With Obama’s Reelection, America is on Her Knees

Take heart, Patriots. The times are bleak and the populace weak, but we must continue fighting.

The banner lies there on the battlefield before you. Do you gird yourself and pick it up or will you stay down and resign yourself and your posterity to the false inevitability of Freedom’s demise?

Feel the pain and anguish of a battle lost. For you are human. But then, stand up and raise your eyes to God. For He is watching.

The times are testing our faith and our resolve. Will we be the men and women who the times require; those who will pick up the fallen banner of truth, and wave it?

In the future, will our descendents look back at this moment in history and take pride in knowing we did what had to be done to stem the tide of evil? Will we do what we are called to do? Or will we fail them and our selves because we are discouraged that too many of our countrymen have succumbed to the evils of covetousness, idolatry, and fear?

As long as the spirit of our Founders burns within us, we will be up to the challenge. Fight on! In your words and in your hearts. Do not stop because the war will never end. Accept nothing less than freedom from governmental oppression and from the enslavement of your fellows. Live free or die fighting.

No crying. No whining. We fight. Today, tomorrow, and every damned day until we win. And we will win. Because that is what Americans do!

Never stop believing in the Constitution, and in the truth that our rights come from God and Nature.


No Utopias for Me, I’m an American! Or, Why Liberals Think the Way They Do

I am an American; a birthright I am very proud to declare at every opportunity.

As an American, I want to be free to live in the random world God has created for us. I don’t want it to be free of chaos or danger or injury or failure. That’s what makes the world what it is. And, I’m accepting of that frenetic state of affairs.

President Obama, as with every other Utopian, would rob us of the travails necessary for the betterment of our human condition. It is the Utopian fallacy of the Progressive Movement that is the single greatest threat to not only our lives, but to the continued existence of the United States of America.

I do not want to live in a risk-free world. I do not want to be protected from the world or “from myself.” I am just fine. Life, to me, is about learning all I can about the world, others, and myself. By doing so, I will return to my Creator all the richer for having lived.

I believe that God gave us Free Will, and that it is an extraordinary demonstration of His love for us. With free will, we have the power to decide for ourselves if we want to believe in and serve God, or not. We aren’t forced to believe in God. It is all up to us.

When, in the chaos of the world, we are hurt or lose a loved one, God waits. He waits for us to invite him into our lives and into our hearts, that He may comfort us. We wouldn’t really have free will if God made things happen to force us to seek His love, now would we? It is only after we ask God to act through us that His divine plan is initiated, and our purpose is revealed. That is why we Christians always pray and study His Word; that we may hope to understand our purpose in life, beyond just learning. As the fruit of our bodies ripens and yields to time, our souls are freed to journey Home; delicious with the myriad experiences we tasted in life: the bitterness of fear, sadness, regret, loss, and despair; as well as the sweetness of discovery, freedom, hope, love, and joy. Anyone who attempts to mitigate the vagaries of life in his own experience, simply isn’t “living.” Such is the existence of the Progressive.

Along with free will, God provided us with a chaotic universe created expressly to teach us. It is designed to allow us to succeed and to fail. Failure, as any wise person knows, is the single greatest learning experience there is. If we are diligent pupils, we will accept failure and learn from it. Should we choose to do so, we not only come to understand why certain behaviors or endeavors are not good for us or for the world, but we also become wiser.

Americans must uniformly reject the Progressive philosophy. Its proponents hate the chaotic nature of the world, and, by extension, they hate God. By their very nature, Progressives feel ill-equipped to handle adversity. To them, the freedom God granted us is a curse. That is why they seek to control every aspect of life that they can. That is why they seek to control others.

There is a self-deluding comfort afforded a Progressive when he or she is in a position of control. With the rapaciousness of a glutton intent on eating himself into a state of oblivion, the Progressive hungers for more and more control. However, the level of fear in him only increases as time passes, because injury and infirmity reminds him that mortality looms. Godless and existential, and dissatisfied with whatever level of control he has managed to achieve, the Progressive seeks solace in the attainment of even more control. How does he achieve this? Through the attainment of absolute power.

