You Say You Want a Revolution?

Grease up the guillotines, and off with their heads!

Do you hear the people sing / Singing the song of angry men? / It is the music of a people who / Will not be slaves again. / When the beating of your heart / Echoes the beating of the drum / There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. – Lyrics, Les Miserables

There is a palpable fury raging through the body politic. From its furthest appendages, to its heart, blood is pumping like it hasn’t since the Civil War. It started with the insults from the Media, the Left, and then President Obama. It has since progressed daily, like a poison into the vein of public discourse.

For too long, our youth has viewed our history and national potential only through the prism of liberal propaganda. Imagine how disgusting our country looks when peered at through the filter of shit-smeared windows. What hope do we have for the survival of our nation if this continues? In 2008, our Youth elected a Muslim-oriented, anti-American Radical for President!

It has been a devastating two years since. However, the tide of public opinion has dramatically shifted. This past 2010 Mid-Term Election Day, the Tea Party Patriots were supported by the majority of Americans in repudiating the Liberal Agenda. Hope and change has been demanded, and may finally take place.

Yet, no sooner do We the People make clear our expectations than the Democrats and their Liberal cohorts begin the spin. They claim that the outcomes are not a referendum on Obama and his policies, but on “Business As Usual in Washington.” Even the Republican Leadership is talking, “Compromise.”

Sigh. Obviously, elections will not be enough to retake our country from the Corrupt, the Communists, and the Shadow Oligarchy. Even forming a viable Third Party may not be enough. It will still have to engage the Establishment Ruling Class on their turf.

Obviously, we will need to formulate a decisive plan and put that plan into action. This plan doesn’t involve storming the Capitol and dragging the corrupt bastards out by their heels and putting them through the guillotine, as I would so love to do. After all, what good is having the term Treason defined in our Constitution if those who subvert it don’t get their heads lopped off?

No. This plan doesn’t involve sharp vorpal blades, or rioting in the streets, or engaging in Weather Man-style terrorism. None of that.

Instead, we vote not only with our voices, but with our feet.

We decide on a specific state, and we move there. We move there by the millions. Conservatives from all over the country move to Texas, or to Alaska, or to Montana… Somewhere. We move there and we get elected to State Government. We make it a Conservative, Constitutional State. Then, we assert our state’s rights.

We proceed with participation in our Union as normal, doing what we can to eliminate corruption in the governmental process. We demand it as a condition of continued membership in the Union. If the system is too corrupt and unresponsive, we then secede from the Union.

The only way to free ourselves from the Entrenched Political Aristocracy that is intent on giving away our national sovereignty, and on keeping us their tax slaves, is to band together and say, “Hell No!”

Rather than violent overthrow of this corrupt government, we can coalesce into a sovereign State of our own. Perhaps, after we have gathered and consented to a State Government that truly runs on Constitutional Law, citizens in other States will decide to do likewise, and join us. Perhaps not. Perhaps a completely new government that is ratified by representatives from each of the states can be formed, and those Entrenched Bureaucrats in Washington can be left behind.

Whatever happens, our fate will be of our making.

The alternative is to continue down the path of One World Governance and the loss of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Are we willing to allow this?

Personally, I like Alaska. It has resources, is physically removed from the Lower 48, and has plenty of room. But, Texas will do. The people in that state may still have some of the “Remember the Alamo” spirit in their blood. I’m not from there, but I do.

Do you?


No. ObamaCare is NOT Constitutional

A federal judge ruled that the individual mandate in ObamaCare is Constitutional. I’m not a judge, but I do know the Constitution, and this clown is wrong.

In his ruling, Detroit Judge George Caram Steeh says  Congress, under the Commerce Clause, was simply trying to lower the overall cost of insurance by requiring participation. I don’t care if the Democrats were trying to end hunger and create world peace. What they did, and how they did it, nullifies any good intentions they claim to have had.

This law, plain and simple, is taxation without representation. Plus, it violates the Tenth and Thirteenth Amendments. Americans CANNOT be turned into slaves; whether it be tax slaves or literal ones. Period. I will not pay taxes for this law.

As an American who is a registered Republican, I was prevented by Nancy Pelosi and her rigged House Rules from having representation on this matter. She shut the Republicans out of meetings, and she did not allow them input into the crafting of the bill. She lied to the public vis a vis a complicit media about the Bill and about the Republicans’ involvement therein. In effect, she damaged their ability to craft consequential legislation, to fight an unpopular bill, and to make any kind of case against it. Thus, Republican Representatives were prevented from doing what they were elected to do: represent their constituents.

