Unicorn, DoDo Birds, Conservatives Voting for Hillary and Other Mythical Creatures

Lately, I’ve been hearing television commentators and media pundits proclaim that more and more “staunch Republicans” are leaving the Party to vote for Hillary. And, why? Because they want “free” Universal Health Care. Not because of Operation Chaos, mind you. Not because an Obama Presidency would catastrophic for our nation. But, for the free Health Care.

News Flash, Liberal Mouthpieces: There is no such thing as a true Conservative deciding to vote for a Leftist. No honest-to-God, Reagan Conservative would EVER vote for a liberal, regardless of what bribes the liberal was offering.

That would be like claiming Hugo Chavez suddenly saw the light, encouraged Capitalism, and started subscribing to Rush Radio. And, that Hugo invited The Devil (President Bush) over for a game of pool.

Liberalism and Conservatism are diametrically-opposed philosophies. They aren’t just mindsets, they are lifestyles. So, it is really hard to take editorialized comments made by news anchors seriously.

Despite their efforts to paint Hillary and Obama as political saviours, there is no way in Hell a Conservative would think that proposed multi-billion dollar tax increases are the way this country should go. “Staunch Republicans” do not forsake their values.

For, to be a Conservative is to live, act, and think Values. It is the core principle of Conservatism. Faith in God is stronger than liberal pablum. Understanding the genius of Capitalism means a Conservative understands how this country’s economy works. Faith and understanding are not so easily discarded; regardless of what the liberal MSM would have you believe .

If anything, I see more and more former liberals coming out in support of nuclear energy, securing our borders, preserving this country’s identity, and realizing just how naive and dopey they once were.

Liberals should disabuse themselves of the notion that their morally-bankrupt Party would ever convert God-fearing, Patriotic Americans. They would sooner glimpse a DoDo riding a unicorn.

Who Elected the Hippies?

So much of our economy has been damaged by the extreme efforts of eco-Socialists. There isn’t a single aspect of American Life now that isn’t dictated by legislation driven by environmentalists. What makes these hippies so damned important and powerful? When the hell did they get elected?

I have had it up to here with environmentalists. The more extreme and demanding they become, the less I care about whatever new cause they are pushing. As far as I am concerned, the Southern Border should be mined, and built of reinforced steel-concrete walls twenty feet high. If such a structure harms the environment, or causes some useless critter to become extinct, LET IT.

Our freedoms are becoming extinct, thanks to the oddly anti-Humanity loons who manage to convince our supposed Senators and Representatives to enact such asinine policy as outlawing incandescent bulbs.

Are you f’ing kidding me!?!?

These same braintrusts pushed for the biofuels (Ethanol) and look where that’s gotten us: Food costs a fortune! Why, when we are the breadbasket of the friggin world, does it cost me $5 for a loaf of bread? Why the hell are we allowing Socialists to destroy our economy? They have about as much understanding of prosperity and the economy as they do of reality.

Who will stand up to these fascists?

I want us to be energy independent of the Arabs and Persians. Let them fade back to obscurity where they belong. They offer nothing useful to civilization. Drill in Alaska, the Gulf, and see how much oil shale there really is in the Northern Midwest. Build refineries already! For the love of God and this country, the next time a hippie demands something, just say, “No.”