The more power a Progressive attains, the more convinced he is that he can control the uncontrollable. Attempting to do so assuages the racking torment he experiences in his narcissistic soul. But, again, not for long. For he inevitably feels the very same undeniable fear we all experience: that when we die, we will cease to exist; we will no longer have awareness and we will no longer matter. For those of us who choose to believe in God, however, we at least have Hope. It is the promise that if we choose to follow Christ and live His words, we will be given ever-lasting life after death.

Death, to the Progressive, not only means nihilism, but also that the world he sought so desperately to control and reshape in his own image while he was alive will not be any more orderly than it was when he first came to awareness. To the Progressive Narcissist, this is the ultimate tragedy of death.

What is most sad about this mentality is that the Progressive completely misses the point. To paraphrase Dr. Michael Savage, adherence to the Progressive Movement is a mental disorder; precisely because it is the willful disregard for free will in his own life that results in his inability to learn from his mistakes.

Subsequently, out of a perennial state of subconscious fear, the Progressive seeks to establish an Utopian oasis within the chaos of the universe. “This time,” he says to himself, “I will succeed where others have failed. In my hands,” he rationalizes, “things will be orderly and controlled. Equality of outcomes will be achieved.”

But, this is a Sisyphean endeavor. This is to completely disregard human nature. There will always be war and strife as long as we are who we are: in a fallen state. As long as there are some born who want more than they deserve or are willing to earn, there will be war. As long as there are those who seek to control others, there will be chaos.

God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden – the one and only paradise on Earth. In life, there is no going back, for any of us. That is our fate. Just as Adam and Eve were cast out of comfort and order to learn, so too, are we intended to live, learn, and die.

So, no thanks, Obama. No thanks, Progressives. I do not want Utopia. I am an American. I was born to be free to live my life, to use my gifts, to attain skills, and to WORK HARD for what I earn. I want to help make the world a better place for as long as I can and for as long as it will remain so. But I will not give up my God-given freedoms, as bestowed through His gift of free will, just you can feel better about yourselves. Yours is a fool’s quest.

New Declaration of American Independence

In the face of decades of unmitigated evil perpetrated by our elected officials against The Constitution, the time has come, once again, for We the People to declare our independence from the tyranny of Oppressive Government.

Those elected officials and their minions who seek to rend our freedoms from us have demonstrated no intention to keep their vows to uphold The Constitution. They have also shown a callous disregard for the welfare of all of this nation’s legal citizens. Said elected representatives threaten us now with unsustainable spending and taxation. They also are attempting to dismantle our societal norms and institutions. In short, We the People are on the verge of being forced into tax slavery.

Anti-Constitutional ideologues in political office are attempting to enact their Progressive social philosophy, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to American society; as well as an abject failure of political thought. Therefore, to our nationally-elected public officials, who have chosen to disregard our opinions and welfare: We formally renounce recognition of you as dutiful, legitimate representatives.

Your actions have spoken clearly and your intentions to betray our trust and your vows have been recognized just as clearly. Henceforth, you will no longer be allowed to feather your nests on the backs of the American People. There will be limits on your terms of service. There will be cuts to the benefits you have bestowed upon yourselves. You consider yourselves a protected and ennobled class, but you are mistaken. No one in America is better than anyone else. You are not aristocrats. You are not above the law. Your reign is over.

To the entrenched in Washington, D.C., members of both Parties that think We the People will continue to abide your manipulation: You, too, are also on notice. Those wealthy powers you serve will no longer be allowed to control, impoverish, and enslave us. We reject any form of tyranny from any source. We are free people with God-given rights that will no longer be infringed upon in the name of Progressivism or a New World Order.

