and flags and muskets could be safely displayed.

These fairs would bring history to life, and would engage attendees in a way that Progressively-edited school books and historically-revised lectures by Progressive educators will not.

If you are willing to devote time to organizing such an event, contact me. Together, we can make a difference.

Reflections on the the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th’s Aftermath

‎In the days immediately following Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were attacked yet again. This was done by CAIR and other Muslim extremists groups who sought to maximize the damage their ideological fellow travelers inflicted on us.

The Muslim organizations that engaged in this assault did so under the pretense of wanting to stem anti-Muslim sentiment, and, to build bridges between our cultures. They accomplished this by getting their allies and surrogates in the MSM to push the narrative that Americans should exercise restraint and not willy-nilly attack Muslims in our country; as if it were a given that Americans were vicious bigots who were unable to control their baser instincts for revenge. THAT was a prolonged attack on our national psyche.

“Don’t be angry,” we were instructed by liberals in universities and in the media. Democrat Nancy Pelosi and other Progressive liberals also admonished Americans to not act rashly.

Why the hell not!? Why were we not allowed by the know-it-alls to actually FEEL anything and GRIEVE?? After all, we were just viciously attacked!

THIS is one of many things I will remember about the aftermath of Sept 11th.

Since this horrible day, I have been involved in political blogging and study. I went from being a complacent, disinterested American, to a very, very patriotic American.

I have been trying to understand the viewpoint of those on the Left, and, after ten years, I am no closer to understanding how any American can be so disdainful of their own country as 20% of ours seems to be.

Isn’t it remarkable that not SIX years after the worst attack on American soil, out of collective guilt for things they hadn’t done, groups of American liberals and politically-ignorant “Moderates” subsequently elected a man with no history or experience to run our country. Into the ground. This was, presumably, to set things right. To PROVE Americans weren’t bigots and racists. To prove that we were above the barbarism of extremists.

So, who did this assemblage of guilt-ridden, misguided Americans elect? A mysterious messiah with a Muslim name; a man who, as it has turned out, apparently hates his own country, and who also believes it is to blame. Instead of promoting American values and strength, he denigrates our traditions and culture, while promoting Islam at every turn.

How astounding this is. This never would’ve happened, were Americans not assaulted for years after Sept. 11th as being “deserving of being attacked.”

Now, our nation is on the precipice of economic ruin. Our psyche is weakened by continual apology tours, gratuitous vacations, and divisive speeches that set one group of Americans against another. Our Leader is continuing the devastation wrought by the Sept. 11th attacks. And, this must end.

In thirteen months, I pray this man will have been ignominiously removed from office. I pray every single anti-American operative he has installed into the government bureaucracy is also removed.

It has been ten years of despair. We need to stand up to the political machinery and Progressive Fifth Column, and retake America from the Communists. And, the Politicians.

And, we must actively fight any attempts at Islamization here in America. Otherwise, the terrorists will have finally won.

What Freedoms Lost Under Obama? Oh! THOSE Freedoms…

Anti-American President Barack Hussein Obama today is signing into law the biggest assault against the Constitution and the American citizenry any of us have ever witnessed.

Despite overwhelming opposition from citizens to these atrocious health care reform bills, Congressional Democrats voted to pass them anyway. With gleeful self-congratulations, they advanced legislation to Obama’s desk that not only WON’T reform anything, but which will only make things worse. Typical of Progressive policy! It’s always about them and their pathological need to be historic.

Thankfully, millions of Americans refuse to accept this criminal action. Court challenges are being filed and groups are banding together to push for the repealing of this nonsense. A number of States have  even passed legislation intended to thwart the bill’s mandates requiring individuals to purchase health care insurance.

Of course, the Internet is being deluged by Obammunist operatives who are attempting to dishearten opponents. But, they are not having an effect, because average, patriotic Americans already know the strategy of the enemy within. Americans are fighting back and saying, “No.” The more names they are called, the more resolute they are about taking back their government from the lying, power-hungry Communists in office.

Typical posts by Obammunists include, “So, what freedoms have you lost under Obama!?” How sad that they do not instinctively understand. None are so blind as those who think licking Obama’s heels is the height of societal virtue.

These dim bulbs of progressive enlightenment simply do not grasp what being free really means. Nor do they want anyone else to understand it, either.