Since Pelosi went against the Constitution by preventing representation on what Obama is now calling a “tax,” this law is unconstitutional.

I look forward to the Supreme Court ruling on this matter. Rule of Law must be reestablished in America. The Obama Administration, along with the corrupt Pelosi and Reid majorities, have assaulted the very Constitution they swore to uphold.

Come November 2nd, the People will send a clear message to Washington, and a mandate to the Republicans: Repeal this Law. Undo what this Administration is doing to this nation.

We are going to rid ourselves of corruptocrats from both Parties and restore our Constitution. This law will not stand, and I as an American, empowered by the Constitution, will no longer stand for the evil machinations of arrogant political elites.

I know you won’t, either.

No Utopias for Me, I’m an American! Or, Why Liberals Think the Way They Do

I am an American; a birthright I am very proud to declare at every opportunity.

As an American, I want to be free to live in the random world God has created for us. I don’t want it to be free of chaos or danger or injury or failure. That’s what makes the world what it is. And, I’m accepting of that frenetic state of affairs.

President Obama, as with every other Utopian, would rob us of the travails necessary for the betterment of our human condition. It is the Utopian fallacy of the Progressive Movement that is the single greatest threat to not only our lives, but to the continued existence of the United States of America.

I do not want to live in a risk-free world. I do not want to be protected from the world or “from myself.” I am just fine. Life, to me, is about learning all I can about the world, others, and myself. By doing so, I will return to my Creator all the richer for having lived.

I believe that God gave us Free Will, and that it is an extraordinary demonstration of His love for us. With free will, we have the power to decide for ourselves if we want to believe in and serve God, or not. We aren’t forced to believe in God. It is all up to us.

When, in the chaos of the world, we are hurt or lose a loved one, God waits. He waits for us to invite him into our lives and into our hearts, that He may comfort us. We wouldn’t really have free will if God made things happen to force us to seek His love, now would we? It is only after we ask God to act through us that His divine plan is initiated, and our purpose is revealed. That is why we Christians always pray and study His Word; that we may hope to understand our purpose in life, beyond just learning. As the fruit of our bodies ripens and yields to time, our souls are freed to journey Home; delicious with the myriad experiences we tasted in life: the bitterness of fear, sadness, regret, loss, and despair; as well as the sweetness of discovery, freedom, hope, love, and joy. Anyone who attempts to mitigate the vagaries of life in his own experience, simply isn’t “living.” Such is the existence of the Progressive.

Along with free will, God provided us with a chaotic universe created expressly to teach us. It is designed to allow us to succeed and to fail. Failure, as any wise person knows, is the single greatest learning experience there is. If we are diligent pupils, we will accept failure and learn from it. Should we choose to do so, we not only come to understand why certain behaviors or endeavors are not good for us or for the world, but we also become wiser.

Americans must uniformly reject the Progressive philosophy. Its proponents hate the chaotic nature of the world, and, by extension, they hate God. By their very nature, Progressives feel ill-equipped to handle adversity. To them, the freedom God granted us is a curse. That is why they seek to control every aspect of life that they can. That is why they seek to control others.

There is a self-deluding comfort afforded a Progressive when he or she is in a position of control. With the rapaciousness of a glutton intent on eating himself into a state of oblivion, the Progressive hungers for more and more control. However, the level of fear in him only increases as time passes, because injury and infirmity reminds him that mortality looms. Godless and existential, and dissatisfied with whatever level of control he has managed to achieve, the Progressive seeks solace in the attainment of even more control. How does he achieve this? Through the attainment of absolute power.

The more power a Progressive attains, the more convinced he is that he can control the uncontrollable. Attempting to do so assuages the racking torment he experiences in his narcissistic soul. But, again, not for long. For he inevitably feels the very same undeniable fear we all experience: that when we die, we will cease to exist; we will no longer have awareness and we will no longer matter. For those of us who choose to believe in God, however, we at least have Hope. It is the promise that if we choose to follow Christ and live His words, we will be given ever-lasting life after death.

Death, to the Progressive, not only means nihilism, but also that the world he sought so desperately to control and reshape in his own image while he was alive will not be any more orderly than it was when he first came to awareness. To the Progressive Narcissist, this is the ultimate tragedy of death.

