The Punitive Pretzel of Progressive Logic and Hypocrisy

Progressives HATE Conservatives with a purple passion.

One of the reasons Progressives hate Conservatives is because to them, the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Progressives are Collectivists. And, Control Freaks. To them, Society is more important than the Individual. Progressives seek answers to societal problems through Big Government; regardless of the cost to Individual Rights and Liberty. Progressives seek to realize their Utopian dreams by controlling others, and forcing them to comply. Because, of course, Progressives know better, ARE better, and should be in charge.

Not only must Utopia be established (despite the realities of Life and Human Nature), but legislation to fix things must also PUNISH those whom the Progressives view as responsible for the societal problems (which, interestingly enough, never includes them). Ever notice how they pass laws that only screw things up, and then, years later, they blame others and demand the need for “reform?”

Theirs is a Punitive Political Doctrine. And they employ a twisted pretzel of logic in order to rationalize their views and hypocrisy.

How are they hypocrites? Consider this: Progressives view Conservatives as being “selfish and hateful” because Conservatives seek to keep as much of the money they earn to themselves; instead of gleefully agreeing to pay higher taxes. For “the Greater Good.” Yet all the Progressives are about is redistribution of wealth to THEIR political and ideological supporters. Somehow, institutionalized theft is not being selfish and hateful toward those who have earned what they possess. However, the Progressives’ use of Class Warfare, Spite and Envy is exactly that.

Progressives hate Conservatives because Conservatives believe in GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS; especially the right to Self-Defense. God and Guns are such icky things to Progressives, who fear everything, and who don’t like it when societal norms and mores tell them, “No. No, there AREN’T 51 different genders. And, no, something that 1% of the populace is or does that isn’t normal ISN’T normal.”

“No one,” Progressives argue, ” can tell US what to do or be. But, damn if we aren’t going to use the force of government to force you to do as WE see fit! Since we can’t transform ourselves, we will transform Society.”

“And, who NEEDS a gun?” they argue. “Society will protect you.” So naive, these Progressives. Even when statistical evidence regarding gun ownership vs crime rate, and longer and longer police response times prove otherwise, they bitterly cling to their FEELINGS that a fair and just world is just one more law away.

What grates Progressives the MOST, is that Conservatives revere the Constitution and Individual Rights. ACTUAL rights, not the made up blather Progressives like  FDR proposed in a Second Bill of Rights. Conservatives understand that a right is only a right as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s rights. Thus, the Constitution, as Obama has repeatedly said, stands in the Progressives’ way of making things rights that aren’t.

“Hey!” Progressives cry out. “Individual Rights are OUR territory! WE’RE the tolerant ones who defend the Individual!”

This, of course, is a lie. Progressives, in practice, have never been tolerant. And the only time they are “all about Individual Rights” is when “the few, or the one” in Society are members of THEIR politically-protected groups.

If there’s anything the past five years have proven, it’s that given the power, Progressives will seek to legislate away the Constitution, to economically and politically punish large swaths of the population, and to institute tyranny in order to get their way. The ends justify the means, is their mantra.

Most importantly, the reason Progressives hate Conservatives is because we hold up a mirror to their tyranny and hypocrisy. And, they don’t like that one bit.


California Liberty March Journal – Day Two

The route I took today was from Balboa Park to Old Town to Mission Bay to Pacific Beach to La Jolla to Torrey Pines, just past UCSD. It was a beautiful march. But, an excruciating one, as well.

I was dropped off at Balboa Park this morning by Lori A (thank you!). I walked up to the water fountain by the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and started stretching out. A young man walked up and asked if I was with the Liberty March. Since no one else was around, I said, “I AM the Liberty March.”

I introduced myself and he told me he was with Fox 5 News. They have sent me an e-mail last week asking for particulars in order to plan out this week and determine whether they would cover the march, or not. Thankfully, they did.

The young man videotaped me answering several questions. They were great questions that let me say what I wanted to say, rather than being loaded questions about gun control. He told me that my footage would be aired live on the program, so that means it won’t be posted on the Internet.