We the People invoke the guidance of our Founding Fathers, and do hereby declare our intention to fight, if need be, against the vast, amoral cesspool that is Washington, D.C. We will use every weapon in our arsenal to cast off the yoke of your corruption. Come 2010, we will sweep as many of you from power as we are able. In 2012, we will rid ourselves of this anti-American Administration. If, after all this, you choose to continue to wage war against We the People, we will fight back. And, with our numbers reaching up into the hundreds of millions, you do not stand a chance of succeeding.

You will not be allowed to diminish the Sovereignty of the United States of America. You will not be allowed to open our borders to any more of those who refuse to assimilate and improve this country. You will not be allowed to force citizens to fund immoral and unconstitutional nationalized programs. In fact, we will disband agencies and repeal policies that do not demonstrate complete fidelity to the betterment of this country, and which do not operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are not your slaves. We are not cogs in a Big Government machine. Neither are we “Citizens of the World.” We are Americans. And we will not go under. We will fight and die to remain free. While you have chosen to renounce God and his blessings on our great nation, we proudly declare ourselves His children. We will return the Lord to his rightful place as moral center of our Society. We will no longer remain silent against the militant atheism that works in tandem with Progressivism to destroy America and the World.

Heed our warning: You started this war. We will end it. We will purge the evil influences of Progressivism from the soul of the body politic and reinstate patriotism and morality as cornerstones to the archways of our freedom. Abuses against the greater society by anti-American groups that constitute the minority of the population will no longer be ignored.

Individualism will ever remain integral to our society. However, we will vociferously challenge the legal and cultural perversions of our basic tenets by any minority, under any guise. This is America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Not, Cradle of the Dependent and Grave of the Enslaved. Through faith and lawful endeavors, we will be free once more. We will be great again. And, we will not fail.

This is our Declaration.

Republicans: Conservative the **** Up, Already!

At the risk of sounding histrionic, I say we acknowledge the fact that the liberals are at war with us, and have been for decades. Hey, Republican congressmen and women: Enough with the “gentlemanly” approach of dealing with the Left as if they were capable of compromise. They will not compromise, and neither should we. The liberals are in the process of destroying this country, and we have to stop them. NOW! Not next election cycle, but now.

First, we must stop with this nonsensical in-fighting. Rush is one of us, and we need to support him. Just as we need him and other Conservative talk show hosts to support us. Any pansy-assed pundits who dare straddle the political divide and who display their disloyalty by decrying Conservatism and its proponents must be marginalized. We do this by simply ignoring them. We stop giving them e-traffic, and we don’t enable them. In short, we take our Party back from the misguided elites, and RINOs, and liberal plants who are playing us like violins.

We must purge any and all individuals who want to remain “moderate” because this is not the time for moderation. The further left the liberals push this country, the further right the Republican Party needs to go. American citizens are in a tailspin, holding out for a hero; a real leader. To a bare majority of the liberal sycophants, the misguided, and the ill-informed, Obama may be what they wanted, but he obviously is not the leader the country as a whole needs.

The man is Public Enemy Number TheOne. He has no verifiable past, and no regard for the wishes of half this country. He has no intention of compromising his socialist principles. Add to him the provaricating Madame Pelosi and the shameless Harry Reid, and we have one hell of a screwed up government to fight against. Oh, and the ever intimidating bunny killer, Emanuel, too.

Republicans have to pull off the satin gloves of decorum and engage the enemy within with bare fists. This is a gutter fight and we’re losing. The country is depending on people who actually believe in the Constitution to step up and do whatever it takes to defeat the liberals. THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

Just as Clinton was willfully blind to the threat of Islamofascism, we, too, have been blind to the threat of fascism from agents of change within our own country. For far too long, we have allowed- no, ENABLED the ACLU to subvert and demoralize our nation. We did this by not standing up for America and its culture, history, and Constitution. We let the ACLU run roughshod over the sanctity of our values. We have been moral cowards. We haven’t had the guts to bitch slap these nancies and tell them, No. We haven’t really believed we were right and they were wrong. But we are right, and they are wrong. Dead wrong.