What is most sad about this mentality is that the Progressive completely misses the point. To paraphrase Dr. Michael Savage, adherence to the Progressive Movement is a mental disorder; precisely because it is the willful disregard for free will in his own life that results in his inability to learn from his mistakes.

Subsequently, out of a perennial state of subconscious fear, the Progressive seeks to establish an Utopian oasis within the chaos of the universe. “This time,” he says to himself, “I will succeed where others have failed. In my hands,” he rationalizes, “things will be orderly and controlled. Equality of outcomes will be achieved.”

But, this is a Sisyphean endeavor. This is to completely disregard human nature. There will always be war and strife as long as we are who we are: in a fallen state. As long as there are some born who want more than they deserve or are willing to earn, there will be war. As long as there are those who seek to control others, there will be chaos.

God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden – the one and only paradise on Earth. In life, there is no going back, for any of us. That is our fate. Just as Adam and Eve were cast out of comfort and order to learn, so too, are we intended to live, learn, and die.

So, no thanks, Obama. No thanks, Progressives. I do not want Utopia. I am an American. I was born to be free to live my life, to use my gifts, to attain skills, and to WORK HARD for what I earn. I want to help make the world a better place for as long as I can and for as long as it will remain so. But I will not give up my God-given freedoms, as bestowed through His gift of free will, just you can feel better about yourselves. Yours is a fool’s quest.

New Declaration of American Independence

In the face of decades of unmitigated evil perpetrated by our elected officials against The Constitution, the time has come, once again, for We the People to declare our independence from the tyranny of Oppressive Government.

Those elected officials and their minions who seek to rend our freedoms from us have demonstrated no intention to keep their vows to uphold The Constitution. They have also shown a callous disregard for the welfare of all of this nation’s legal citizens. Said elected representatives threaten us now with unsustainable spending and taxation. They also are attempting to dismantle our societal norms and institutions. In short, We the People are on the verge of being forced into tax slavery.

Anti-Constitutional ideologues in political office are attempting to enact their Progressive social philosophy, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to American society; as well as an abject failure of political thought. Therefore, to our nationally-elected public officials, who have chosen to disregard our opinions and welfare: We formally renounce recognition of you as dutiful, legitimate representatives.

Your actions have spoken clearly and your intentions to betray our trust and your vows have been recognized just as clearly. Henceforth, you will no longer be allowed to feather your nests on the backs of the American People. There will be limits on your terms of service. There will be cuts to the benefits you have bestowed upon yourselves. You consider yourselves a protected and ennobled class, but you are mistaken. No one in America is better than anyone else. You are not aristocrats. You are not above the law. Your reign is over.

To the entrenched in Washington, D.C., members of both Parties that think We the People will continue to abide your manipulation: You, too, are also on notice. Those wealthy powers you serve will no longer be allowed to control, impoverish, and enslave us. We reject any form of tyranny from any source. We are free people with God-given rights that will no longer be infringed upon in the name of Progressivism or a New World Order.

We the People invoke the guidance of our Founding Fathers, and do hereby declare our intention to fight, if need be, against the vast, amoral cesspool that is Washington, D.C. We will use every weapon in our arsenal to cast off the yoke of your corruption. Come 2010, we will sweep as many of you from power as we are able. In 2012, we will rid ourselves of this anti-American Administration. If, after all this, you choose to continue to wage war against We the People, we will fight back. And, with our numbers reaching up into the hundreds of millions, you do not stand a chance of succeeding.

You will not be allowed to diminish the Sovereignty of the United States of America. You will not be allowed to open our borders to any more of those who refuse to assimilate and improve this country. You will not be allowed to force citizens to fund immoral and unconstitutional nationalized programs. In fact, we will disband agencies and repeal policies that do not demonstrate complete fidelity to the betterment of this country, and which do not operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are not your slaves. We are not cogs in a Big Government machine. Neither are we “Citizens of the World.” We are Americans. And we will not go under. We will fight and die to remain free. While you have chosen to renounce God and his blessings on our great nation, we proudly declare ourselves His children. We will return the Lord to his rightful place as moral center of our Society. We will no longer remain silent against the militant atheism that works in tandem with Progressivism to destroy America and the World.

Heed our warning: You started this war. We will end it. We will purge the evil influences of Progressivism from the soul of the body politic and reinstate patriotism and morality as cornerstones to the archways of our freedom. Abuses against the greater society by anti-American groups that constitute the minority of the population will no longer be ignored.