After that, I set off across the park. I videotaped different areas that I love. After and hour or more, I was in Old Town. I videotaped parts of that, as well, and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. After a half hour break, I set off for Mission Bay.

While I walk on sidewalks for the most part, I did have to walk in a bicycle lane on a highway overpass. From there, I got off the road and went down a dirt trail to reach another road underneath. I was able to keep walking from there until I reached Fiesta Island about a mile away. Then, I reached Mission Bay proper. It was a very sunny and windy day. Unfortunately, I discovered that my video camera battery had died. My flag was fluttering wildly, and I needed to hold it ahead of me with two hands to control it.

As I walked today, I got a number of honks and waves and thumbs ups. Even one “whoo hoo!” I had written, “My Rights Are Inalienable” on the front of my walking shirt. So, many people coming home from work leaned forward to try and read the message.

There were several notable encounters today.

In Old Town, the bus boy at the Mexican restaurant I ate in seemed really excited by what I am doing. In Pacific Beach, I got some, “Rock on, Patriot!” comments from obviously pot-addled college students driving by. There are a lot of tattoo parlors and head shops in Pacific Beach. In front of one of them, a man walked up, looked at my shirt and flag, and derisively, asked, “So your rights are in danger, huh?” I smiled at the lummox and walked on.

In La Jolla, the affluent town just north of PB, I saw a number of tattoo removal clinics and New Age health shops and clubs. I passed by a restaurant across the road for “foodies” called, the Promiscuous Fork.” I like that. The waiter and waitress outside were looking at me. They waved when they saw me look at them. A tall black man with a speech impediment ran out of a restaurant and asked me why I was carrying the flag. He read my shirt as I handed him a Liberty March card. He was extremely nice.

Just down the street from there, another man, Kurt M. asked me if I was marching for gun rights. He was sitting on an elevated patio in front of his small shop/home. I clarified that I want

our elected and appointed officials to uphold their oaths of office, and to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thus, by extension, our rights to keep and bear arms would be protected. He saw that I was tired and he invited me to sit with him to rest. We talked for a while, and he gave me three bottles of water. We said good bye, and I headed into the tourist part of La Jolla, where the moneyed folk dominate.

I walked down to the scenic view and looked out at the beautiful La Jolla beach. The sun was coming down, and there were people playing on the shore.

I went back up to Prospect Street and I took photos of the shops and streets in the heart of the La Jolla financial zone and restaurant row. I noticed that people looked nervously at me as I took photos. As I was leaving Prospect Street to do the final four miles of my march, an ACE Parking attendant called out to me and ran up. He asked if I had a few minutes to take pictures with a South American model.

By that time, I have walked over 15 miles and the toes of my feet were burning. I agreed, as I figured it might help me get exposure for my cause.  Nope.

The young woman, vivacious and high on life (and herself) grabs my flag and pulls it in front of me so she can pose with it. She gleefully did her modeling thing and then, without so much as a thank you,  was off to the next thing that caught her eye. I just walked away and headed toward UCSD.

By this time, it was 5:30 pm. There was a lot of home-bound traffic, and I walked on the left side of traffic so cars could see my tee-shirt message. There were many cars that drove by, some waved, others hons, while others yelled out unintelligible comments.

Halfway up N. Torrey Pines Road, while is a long steady incline, my feet burned so badly, that I needed to compensate. This caused my right Achilles tendon to start hurting, and later, to feel tender. By the time I reached the top and was on the Southern edge of UCSD, tears of pain were streaming down my cheeks. I was hobbling, and had to stop at the crosswalk.

I imagine I looked like a depressed wino with a flag, or a homeless vet, or something. The last two miles were in darkness. To be honest, as I was hobbling toward my car from UCSD, I seriously questioned my commitment to this endeavor. I started wondering what the hell it is that I hope to achieve. When I started this, I thought there would be far more participation and involvement by others.