But, we’re now in the shitter, folks. Things in Congress stink to high heaven and the outlook is pretty crappy. Are we going to let the traitorous bastards in the Left flush us down, or are we going to finally get pissed off and say, “No! No more. Not in our country!”

Nearly half of our citizens have been turned into mewling, government-dependent pussies. Are we going to let the Left beat us down, too?


I’m just a ordinary guy who’s taken up blogging. I never had the guts to serve my country when I was younger. I was a bit liberal in my thinking back then, if I thought about politics at all. I thought I was too intelligent a person to “waste my potential” by enlisting. Besides, I was living the life of a swinging bachelor, and I wanted to sow my oats. All I cared about was me. I didn’t know it then, but I was basically a worthless liberal loser.

Well, I feel a great deal of shame these days; as I have since become a husband, father, and businessman. And, since September 11th, I have become a patriot. I now see what a selfish, arrogant puke I was. Today, at the age of 44, it is too late for me to don a uniform. It is something I will regret for the rest of my life.

But, it’s not too late for me or any of you to serve our country in another way. The question is: What can we do?

Where do we go from here? Who will lead us? And, do we really need just one leader? Perhaps our cause needs more than one person to shoulder the great tasks that lie ahead. Perhaps the strength of our movement comes from the many voices that shape its message. Unfortunately, our message is being obfuscated by the political factionalism we are engaged in.

The liberals don’t get to define us. WE will decide what we stand for. WE will no longer feel guilty for believing America is exceptional. It is! WE ARE AMERICANS, dammit. We have been endowed by our Creator with many blessings and rights. LET’S GROW SOME BALLS and Conservative the fuck up, already!

We need to stop with the recriminations and do what must be done. Our country and our families are depending on us. Please, let’s not let them down.

It is Liberalism That Will Eventually Fail

All this talk of “Conservatism will fail” is just so much self-delusion on the part of liberals. Conservatism will not fail. Liberalism will.

Conservatives have these pesky things called, “values.” They are called values because they are PRINCIPLES WE VALUE. As such, we are more than willing to die for our values, if need be. Are liberals?

Eco-terrorists and moonbat animal rights activists talk a big game, but are they really willing to die for a ficus or a rat?

Liberals are all talk and little substance. They rely on lies and on other people’s money to enact what no sane individual would otherwise enact. Extreme leftists invariably cover their faces and strike targets from a distance (usually under cloak of night). So, I cannot imagine they have the courage of their convictions to die for what they believe in.

How many liberals have you ever heard proclaim, “I will die for this country and our Constitution?”


Conservatism will only get stronger the longer leftists continue to savage our country. And, there will come a time when Conservatives will get so fed up that they will surprise the everliving hell out of liberals by treating them the way liberals have been treating the rest of us for decades: as the enemy.

You can only push rational people so far with insane policies before they finally stand together and do what must be done. And believe me, that point is coming soon.

The “War on Poverty” is the liberals’ Viet Nam. It is a quagmire from which they have yet to emerge with any credibility. Decades have passed and BILLIONS of dollars have been redistributed to the poor, and STILL the War on Poverty is not over. And, why is this?

Because liberals have no intention of winning this war. Nor any other war.

They aren’t about eliminating poverty; but instead, they are about gaining control over the rest of us. That is all they seek to do. Their every policy proves this. The bad news for them is: This is America. We have the Constitution. We don’t take kindly to being controlled; especially by hand-wringing weaklings who aren’t willing to die for their country.

The day will come, after food shortages have started and utilities fail, and chaos is rampant on the streets (all caused by liberal policies), when liberals will find themselves in very dire straits. Will they have the wherewithal to band together, fight for one another, and establish strongholds of safety and law and order? I highly doubt it.

