The Absolute Worst President Ever

As soon as the first food shortage or terrorist attack occurs here in the United States, President Obama will be held accountable.

Obama is so grossly incompetent, that even a regular joe like me can make such a critique with absolute certainty. He surrounds himself with other incompetents and traitors, while dancing to the tune of apocalypse played by former ballerina-cum-tough guy-cum-Soros Wannabe, Rahm Emmanuel. Meanwhile, the real Soros, the evil bastard who is intent on destroying the United States, pulls the strings while making billions devaluing the dollar.

There isn’t a single foreign policy decision Obama has made in the past 100 days that is sound or for the benefit of this fine country. Obama is trying his best to be Mr. Popular, traveling to such bastions of liberty as Cuba and Iran, besmirching this nation and emboldening our enemies. What an absolute disgrace. Never has an American president exhibited such contempt for his country while simultaneously exhibiting such unparalled narcissm. In fact, every member of his cabinet seems to suffer from this disorder.

Take Defense Secretary Gates (please). This military genius has just broadcast to the world that the U.S. “cannot” stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capability. Thus, he shares or military options and decisions with our enemies, emboldening them to proceed full-tilt with their aspirations. How will America be able to do anything effectively when Gates, the President, and ABC reporters reveal top secret information that will hamstring our intelligence agencies and operations? And, His Imperious Changer-of All-Things-American, Barack Obama wants to simultaneously weaken us militarily. No nukes for us, but if Iran and North Korea and Pakistan want to go nuclear, NO PROBLEM?

Obama also wants to get rid of our ability to keep intercontinental missiles from hitting us. No more “Star Wars,” he brags smugly. What an absolute jackass. Who elected him!?

Oh, yes. The “progressive and enlightened.” Thanks, you suicidal, weak-minded fools. We’ll be sure to slam the door on you when you come begging for food or medical supplies after the next “man-caused disaster.” You will reap what you have sown, you abject losers. You really believe you aren’t about to be taxed into indentured servitude? Even if Obama unjustly takes EVERYTHING from the rich, he STILL will be unable to pay for all your entitlement goodies (aka voting bribes). He will destroy this country’s economy forever! Is that the change you voted for? Do you still believe in it? God help us all if you do.

Now, at the start of a SWINE Flu pandemic, Angry Old Man Napolitano has kept the borders open, and will not allow airport officials to wear face masks to protect themselves. Is she insane!? Even if the flu symptoms don’t initially kill Americans who catch it, such orders are lunacy. What happens if the flu mutates once again and DOES start killing vast numbers of Americans? It will be far too late then. But, we all know that Obama and his minions don’t want a good crisis to go to waste. So sayeth the Machiavellian Emmanuel. After all, how better to justify Universal Health Care?

Despite all of the evidence that exists that PROVES socialized medicine does not work, Obama and Hilary Clinton are intent of pushing it through. Canada and European countries that have instituted such medical bureaucracies have all recognized the failure of such systems and are working to get away from them. But, not Obama. He is determined to redistribute wealth and by golly he WILL give illegal aliens their medical entitlements. Got to bolster the voter ranks come 2010 and 2012, dontcha know.

By the way, how is it allowable for the president to take control of the 2010 Census? Why is no one stopping this power grab? His ACORN horde will run roughshod over the next two elections with impunity; just as they did during the past two elections. With their Obama-given $6 billion, there is no limit to what they can accomplish on behalf of the Democrat Party. They just may be able to achieve one-party rule! Hail Obama and the New Communist Party.

This is not a joke. It is happening right before our eyes. And the quisling media is covering for the unconstitutional actions of President Obama. There is enough evidence already to prove he has no intention of upholding the Constitution and should be immediately impeached. Too bad the turncoats are guarding the White House. Obama’s overreach of power into private industry (in order to support his financier supporters) is evidence enough. That, and his disregard for the will of the majority of the American people makes him an usurper.

I don’t know how much more damage this administration and the media can inflict on our country before things go to pieces and Obama institutes martial law. I do know this: Americans are not Europeans. We will not abide Obama turning this country into a New Weimar Republic. The Tea Parties are just the beginning. Patriotic Americans throughout this nation will embrace their constitutional rights and stop that from happening.

In the meantime, Obama’s presidency is about as respectable at that of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. All three seem to define elected office as carte blanche permission by voters to remake society. In their delusions of grandeur, each is doing so for the worse.