By the time I reached the car, I was so glad the march was done. I could barely walk, and my neck and right shoulder was stiff and clenched from holding up the flag. As I drove home, I was feeling foolish and naive.

But this morning, after rest and more thinking, what I hope, more than anything else, is that others are inspired to do their own liberty marches (whatever they may be). We have to do something. We have to show ourselves. We have to fight. We are at war. The Progressives will not stop until they get what they want.

And what they want is a diminished America. They want a single party State where individual rights and freedoms no longer exist to interfere with the establishment of Liberal Utopia.

To recover from the past three marches, I went to Lake Medical and Chiropractic in Lake San Marcos. They have been taking care of me each week since I started training for this. I want to thank Jill-Ellen and her staff for helping me get this far. And, I want to thank everyone one who has sent me words or encouragement and prayers and donations.

I am definitely going to continue on to Sacramento, no matter what.

Here is a video1 I took while on my excursion.

“Shall Not Be Infringed” Rally – February 23, 2013

San Diego Day of Resistance

As part of the National Day of Resistance, I have been organizing a Pro-Second Amendment rally called, “Shall Not Be Infringed” which will take place on Saturday February 23, 2012 from 1 Pm to 4 pm at the Old Poway Park in Poway, CA 92064.

The focus of the rally is to serve as a call to action to citizens who value their individual liberties. It will be an informational rally featuring speakers discussing topics such as: The Legitimacy of Executive Orders that Circumvent Congress and Subvert the Constitution, Zero Tolerance Policies at Schools and Gun-Free Zones, Gun Control Laws, and of course, the Intent of the Second Amendment and It’s Infringement.

Speakers Include:

Evan Sayet – Conservative Humorist

Jack Marino – Los Angeles

Lincoln Pickard – SD CountyNRA

Sutton Porter – Conservative Comedian

Michael Schwartz – SD  CountyNRA

Rob Morse – Gun Law Blogger of “Slow Facts”

Kender MacGowan – Conservative Blogger

Dick “Tink” Reaster – SD County Oath Keepers

Alex Gomez – Conservative Speaker and Musician

This is a free event that is open to the public. Bring something to sit on. Individuals who possess CA CCWs are more than welcome to come armed.

However, I am not issuing a press release to the regular media because that would be pointless. If 650k Pro-Life people who gathered on the steps of the national capitol to demonstrate don’t get coverage from the MSM, why would anyone in the media bother with this event? Besides, they would probably just distort and misrepresent what will be said. We don’t need them.

Therefore, any of who who happen to read this, and who live in Southern California, please let other like-minded patriots about this event.

Conservative Humorist Evan Sayet will be there. He has graciously accepted my invitation to speak. I am in the process of lining up of speakers, as well.

This is the Facebook Like Page about the event.

This is the web site for OLD POWAY PARK.

New Declaration of American Independence

In the face of decades of unmitigated evil perpetrated by our elected officials against The Constitution, the time has come, once again, for We the People to declare our independence from the tyranny of Oppressive Government.

Those elected officials and their minions who seek to rend our freedoms from us have demonstrated no intention to keep their vows to uphold The Constitution. They have also shown a callous disregard for the welfare of all of this nation’s legal citizens. Said elected representatives threaten us now with unsustainable spending and taxation. They also are attempting to dismantle our societal norms and institutions. In short, We the People are on the verge of being forced into tax slavery.

Anti-Constitutional ideologues in political office are attempting to enact their Progressive social philosophy, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to American society; as well as an abject failure of political thought. Therefore, to our nationally-elected public officials, who have chosen to disregard our opinions and welfare: We formally renounce recognition of you as dutiful, legitimate representatives.

Your actions have spoken clearly and your intentions to betray our trust and your vows have been recognized just as clearly. Henceforth, you will no longer be allowed to feather your nests on the backs of the American People. There will be limits on your terms of service. There will be cuts to the benefits you have bestowed upon yourselves. You consider yourselves a protected and ennobled class, but you are mistaken. No one in America is better than anyone else. You are not aristocrats. You are not above the law. Your reign is over.