Individualism will ever remain integral to our society. However, we will vociferously challenge the legal and cultural perversions of our basic tenets by any minority, under any guise. This is America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Not, Cradle of the Dependent and Grave of the Enslaved. Through faith and lawful endeavors, we will be free once more. We will be great again. And, we will not fail.

This is our Declaration.

Corruption Has Consequences

“Elections have consequences.” Obama and his sycophants love to use that expression;  as if being elected to high office gives them carte blanche to enact any radical program they want, using tax payer monies.

I completely reject that premise.

To accept it, I would have to accept that I am no more than a tax slave to the whims of whatever Party is currently in power. I am no one’s slave, so obviously there is a problem.

And, a big problem, it is. Our elected officials are under the misapprehension that they are of an elevated status or caste. They act and speak as if our place in society is to be no more than compliant ATMs. They are completely delusional; blinded by their vanity. We will not fall into line and work our lives away just so they can tax us and use the revenue to provide voting inducements to the poor and the illegal.

Let me articulate this as clearly and vociferously as I can: FUCK NO!

What gives these corrupt sons of bitches the idea that they can deny us representation, treat us like tax slaves, and ignore our demands for redress of grievances?

I’ll tell you what, I am pissed. I am furious. I am more than willing to take it to the streets and raise my voice in protest. Aren’t you?

Elections have consequences… Bull shit. Corruption has consequences!

It is time we rid ourselves of the entrenched filth that taints our government. It is time to speak out as one voice and demand they step down. It is time we all say, “No! We will NOT pay taxes. We will not be forced to change our lives so that you arrogant highbrows can play aristocrat. NO! FUCK NO!!

This cannot stand. Corrupt leaders can push their constituents only so far before we can no longer tolerate the abuse. And, abuse it is! It is unconstitutional, and IT IS WRONG!

I will not wait until 2010 to fight these remorseless bastards. Right now, they are trying to fundamentally change our society. We must  not have any of it. Even if they successfully pass their abominable legislation, we must fight it. We must not participate in it. When we are in power, we must and will reverse it.

America must be restored! The Communists are taking over and they intend to destroy us.

Listen up, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid! You, too, Dodd, Frank, and Waters! You are done! Your power over us is over. Your time is near its end. And when that end happens, God help you. For your crimes and dereliction of duty, you will be investigated, tried, and imprisoned.

And, don’t think we aren’t coming for you, too, Republicans! Those of you who have broken the law will also find yourselves out of office and in prison. We will not allow corruption in Congress anymore! We demand that our representatives act ethically and responsively to OUR needs, not their own.

We are not your slaves. YOU SERVE US!

So, just as elections have consequences, so too, does corruption.

The American Media: Enemy Combatants Against We the People

A nation cannot be free without a free, unbiased media. We are not free.

Over the past two years, American citizens have been subjected to non-stop propagandizing about the man with no past, Barack Hussein Obama. From cable news networks to mainstream newspapers,  two things have been pushed with a feverish zeal not seen in my lifetime : the dire need for the public to go “green,” and the equally fanatical “need” for change under the previously unknown BHO’s leadership.

Mainstream media promoted Obama and squelched any negative associations he had, in order to get him elected president. They continue to do so today.

From JournoList, to GE CEO Greg Immelt’s Go Green/Promote Obama agenda with NBC/MSNBC CEO Jeff Zucker, to the ongoing covert cabal of culinary commie communicators frequently dining together at the Watergate Hotel, to the incessant anti-Conservative blather spewed by CNN/MSNBC, it has become quite obvious that there is a left-wing war being waged against We the People.

When did journalists go from being the Fourth Estate to the Fifth Column?

It is disgusting that the media in America openly acts as operatives for the Democrat Party. It was bad enough when they pretended to be impartial. Now, they outright proclaim their loyalty to Obama and to the Congressional Leftists who are subverting our Constitution.

If it were the other way around, and the media covered for, promoted, and propagandized solely for Conservatism, I’d be just as horrified as I am now. The media should not be taking sides. The media should strive for objectivity. The media should side with the country, not with a party. The media should not be populated by a bunch of childish, traitorous, partisan douche bags!

Sadly, in 2008, the media shrugged off its mantle of societal responsibility and slipped on its negligee of partisan whoredom. Oh, how in love they are with Obama. The media has continued its radicalization by slapping on its beret of Communism. Joe McCarthy was right all along. There have been traitors infiltrating our ranks.

These enemy combatants are now sniping at anyone in its sights who doesn’t adhere to its anti-Conservative, anti-American narrative. Leftists torture logic, waterboard patriotism, and mind wipe history in order to achieve their goals. And, they deny any responsibility for anything they do.