More than likely, they will sidle up to the thugs who oppress them, and comply with their demands (even coming to adore their oppressors), as if stricken by the Stockholm Syndrome. They will become quislings intent on saving their own asses, discarding any facade of being “Americans.” Instead, they will become anything their oppressors want them to be.

Ours is a fragile civilization; dependent on a culture of convenience, on aged power grids, on lines of communication that can be easily disabled, and on over-reliance on computers and the Internet. When the shit hits the fan, and starving citizens are scrambling for water and leadership, it will be the Conservatives who will rise from the chaos.

Conservatives will have the moral courage and Christian generosity to share supplies, organize tasks, and provide leadership. Of this, I am certain. Not so with liberals. Though they proclaim themselves “progressives,” they will continuously prove themselves to be regressive in their behavior.

Why? Because they have no values that are based on the foundation of reality and truth. Because they are Godless.

Any policies that are divorced from common sense and history (such as Obama’s policies), are doomed to fail. Anyone who espouses such policies, therefore, will also fail.

Of course, all of this is just extrapolation on my part; based upon the actions of our contemporaries and our predecessors. But, there is no truer teacher than History. Though mankind continues to develop, one thing never changes: the truth. And the truth is something liberals find anathema to their worldview.

Thus, it is in this light that I feel confident is proclaiming: It is Liberalism that will fail before Conservatism ever does. Thankfully, America will be the stronger for it.

Why Do Congressional Democrats (and RINOs) Hate America?

I cannot understand how the liberal minds works. It claims to be patriotic (that is, if hating and deriding your nation is the definition of patriotism), yet it seeks the nation’s demise. Such crazy logic cannot be understood by rational members of society. So, perhaps, that is why I have failed to this point to undertsand the motives of our Congress.

Their hatred for America is so palpable, that you can feel it radiating from both chambers (primarily from the Senate). These demi-Aristocrats must really think they are above contempt. Guess what, guys and dolls: You aren’t! Nor are you above the Law. And, no, you are NOT THE Law, either. You only make the laws – based on what the People demand, not based on your personal agenda.

The fact that politicians do not recognize pork as the manifest corruption that it is proves they are the ones out of touch with reality. With their great wealth, they insulate themselves from the pain we average folk feel from high food, energy, and fuel prices. How nice for them.

Obama’s lofty yet specious rhetoric exemplifies politicians’ views of us: that we are simpletons they can bribe and lie to in order to remain in power. No one should wield such authority in our nation. Not even the President can or should have that type of callous, unbridled power.

Yet, here we are again, with ANOTHER energy bill defeated by the Environmentalist-Terrorist-beholdened Democrats. With the help of a number of intellectually-dishonest Republicans who are really just Democrats who have infiltrated the GOP, the Democrats in the Senate are determined to drag our country down to Third-World status.

No drilling. No new refineries. No new mining. No action. Only inertia. Until AFTER the elections, I bet. THEN, we will have no new drilling, no new mining, no new refineries. Only their much vaunted “progress” into a economically-devastated, Socialist utopia.

To say that I loathe Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the liars in Congress is an understatement. Why? Because they are Unamerican Americans.

They seek to deprieve us of our freedoms and our rights. All in the service of converting America into a failed European clone. Well, I am angry as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

They CANNOT take away my freedom of speech, no matter how many Hate Speech laws they legislate. They CANNOT keep me under their thumbs and force me to ‘alter my lifestyle’ because of the myth of Global Warming. They CANNOT take away my guns, nor can they take away my ability to compete in a Free Market so that I can pursue happiness.

THEY CANNOT! I will not let them.

I have never been arrested in my life. I have never demonstrated, and I have never committed an act of civil disobedience. But I will say this, if things do not change, and SOON, these pieces of offal prancing about in our halls of Office will find themselves underseige.