To the entrenched in Washington, D.C., members of both Parties that think We the People will continue to abide your manipulation: You, too, are also on notice. Those wealthy powers you serve will no longer be allowed to control, impoverish, and enslave us. We reject any form of tyranny from any source. We are free people with God-given rights that will no longer be infringed upon in the name of Progressivism or a New World Order.

We the People invoke the guidance of our Founding Fathers, and do hereby declare our intention to fight, if need be, against the vast, amoral cesspool that is Washington, D.C. We will use every weapon in our arsenal to cast off the yoke of your corruption. Come 2010, we will sweep as many of you from power as we are able. In 2012, we will rid ourselves of this anti-American Administration. If, after all this, you choose to continue to wage war against We the People, we will fight back. And, with our numbers reaching up into the hundreds of millions, you do not stand a chance of succeeding.

You will not be allowed to diminish the Sovereignty of the United States of America. You will not be allowed to open our borders to any more of those who refuse to assimilate and improve this country. You will not be allowed to force citizens to fund immoral and unconstitutional nationalized programs. In fact, we will disband agencies and repeal policies that do not demonstrate complete fidelity to the betterment of this country, and which do not operate in a cost-effective manner.

We are not your slaves. We are not cogs in a Big Government machine. Neither are we “Citizens of the World.” We are Americans. And we will not go under. We will fight and die to remain free. While you have chosen to renounce God and his blessings on our great nation, we proudly declare ourselves His children. We will return the Lord to his rightful place as moral center of our Society. We will no longer remain silent against the militant atheism that works in tandem with Progressivism to destroy America and the World.

Heed our warning: You started this war. We will end it. We will purge the evil influences of Progressivism from the soul of the body politic and reinstate patriotism and morality as cornerstones to the archways of our freedom. Abuses against the greater society by anti-American groups that constitute the minority of the population will no longer be ignored.

Individualism will ever remain integral to our society. However, we will vociferously challenge the legal and cultural perversions of our basic tenets by any minority, under any guise. This is America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Not, Cradle of the Dependent and Grave of the Enslaved. Through faith and lawful endeavors, we will be free once more. We will be great again. And, we will not fail.

This is our Declaration.

If I Were King of the Foreeeest!

Does running a country with over 300 million citizens really need to be so complicated?

It seems to me that if every capable adult was responsible for his or herself, and if every community was responsible for itself, and if every city were responsible for its citizens, then every state in our union should have no difficulty running its affairs. In such a case, running the country would be fairly easy.

Instead, we have CHILDREN running things. We have petty squabbling and envious backstabbing, and power mad manipulation. And this from our LEADERS! The folks we are supposed to look up to and respect for their wisdom. And, a great number of these “leaders” are actively dumbing down the populace and instilling in their constituents a sense of helplessness, entitlement, and irresponsibility.

I’m just a simple man (Literally. I have the attention span of a gnat, so my wife can only tell me to do one thing at a time, or I will get distracted along the way and forg- SQUIRREL!). But, even with my overcharged mind and moderate education, I now believe even I could run this country. And, I could run it better than any blue-blooded Harvard graduate with Bilderburger connections. I mean, seriously, look at Obama. He is absolutely awful. ANYONE could do a better job.

So, what would I do? Glad you asked. If I were President,  the very first thing I’d do is to always speak honestly and directly. I’d throw in a metaphor every once in a while, but I’d make sure that anything I had to say was worth taking the time to listen to.

Also, Political Correctness be damned. Responsible people want to hear the truth. They don’t want leaders who dance around their answers to questions or who are afraid to speak their minds.  Pandering to race baiters and grievance mongers who will whine about anything and everything anyway is condescending and just a waste of time.

Soon after taking office, I would support the introduction of a bill in the House that would depoliticize the Department of Education. We would design a national curricula that promoted thorough understanding of our history, as well as, the premier teaching of math and sciences, and of literacy. Any States where teachers’ unions uses member dues to fund political expenditures (such as television, radio, and print ads that misrepresent facts and issues, and which specifically support candidates of a particular party), would be restricted from receiving national education funds.