Lat month, well-known members of the media ridiculed average Americans in an effort to marginalize them. Since January, networks have engaged in a campaign of misinformation (and outright lies) against Conservatives. And, throughout the financial debacle, the media has purposefully covered for the collective asses of the asses who caused the debacle. Even the unconstitutional acts of political overreach by Obama, the candidate they worked so hard to elect, get absolutely no scrutiny or coverage.

These individuals and organizations can no longer be considered the “American” Media. They are, instead, the Democrat Party Propaganda Machine. In fact, the media is now nothing more than the psy/ops army for the vast left-wing conspiracy.

In fact, President Obama has threatened to unleash the media against hedge fund investors unless they agree to his unreasonable, unlawful, and unconstitutional demands.

These non-uniformed enemy combatants are targeting not just “greedy Wall Street organizations,” but We the People, as well. And, we must target them back. Though Obama and his ACORN minions will attempt to silence Talk Radio, We the People will not be silenced. I don’t know what the thinking is in the White House, but if it takes several thousands of us to attend FCC localization oversight committees, we shall. WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR VOICE.

Liberals have taken to the streets for decades in order to make demands, coerce, and extort. If liberals want to see real activism, they need only push us further, and we will shock them by how deadly serious we are when we demonstrate. What liberals seem to forget is that quite a few people who once wouldn’t have participated in demonstrations are now unemployed. That means they are free to take to the streets and push back.

Thanks to the Internet, Americans are no longer reliant on the alphabet networks for news. The truth is being spread and eyes are being opened. The media is the enemy, and its agenda has been revealed. We will now actively defend ourselves against it and take back our nation. We will reclaim our liberty and make this a free country once more.

Obama and the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse

Why do I get the feeling that Obama sold his political career to the Chicago Political Machine in order to serve as a Manchurian Candidate for Socialist/Communist special interests?

Since he has taken office, he has completely mind-screwed Americans with his misguided and poorly-implemented policies. Pelosi and Reid, flanked by Schumer and Frank, are the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse. All five of them are behaving like hippies who have locked themselves in a head shop. Each is lighting up their personal stashes of ideological weed using every bong they see. They are lost in a haze of self-indulgence that obscures their criminality from passersby standing just outside the head shop window.

Barack and his posse of  scorched earth politicans  are up to something and this doesn’t portend well for this country.

What’s also worrisome are their claims that they have received a mandate from the masses to toss the cultural salad and throw it into disarray. This is untrue, of course, but Queen Pelosi has been chomping at the bit to have someone in office to manipulate in order to get far left Socialist (aka liberal) agenda pushed through.

Power. That’s what she wants. Power and control. Over you and me. Obama wants power, too. Especially over our youth. His Brownshirts Bill just passed in the House. If it passes in the Senate and is signed by the president, Obama and his henchman Emanual will also gain power over our children.

I don’t think I have ever felt as anxious and nauseous as I have since November of last year. Knowing that fellow Americans willingly chose a man who told us he was going to tax us (vis a vis corporations and small business owners, who will pass the costs along); establish a Civilian Security Force every bit as powerful, equipped, and funded as the military (o.0!); and “transform our nation,” makes me look askance at every person driving a car sporting an Obama sticker.

Since January 20th, my every fear about the man with no past has been realized. Every step of the way, Obama has performed badly as President. He has insulted a number of our allies, laughed openly at the plight of Americans his ideology doesn’t embrace, and has allowed Tim Geitner to throw billions away in order to purportedly fix the economy. The reality is, every Obama political supporter has received financial payback in these hackneyed stimulus bills. Yet the root causes for this financial debacle are still not addressed. And, the first Black President has effectively made slaves of us all.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Schumer have lied time and again. They are absolutely untrustworthy. Their scurrilous actions and mendacious speeches are leading to the ruination of our country. Were it not for their allies and enablers in the MSM, we might have a fighting chance against Obama and his horsemen. But, sadly, they have formed an unfair, unspoken, and immoral conspiracy to deny citizens the Truth about Congressional exploits and acts of treason.

Now, it seems the only way to save our country is to literally fight these unrepresentatives. Perhaps it is time for everyday citizens to march on Washington, D.C. in such numbers that even the police there would be unable and unwilling to face the wrath of millions of furious Americans.

We can dismount all of the horsemen in Washington and avert the impending Barackalypse.