On Being a Committed Moderate

There is a culture war going on in America, and too many misguided Americans are stuck on “moderate.”

The Radical Left has secretly been at war with America since the Nineteen-Twenties. Since the Nineteen-Sixties, It has been waging an all-out guerrilla war on American Values and institutions. The very same hippies  and commies and subversives who have been waging this anti-American culture war now sit in positions of power throughout our media and government. They have been sneaky about their intentions for Americans; and so far, they have been very successful in enacting their agenda.

In fact, over the past year, the hippies and commies and subversives have come right out and told everyone they are hippies and commies and subversives. But, Everyday Americans are not listening. And, don’t understand why they should even be concerned.

This has been made possible by the cunning propagandists in the media who push the notion that being compliant is being middle-of-the-road. Consequently, Everyday Americans have bought into the foolish notion of “Moderation.”

Being a Moderate sounds sexy to the politically-ignorant. It gives them a sense of still being in-the-know, when in reality, they don’t know anything. Adopting a “moderate” stance affords people who cannot be bothered to learn about their rights, about the Constitution, and about the Enemy Within, the intellectual Kevlar to continue to be politically-ignorant. And, that is why being a committed Moderate is tantamount to being a committed fool.

Contrary to what the liberal media claims, there is nothing courageous about not taking a stand. There is no nobility in thinking you can be intellectually- and morally-superior by letting other citizens do the heavy lifting so that your freedoms are protected against an ever-growing government. Nor is it the height of civic participation to vote “Present” on crucial, culture-defining issues like Abortion, and Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion, and the Individual Right to Bear Arms.

To be a committed Moderate is to relinquish moral authority on what it means to be an American. Moderates do not want to be hampered by having to have convictions and principles. Thus, they remain the easily-manipulated Chess pieces that they are:  lowly Pawns. Moderates are no more than Pawns in the strategic culture war that is raging. Pawns get used. Pawns get sacrificed. Pawns are expendable.

There is an increase in pride among those who self-identify as Moderates. They seem to think that the “extremists” who are battling for the heart and soul of America, the Tea Party Patriots and the Big Government Statists (Communists), are simply partisan crazies whose efforts and principles don’t reflect Mainstream American principles. They couldn’t be more wrong.

After decades of Communist indoctrination through our school systems, far too many Americans now believe that Reliance on Mother Government is an American Value. Too many of them eschew the notion of American Exceptionalism. Such Americans do not have pride in their nation. Apparently, the Radical Left has won some battles. It has succeeded in converting 20% of American citizens into thinking like communists.

Recently, the nascent Tea Party Movement proves that a great many Americans still do believe in Traditional American Values. We are fighting back against the Radical Left, and the Radical Left doesn’t like that one bit. So, it is attempting to enlist the Pawns who straddle the political fence- the Moderates. The “No Labelers.” The Fools.

As disheartening as it is to have a large portion of the populace buy into the notion that being a Moderate is being “an Average American,” it is the reality that Conservatives must accept. The battle for the hearts and minds of Americans lies in educating Moderates about the cunning of the Enemy Within. And, certainly, radical leftists are the enemy within.

Socialism must be exposed for the dirty word that it is. It has no place in America. If we prevent future Americans from accepting the premise that Socialism is an acceptable political ideology for America, then we can ultimately defeat the hippies and commies and subversives.

For now, we have to work to make “moderation” the dirty word that it has become.  Because the Radical Left has already started to contort the term from being one of a position of indifference, to a position of  honor. There is no honor in being a pawn. And a citizen without honor is not an American.

We must restore Honor in America.


Expel the Disloyal From Our Ranks

RINOs and Squishes need to be cast aside immediately so that the Republican Party can be relevant once again.

The Liberal – I mean, Fascist-  er, Communist- wait, Democrat Party is the Party of Traitors for the weak-willed and the simple-minded. Theirs is the white flag of surrender and the currency of world government. That is NOT the type of party the Republican Party should be trying to emulate.

The Republican Party should be the Party of Patriots for the self-reliant, responsible, and free; whose flag should forever be the stars and stripes, and whose coin should be founded on the currency of moral truth.

In order for this to happen, we need to rid ourselves of disloyal members who claim to be Republicans but who are really just RINOs intent on sabotaging our goals. And, the squishy “Moderates” are no better. A person who cannot or will not take a stand on basic party tenants should just join the Democrat Party. We don’t want them. Nor do we need them.

Who really needs political fence straddlers? What good do they serve? They aren’t decisive. They aren’t leaders. They’re just… wannabes who are too afraid to make a commitment.

This is not a time for wannabes. The statists are intent on seizing control. Why? Who knows. Maybe they weren’t held enough as babies. It certainly isn’t because the pathological need to control others is in the best interests of this nation. Or of their fellow Americans.

I hate calling these traitors “Americans.” That is an honor they don’t deserve. To be called an American is to be recognized for being an example of goodness, righteousness, freedom, and courage. Statists represent none of these qualities. They are simpering, bitter, controlling misanthropes who eschew liberty and faith.

So, throw the disloyal off the sides. They deserve their briny fate. A ship manned by such as these is doomed to drift in doldrums of indecision, and to sink into maelstroms of Machiavellian manipulation.

Unless a person believes in and stands for small (not just less) government, low taxation, free market capitalism, individual rights, rule of law, and adherence to The Constitution, they simply are not Republicans.

It takes courage to have principles and to hold yourself to a higher standard. Statists don’t even bother to do either of these things. What rational American would vote for such… Europeans? This questions baffles me. Regardless, I know that there are millions of real Americans who still understand what values are and why it is important to uphold them.

To these patriots I say, “Expel the disloyal from our ranks! They are the flotsam and jetsam of treachery that will surely sink us all.”