I would seek to streamline the IRS and implement a national Fair Tax where citizens are taxed 10% across the board. Incentives for transitioning from poverty to a livable state would be offered in the form of job training education. Welfare would remain workfare, and only legal citizens of this nation would be eligible to receive it.

As a matter of course, I’d require every lobbyist who came to Washington and met with ANY politician, aide, or staffer to first sign in with a Congressional clerk. Those records would immediately be made available to the public. Within one week, that information would be displayed via the Congressional web site.

As President, I’d propose and later sign House- and Senate-approved bills that would do the following:

  1. During election campaigns, any television, Internet, or radio commercial that disseminates lies and misrepresentations of fact to the American people would subject candidates to significant fines. The offending candidate would need to immediately apologize to the American public for attempting to defraud them.
  2. Make it against the Constitution for congressmen and women to vote on any bill they haven’t read. An affidavit would need to be signed by each of those who intend to vote yes on the bill. During a vote, absolutely no vote buying and undue influence negotiations would be allowed. All members would be required to remain silent until it is their turn to cast a vote. No last minute speeches would be allowed.
  3. Any proposed bills would need to be focused on a single issue only; with absolutely no pork or unrelated amendments allowable. Only amendments that modify procedure and implementation of the bill would be allowable; as long as they are relevant. The names of the politicians who attach amendments would immediately become public knowledge.
  4. The language of all bills introduced and passed would need to be written so that the average American with at least a high school level education could understand it. Legalese could be attached as appendices, as long as the language in the main body of the bill is clear to begin with.
  5. Any bills introduced in the House would be required to be available for public review for no less than one month before it could be voted on. The same for the Senate.
  6. No one party could manipulate the House and Senate rules to grant themselves an advantage by denying the opposing party members reasonable opportunities to debate issues and to represent their constituents.
  7. During session, any Majority or Minority Speaker who knowingly misinforms or lies to the American public, in contravention of documented fact, would be stripped of their position, and would be subject to criminal prosecution for breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution.
  8. Absolutely NO national business could occur behind closed door sessions, unless national security depended on it. In the event that national security issues are leaked and reported by the media, the person(s) responsible for the leak would be subject to criminal prosecution for treason.
  9. All representatives and senators would be required to maintain a Washington-based web site that allows constituents to post comments about issues and votes, and to ask questions. A reasonable number of questions must be answered by the Congressperson (or by designated aides responding on his or her behalf) within a month of their posting. Should any sitting Congressperson fail to maintain their site and respond consistently with their constituents, this information will be made public both in Washington and in the politician’s home state.
  10. ALL agencies and departments of the federal government would have six months to prepare their operational budgets for auditing. Those found to be operating inefficiently would be given six months to comply with written goals, or face restaffing.  Agencies and departments found to be unnecessary or obsolete would be immediately disbanded. The results of all audits and actions taken would be made available to the public, except when doing so would harm national security.

Three words, people: Rule. of. Law. Federal immigration laws would immediately be enforced. Absolutely no Amnesty. If corrupt politicians in Mexico who are beholden to drug lords and Reconquista organizations get upset, I don’t care. As President, I would uphold my Constitutional vow. I would back up our military, border patrol, and national guard; as any good Commander in Chief should do.

The Department of Energy would be depoliticized and be freer to pursue any rational and reasonable alternative energy sources. Interference by EPA and lobbyists would be scrutinized and resolved expeditiously in order to prevent unnecessary delays from potential junk science concerns.

Health care would be open to free market competition among private insurance companies and care providers. In the event of catastrophic illness or trauma care, citizens would be covered 100% by the U.S. government. Short of that, health care costs would need to be covered by citizens’ own insurance plans and deductibles.

As far as foreign policy is concerned, I would publicly denounce any actions perpetrated by a world leader or regime against their citizens. I would not recognize illegitimate governments, nor would I ever allocate tax payer monies to bribe, assuage, or aid them. I would push for immediate dismantling of the United Nations on American soil. We would quit membership and immediately cease any and all funding for that organization.