Being free means having the opportunity to work hard in order to earn the money and personal property necessary to reach one’s potential and goals. Additionally, unless one has the power to decide how he can use the fruits of his labors to realize his dreams, one cannot pursue his happiness, and thus, is not free.

ObamaCare will impose enormous taxation on all working Americans. The confiscation of even more of a person’s net revenue strips away that person’s freedoms. It is as simple as that. When one has less disposable income, one has less choices. When one has less choices, one is less free.

In the future, should you wish to take time to protest against government tyranny, you will be unable to do so. Why? Because you will not be able to afford to take the time off to do so. You won’t have the money needed to travel, or to buy signage materials, or to pay for lodging. You will be voiceless. The only mechanism you will have left will be reliance upon elected representatives who may or may not choose to represent you. As we see now, our government represents only those in power and their lackeys.

So, when some upstanding liberal beacon of civil liberty snidely asks you what freedoms you’ve lost under Obama, just look him squarely in the eye and say, “You wouldn’t understand. It’s an American thing.”

No Utopias for Me, I’m an American! Or, Why Liberals Think the Way They Do

I am an American; a birthright I am very proud to declare at every opportunity.

As an American, I want to be free to live in the random world God has created for us. I don’t want it to be free of chaos or danger or injury or failure. That’s what makes the world what it is. And, I’m accepting of that frenetic state of affairs.

President Obama, as with every other Utopian, would rob us of the travails necessary for the betterment of our human condition. It is the Utopian fallacy of the Progressive Movement that is the single greatest threat to not only our lives, but to the continued existence of the United States of America.

I do not want to live in a risk-free world. I do not want to be protected from the world or “from myself.” I am just fine. Life, to me, is about learning all I can about the world, others, and myself. By doing so, I will return to my Creator all the richer for having lived.

I believe that God gave us Free Will, and that it is an extraordinary demonstration of His love for us. With free will, we have the power to decide for ourselves if we want to believe in and serve God, or not. We aren’t forced to believe in God. It is all up to us.

When, in the chaos of the world, we are hurt or lose a loved one, God waits. He waits for us to invite him into our lives and into our hearts, that He may comfort us. We wouldn’t really have free will if God made things happen to force us to seek His love, now would we? It is only after we ask God to act through us that His divine plan is initiated, and our purpose is revealed. That is why we Christians always pray and study His Word; that we may hope to understand our purpose in life, beyond just learning. As the fruit of our bodies ripens and yields to time, our souls are freed to journey Home; delicious with the myriad experiences we tasted in life: the bitterness of fear, sadness, regret, loss, and despair; as well as the sweetness of discovery, freedom, hope, love, and joy. Anyone who attempts to mitigate the vagaries of life in his own experience, simply isn’t “living.” Such is the existence of the Progressive.

Along with free will, God provided us with a chaotic universe created expressly to teach us. It is designed to allow us to succeed and to fail. Failure, as any wise person knows, is the single greatest learning experience there is. If we are diligent pupils, we will accept failure and learn from it. Should we choose to do so, we not only come to understand why certain behaviors or endeavors are not good for us or for the world, but we also become wiser.

Americans must uniformly reject the Progressive philosophy. Its proponents hate the chaotic nature of the world, and, by extension, they hate God. By their very nature, Progressives feel ill-equipped to handle adversity. To them, the freedom God granted us is a curse. That is why they seek to control every aspect of life that they can. That is why they seek to control others.

There is a self-deluding comfort afforded a Progressive when he or she is in a position of control. With the rapaciousness of a glutton intent on eating himself into a state of oblivion, the Progressive hungers for more and more control. However, the level of fear in him only increases as time passes, because injury and infirmity reminds him that mortality looms. Godless and existential, and dissatisfied with whatever level of control he has managed to achieve, the Progressive seeks solace in the attainment of even more control. How does he achieve this? Through the attainment of absolute power.

The more power a Progressive attains, the more convinced he is that he can control the uncontrollable. Attempting to do so assuages the racking torment he experiences in his narcissistic soul. But, again, not for long. For he inevitably feels the very same undeniable fear we all experience: that when we die, we will cease to exist; we will no longer have awareness and we will no longer matter. For those of us who choose to believe in God, however, we at least have Hope. It is the promise that if we choose to follow Christ and live His words, we will be given ever-lasting life after death.