Common, law-abiding citizens as myself will spend the time and money necessary to march on Washington and demand they vacate the premises. WE are the ones in charge of this nation. WE are the power. And, we will find ourselves forced to take action in order to save our Union. Because WE love our nation. We understand that The Constitution is a precious instrument that must be actively preserved.

The Socialist subversives who currently taint our legislatures must be purged. Enact Term Limits. Prosecute criminals who break their oaths to uphold The Constitution, and who betray the security of this fine country. If there are laws against fraud, there need to be laws against politicians who willfully lie and deceive Americans during campaigns and while in office.

For, they do not just serve their constituencies. They serve ALL Americans. And, for the past forty years, they haven’t been cutting it! With precious few exceptions, our ‘leaders’ have failed us. Especially the Democrats; who seem driven by only one goal: to regain complete control over us.

Well, I won’t have it. I want control over THEM. Get rid of lobbyists, get rid of the PR firms, and the sycophants, and, most especially, GET RID OF THE LIBERAL-BIASED MEDIA!

Both our Congress and our Media are oppressing us. Liberals keep threatening to reenact the Fairness Doctrine. Well, I say, let’s do it! Because there is nothing fair about a citizenry being propagandized to, manipulated, and condescended to by people who are supposed to be informing us of the TRUTH.

Now, I don’t know how we can accomplish these things. That is part of the frustration. I do know that I am LESS FREE NOW than I was when I was a child just thirty-odd years ago. In one generation, we have lost much. What will happen if we allow things to continue? I have three children. Will they be ‘allowed’ to freely travel about this nation as they wish? Will they be ‘allowed’ to have more than one child? Will they be ‘allowed’ to think their own thoughts?

Will I be ‘allowed’ to type my own thoughts after the next elections?

With the messianic Obama as our next President, and his disaffected wife at his side, I fear I may not. It may take them a couple of years, but based on their own words, I do not doubt they will try to suppress dissent.

If they try, though, I and others will rise up and declare, “You cannot take away my God-given freedoms in the name of Tolerance! And, you cannot destroy this country without a fight! You can try, but to accomplish your ultimate goals, you’ll first have to pry our freedoms, and our guns, from our cold, dead hands!’

Unicorn, DoDo Birds, Conservatives Voting for Hillary and Other Mythical Creatures

Lately, I’ve been hearing television commentators and media pundits proclaim that more and more “staunch Republicans” are leaving the Party to vote for Hillary. And, why? Because they want “free” Universal Health Care. Not because of Operation Chaos, mind you. Not because an Obama Presidency would catastrophic for our nation. But, for the free Health Care.

News Flash, Liberal Mouthpieces: There is no such thing as a true Conservative deciding to vote for a Leftist. No honest-to-God, Reagan Conservative would EVER vote for a liberal, regardless of what bribes the liberal was offering.

That would be like claiming Hugo Chavez suddenly saw the light, encouraged Capitalism, and started subscribing to Rush Radio. And, that Hugo invited The Devil (President Bush) over for a game of pool.

Liberalism and Conservatism are diametrically-opposed philosophies. They aren’t just mindsets, they are lifestyles. So, it is really hard to take editorialized comments made by news anchors seriously.

Despite their efforts to paint Hillary and Obama as political saviours, there is no way in Hell a Conservative would think that proposed multi-billion dollar tax increases are the way this country should go. “Staunch Republicans” do not forsake their values.

For, to be a Conservative is to live, act, and think Values. It is the core principle of Conservatism. Faith in God is stronger than liberal pablum. Understanding the genius of Capitalism means a Conservative understands how this country’s economy works. Faith and understanding are not so easily discarded; regardless of what the liberal MSM would have you believe .

If anything, I see more and more former liberals coming out in support of nuclear energy, securing our borders, preserving this country’s identity, and realizing just how naive and dopey they once were.

Liberals should disabuse themselves of the notion that their morally-bankrupt Party would ever convert God-fearing, Patriotic Americans. They would sooner glimpse a DoDo riding a unicorn.