I most certainly would NEVER denigrate or weaken the image of this nation, and I would powerfully defend its honor and safety against false claims or threats by our enemies.

I’d advocate reassertion of States’ Rights. I would assist in weakening central government by relinquishing responsibility for governing those things that are the purview of State Government; as outlined in the Constitution, and as intended by our Framers (based on their writings).

Finally, I’d promote a national program, in conjunction with state agencies, to educate our citizens about our national history and heritage, our system of government, and their civil rights. I would treat adult citizens like adults, and I would personally lead by example the character traits that I would like our children to develop.

So, if you’re still with me, THAT’S what I would do if I were President, and THAT is what I wish the next Conservative President of the United States would strive to accomplish.

NOTE: I clarified certain sections that confused readers. Those changes have been incorporated into the body of the text above.

A Theory About Why Some Republicans Are Trying to Redefine Conservatism

I may be completely waaay off base, but I think I figured out why there’s even a debate about what Conservatism is. After all, hasn’t Ronald Reagan already articulated our philosophy clearly enough? It seems pretty simple: It means Smaller Government, lower taxes, more individual freedom, and strict adherence to The Constitution.

Nothing complicated. However, there is one more aspect to the philosophy of Traditional Conservativism that I believe is absolutely intrinsic to it: a Belief in God.

The civil war we are engaged in today as a party to redefine conservativism could be the result of Republican elites attempting to remove God from the Party in order to “widen the tent.”

While once, being a Conservative was synonymous with being a Christian, today, there seems to be movement to remove that aspect of the Party philosophy in order to “not offend.” When the hell did God become offensive to Americans, much less to Conservatives? What true Conservative would ever say and do such a thing? A person of principle would never compromise on core values, especially when it comes to deeply-held religious beliefs.

For decades, liberals have mocked “holy rollers,” and the “Moral Majority” in order to marginalize Christians in the eyes of Society. And, to an undeniable degree, they have been successful. Today, Liberals continue to harp that Republicans want to establish a theocracy. This absurd meme furthers their goals in diminishing us as a traditional culture. Over the last five years or so, there has also been a steady rise in Militant Atheism; a politically-driven philosophy of nihilism that has been adopted by a growing number of Americans. AMERICANS, for God’s sake! It is no secret that The ACLU and subversive Communist groups have fomented a hatred of the concept of God; and in the religion of Christianity in particular. In one generation, we have lost Christmas Pageants, Nativity scenes in the public square, and the Ten Commandments in our Courthouses.

Liberals, who now seem to worship Gaea instead, have successfully promoted atheism through the media for over a decade. They have done so subtly, but effectively. Nowadays, there is rarely any mention of God (in the Christian sense) in movies, and especially on television. If God is referred to at all, it is in a vague, “COEXIST” bumper sticker sort of way. The average American has heard the fallacious and disingenuous “Separation of Church and State” meme for so long, that they no longer feel free to discuss God or religious issues at school or in public. The liberal atheists have damaged our country.

They have done so because they not only believe there is no God, but also because they believe religion in general must be eliminated from society. Their militancy goes beyond what is acceptable because their words and actions (lawsuits) are intolerant to all religions. They don’t want anyone to believe in what they call “superstitious myths.” In doing these things, liberal atheists are obstructing our freedom of religion in favor of freedom from religion. This makes them dangerous to our society; a society they wish to reshape (along with liberals in general) into a secular nanny state. They want us all to be “progressive,” and leave behind a perceived stone age mentality.

Thus, given empirical evidence, I conclude that either liberal atheists have insinuated themselves in the Republican Party in order to destroy it from within; or, we have a growing number of spineless, agnostic party operative pussies in our midst who only want to secure power for themselves by transforming the Republican Party into a secular, Democrat-Lite Party.

