It IS All About the Money

Just as the love of money is the root of all evil, so too, is the hate of money.

Like it or not, money is this realm’s “currency.” It is, at its essence, the means for freedom; freedom to choose whom you will serve.

A poor person, unless introduced to and accepting of God, feels he has no choices in life. His is an existence of mere existence; one fraught with constant worry and peril.

But, through God, all things are possible. The acceptance of God into one’s soul opens one’s eyes to the temporary nature of poverty. If one aspires to be better and educates himself, and works hard to attain money, that person elevates his economic status.

By disdaining wealth, and the very idea of Capitalism, one shackles himself to poverty, and the notion of “Fairness.”

Fairness is a notion that results in the desire to have “good intentions,” instead of “measurable results.”

Wealth is a measuring mechanism. Good Intentions are bricks of self-indulgence that are useless, except to line the road to Hell.

While idolization of money is evil, so, too, is the vilification of money.

God invented money for us to use as a means to have earthly worth and freedom.

The more money you have, the more options you have. The more options you have, the freer you are. The freer you are, the freer you feel to decide whom you will follow.

This may be why Progressives, who publicly eschew money (while idolizing it privately), are so invested in instilling in others the notion that they should gladly enslave themselves to Poverty, or Envy, or Covetousness, in order to be “better” people.

But, these better people end up serving The Other. Why? Because they cannot meet their basic needs. Because they value envy and sloth over independence and industry. And so, they get poorer, and more desperate, and desperate people are so much more susceptible to corruption.

There are over 2300 passages in the Holy Bible about money, and how to steward it.

If money weren’t important to God, it wouldn’t have been created. God also created Free Will: the ability to decide whether to believe in God, or not, and to follow Him, or not.

So, money is an aspect of Free Will. It’s all in how we choose to see it and use it.

So, those among us who decry Capitalism and who extol Socialism serve The Other, not God.


Corruption Has Consequences

“Elections have consequences.” Obama and his sycophants love to use that expression;¬† as if being elected to high office gives them carte blanche to enact any radical program they want, using tax payer monies.

I completely reject that premise.

To accept it, I would have to accept that I am no more than a tax slave to the whims of whatever Party is currently in power. I am no one’s slave, so obviously there is a problem.

And, a big problem, it is. Our elected officials are under the misapprehension that they are of an elevated status or caste. They act and speak as if our place in society is to be no more than compliant ATMs. They are completely delusional; blinded by their vanity. We will not fall into line and work our lives away just so they can tax us and use the revenue to provide voting inducements to the poor and the illegal.

Let me articulate this as clearly and vociferously as I can: FUCK NO!

What gives these corrupt sons of bitches the idea that they can deny us representation, treat us like tax slaves, and ignore our demands for redress of grievances?

I’ll tell you what, I am pissed. I am furious. I am more than willing to take it to the streets and raise my voice in protest. Aren’t you?

Elections have consequences… Bull shit. Corruption has consequences!

It is time we rid ourselves of the entrenched filth that taints our government. It is time to speak out as one voice and demand they step down. It is time we all say, “No! We will NOT pay taxes. We will not be forced to change our lives so that you arrogant highbrows can play aristocrat. NO! FUCK NO!!

This cannot stand. Corrupt leaders can push their constituents only so far before we can no longer tolerate the abuse. And, abuse it is! It is unconstitutional, and IT IS WRONG!

I will not wait until 2010 to fight these remorseless bastards. Right now, they are trying to fundamentally change our society. We must  not have any of it. Even if they successfully pass their abominable legislation, we must fight it. We must not participate in it. When we are in power, we must and will reverse it.

America must be restored! The Communists are taking over and they intend to destroy us.

Listen up, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid! You, too, Dodd, Frank, and Waters! You are done! Your power over us is over. Your time is near its end. And when that end happens, God help you. For your crimes and dereliction of duty, you will be investigated, tried, and imprisoned.

And, don’t think we aren’t coming for you, too, Republicans! Those of you who have broken the law will also find yourselves out of office and in prison. We will not allow corruption in Congress anymore! We demand that our representatives act ethically and responsively to OUR needs, not their own.

We are not your slaves. YOU SERVE US!

So, just as elections have consequences, so too, does corruption.

If Capitalism is “Dead,” Then So is America

It boggles the mind how liberals are making political hay of the current financial meltdown; especially considering it was they who are primarily responsible for it. Over the past two weeks, they have been actively promoting the idea that it was the practice of free-market capitalism that resulted in this debacle. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi even had the unmitigated gall to proclaim, “We bear no responsibility for it.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Governmental intervention by the Democrats, and their implementation of coercive regulations are responsible. So, too, is the rampant corruption within and without the GSE agencies involved. Chris Dodd, Barney Frank are the most responsible; for their lies and corruption prevented any oversight that could have prevented this meltdown. Republicans for years have called for oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Yet, it was the Democrats who prevented it. Now, they blame the President.

It was not the “failed policies of George Bush,” but rather the failed policies of liberal-socialism that resulted in the biggest world-wide economic disaster since the Great Depression. Period. Left alone, the market would be humming along just fine, as it has for over two hundreds years.

Frankly, it is shocking that ANY American would gleefully tout the end of capitalism. It is the economic system that has enabled generations of Americans and immigrants to work hard and find success. It enables social mobility and the realization of our rights as free people to achieve, succeed, and be rewarded for our efforts. In short, capitalism is intrinsically tied to our prosperity as a nation and the continued survival of The Constitution.

Any American who seeks the death of capitalism, seeks the death of this country. Socialism is a failed philosophy. It has been for hundreds of years. Yet, misguided groups and individuals continue to promote it as the panacea to the world’s ills. Whether it is naivete, arrogance, or complete disassociation with reality, proponents of socialism are a threat to any free society.

Socialism degrades the human spirit by making the individual subordinate to the State. The State becomes the source of power in society, not the People. This is so fundamentally counter to the precepts of The Constitution, that it is not outrageous to say that socialists are un-American subversives. Ironically, they claim to want to uphold The Constitution, yet their very actions and words belie that claim.

As a patriotic citizen of this, the greatest society that has ever existed, I refuse to accept the revolting claims of Congressional Democrats, who are pushing the “This is the end of Capitalism” meme. Such traitors should be tossed out of office immediately.

Unfortunately, these subversives have indoctrinated generations of Americans into believing they must be dependent on the State in order to survive. We have much work to do.

Though socialists have drained the American Spirit from almost half of our population, we can counter the rhetoric. We can develop entertainment and media that promotes American Values and encourages freedom. We can take a solid stand against those who would separate us from our rights and property. We can fight.

Freedom is not free, nor is it lasting. It is as ephemeral as smoke wafting from the extinguished torch of liberty. Now is the time to stoke the flames and fight against the corruption of our country by members of both parties. America the Beautiful is begging us to save Her.

Will we?