Death, to the Progressive, not only means nihilism, but also that the world he sought so desperately to control and reshape in his own image while he was alive will not be any more orderly than it was when he first came to awareness. To the Progressive Narcissist, this is the ultimate tragedy of death.

What is most sad about this mentality is that the Progressive completely misses the point. To paraphrase Dr. Michael Savage, adherence to the Progressive Movement is a mental disorder; precisely because it is the willful disregard for free will in his own life that results in his inability to learn from his mistakes.

Subsequently, out of a perennial state of subconscious fear, the Progressive seeks to establish an Utopian oasis within the chaos of the universe. “This time,” he says to himself, “I will succeed where others have failed. In my hands,” he rationalizes, “things will be orderly and controlled. Equality of outcomes will be achieved.”

But, this is a Sisyphean endeavor. This is to completely disregard human nature. There will always be war and strife as long as we are who we are: in a fallen state. As long as there are some born who want more than they deserve or are willing to earn, there will be war. As long as there are those who seek to control others, there will be chaos.

God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden – the one and only paradise on Earth. In life, there is no going back, for any of us. That is our fate. Just as Adam and Eve were cast out of comfort and order to learn, so too, are we intended to live, learn, and die.

So, no thanks, Obama. No thanks, Progressives. I do not want Utopia. I am an American. I was born to be free to live my life, to use my gifts, to attain skills, and to WORK HARD for what I earn. I want to help make the world a better place for as long as I can and for as long as it will remain so. But I will not give up my God-given freedoms, as bestowed through His gift of free will, just you can feel better about yourselves. Yours is a fool’s quest.

The Post-America Progressives

After all of these years of my wondering why and how any American could hate his or her own country, I think I have figured it out. Americans who self-identify as “Progressive” aren’t really Americans any more. Not in their thoughts, words, or deeds. They are “Citizens of the World.”

Citizens of the World have ‘progressed’ past nationalism. Patriotism to such people is archaic, misguided, and petty. Far better to extol the virtues of the cosmopolitan than to wallow in the distasteful mud hole of patriotism.

Citizens of the World have progressed past the provincial values of American Puritanism and Judeo-Christian Moralism. In place of God, Progressives have taken to worshiping Earth. Led by former divinity student Al Gore, Progressives have chanted the mantras of fighting Global Warming (now Climate Change) in every news report, blog, and interview. In place of God, Progressives have taken to worshiping Obama as The One, the Messiah. The State is the new church, and the sycophantic Obamites are poised to enact His will as He stutteringly announces it.

Recently, Obama has said that he doesn’t “appreciate” people who make a virtue out of selfishness. The New Gospel According to Barack now adds industriousness, self-reliance, patriotism, and capitalism to the list of sins Americans must not commit.

Now that Obama seems to be the next President-Elect, every Communist member of the Democrat Party is spouting off with insane anti-American nonsense. Case in point: Congressman Moran (D), who essentially  told his constituents that being communistic is good and being capitalistic is bad. Seems McCarthy was absolutely correct. There were and are Commies that have infiltrated our government and who seek the downfall of this great country.

Today, as millions of Americans, illegal aliens, foreign nationals, and liberals vote, I pray that enough of the spirit of America still resides within the national bosom. I pray Obama is defeated, and that McCain has the wisdom to lead us out of the grievance-mongering, government-dependent mentality that the liberals and the media have fostered for decades.

I pray that Americans have reflected on the past two years and recognized a Do-Nothing Congress that has been every bit as unethical and corrupt as any other. Finally, I pray that this period of reflection is followed by a time of definition.

Do we want to be Americans or Progressives?

If we want to remain Americans, we need to strenuously uphold the Constitution. We need to stop allowing the failed philosophies of Multi-Culturalism and Political Correctness to sap us of our strength and freedoms (and tax dollars). We need to proudly wave our flag and thumb our noses at those who continually flip us the bird. In short, we need to grow a collective pair and tell any who threaten us that we will beat the ever-living crap out of them if they so much as look at us funny.

OR, we can choose to be Progressives and abandon any economic prosperity that we have hereto forth enjoyed. As Progressives, we can allow legislation from the bench, the complete obliteration of any sense of history, the complete removal of God from our buildings and coins, and the establishment of thought crimes.  That way, Obama’s “civilian security forces” can enforce prosecution of such crimes, in the name of The One.

I don’t know about you, but, I choose freedom and prosperity. I reject servitude to the State. And, I reject servitude to The One.