Now, if I’m sounding like a conspiracy nut, I somewhat agree. I don’t know for a fact that these agenda are the reasons we are in the midst of a Conservative Civil War. But, after seeing thousands of disparate real-world incidents, reading thousands of Internet posts, and watching countless MSM and cable news talk show segments, a pattern has begun to emerge. It’s a pattern I find deeply disturbing; a pattern of concerted efforts to destroy the Republican Party by removing faith as a core value, and, an effort to discredit Christianity in America.

This is disastrous because Christianity is the very foundation of our guiding principles as a people. Many of our Founding Fathers rooted their governing philosophies in the belief in God, if not in also in Jesus. Without faith as the foundation of our values, America as a culture is open to continued corruption by the enemies within and without.

So, I throw this theory out there. Am I wrong? And if I’m not, what do we do about this?

Do we proudly and openly declare that to be Conservative, one must also be a Christian? If so, what of Jews who also consider themselves conservatives? Perhaps there are Jewish members of our party who feel that Conservative Philosophy focuses too much on Christianity, and that Judaism is unfairly excluded. Perhaps we need to expand the definition of  “traditional conservativism” to include patriotic persons of all faiths (though, for obvious reasons, there wouldn’t be such a thing as Islamist Conservatives).

I do think that if a poll were taken of people who self-identified as Conservatives, we would see a surprising drop in the number of “Faithful,” compared to twenty years ago.

Of course, I just may be a complete screw ball. After all, I just found out that squishie Congressional Republicans and liberals alike have a new name for guys like me who believe Obama is hiding something: “Birther.”

San Diego Tea Party February 28th

Not one month in office, and Obama and his socialist cohorts have pushed through the biggest redistribution of wealth / spending bill EVER. Packed with pork, despite Obama’s straight-faced claims to the contrary, mainstream Americans are recognizing that over $1 trillion dollars of our taxes have just been misappropriated. Obama and the rest of our purported representatives have written in money that is being funneled to every liberal organization that has ever crawled out the woodwork over the past forty years. And, all of this is under the guise of being an “economic stimulus package.”

Well, people across this nation are are outraged, and have started symbolic tea parties in their local communities.  This morning, I attended the San Diego Tea Party, which was my first “protest.”  It gives me hope we can survive the Obamanation.

I only found out about the protest an hour before I went, and so I took my children to school and drove to downtown San Diego without being able to make a sign of my own. When I arrived, I could see many people holding signs and walking around. It was a demonstration of patriotism, resolve, and determination. People spoke to each other, listened to speakers, and waved signs to passing cars that honked in support. All of this, and not a single arrest or overturned car. This event is but the first of many to come.

Liberals have long been at war with America. Like tie-dyed insurgents, they have waged an asymmetrical war against our noble country for decades. The rest of us have not been paying attention. But, now, we must and will fight them.

How these socialists have managed (with the help of the MSM) to convince the uninformed citizenry that THEY are the mainstream and that God-fearing, patriotic Americans are “fringe” is beyond my understanding. Of course, when one employs lying, deceiving, misinformation, and malice to manipulate fellow citizens, one can apparently accomplish a lot. But, things are about to change.

Now, when liberals scream at us, we will not be polite and cowed. Instead, we will stand up and shout these bastards down. When they lie to and about us, we will expose the truth and prove them to be the liars they are. When liberals pass traitorous policies, we will fight them in court and in the streets, if we must, in order to protect the Constitution. And, if they attempt to silence us and take away our weapons, we will use our voices and our guns in order to preserve our GOD-GIVEN rights.

If we must, we will band together in the millions and not pay our taxes.

We may be new to protesting and being activists, but that is about to change. Neither the power-hungry loons in Congress nor the specious, hateful liberal foot soldiers will stop us. I have joined the fight. Millions more will, too. Unlike liberals, we are not weak-willed and unprincipled. Once roused, we are not assuaged. We are Americans. And, Americans are no one’s fools. We now recognize the domestic enemies to our Constitution and now, we are more than willing to defeat them.

Here comes the revolution! Yes, WE can, too.