I had lunch this weekend with a colleague and friend. He and I inevitably end up talking politics and religion. As he is black, his views are informed from a perspective and experience different from my own. It is an experience he often cites during our debates. During this recent discussion, he called the United States a “young, arrogant nation.”  The moment he made this statement, I was rankled and on the defensive.

Because I am so fatigued by the endless insults against our nation by those from without this country as well as from within (read: the Media-Activist Complex), I could not help feeling otherwise. As I tried to debate him on various points, he too became upset. The focus of our conversation was on the cultural conflict we have been experiencing for the past forty (perhaps even 221+) years. His position is that this cultural conflict is the natural maturing of a culture toward Liberalism. My premise is that Liberalism is the antithesis of progress, and is, rather, the catalyst for cultural degradation.

He cited the cosmopolitan elegance and multiculturalism of European countries, which, unlike America, instill in people a maturity that we don’t have. In rebuttal, I pointed to the fact that these cultures have all but crucified God Himself, by arrogantly dismissing Him from their cultures. “But, religion should be a private thing,” he replied. To which I countered, “Jesus Himself said that fellowship is a crucial component for being a Child of God.” So, to me, attempts to eliminate God from public life is not only a mischaracterization of Jesus’ teachings, but a very dangerous thing to be happening to our country.

It is my position that because of the liberalism that pervades them, European countries are in a state of decline. What my friend extolls as “maturity,” (the acceptance by a culture of the changing of or loss of its traditions and founding values), I view as “resignation.” This maturity my friend is admiring is really the loss of self-respect by such a culture. According to my friend, this process is natural. As we age, we come to accept things as they are, and to not to get upset about that which is minor. I suppose socially unhealthy rates of out-of-marriage births, economic miasma arising from oppressive governmental policies, and the cultural subversion by Islamists of European societies as the result of unfettered immigration are ‘minor’ things.

Of course, it is natural not to want to fight the fight any more as you get older. That’s because old people do not have the strength, drive, and energy that young people have to be able to do so. Interestingly, our Congress is populated by octogenarians. You would think that at some point, they would know when to step down and let the next generation resume the battle. But, since their battles are merely verbal ones, and, their weapons are not much more than lies, deception, and pork barrel payoffs, I suppose it isn’t surprising they go against my contention. After all, what better fountain of youth is there than power?

Now, my friend and I didn’t get very far in our discussion, as I recognized that every time I raised a question about morality, he would counter by asking, “Ah, but according to whose morality?” Each time he’d do so, it would confuse me. As Christians, I would have thought that he and I would automatically view morality as derived from God’s Word, the Holy Bible. But, instead, he often discounted the Bible (and religion as a whole) as the filtered control mechanism of governments past and present.

I would not refute his implication that the Bible was the result of convocations that have edited the “Inspired Word of God” (and, three hundred years after the time of Jesus, at that). Or, that Christianity is the amalgam of Jesus’ teachings with the rituals and practices of many pagan cults, along with successive infusions into the dogma by Roman emperors and by priests of the Catholic Church. With such a revised tome of truth and wisdom, it is easy to question its accuracy and relevance.

But, relevant it is, for Truth is immutable. It does not change over the ages, nor is it completely erased as the result of revision or whitewashing. Just like our Constitution. I argued that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and that The Constitution still contains the governing wisdom we need to serve as a relevant instrument for running this country. To this, my friend said Puritanism has lead to many a cultural foible, and that The Constitution is really not that important. Instead, he said, it is The Declaration of Independence that is more culturally important.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that beyond realizing my friend is a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal who reinterprets the Bible just as he reinterprets our founding documents. The fact is that the Declaration and the Constitution serve two completely different purposes. And it is apparent that a large segment of our population does not understand this. They also are uneducated about just how integral God was to the people who forged both documents.

As our conversation wound down, I expressed my concern about militant atheism, which has teamed up with liberalism to subvert this country. As I wrote in my previous commentary, atheists these days seek not only the removal of religion from the public square, but the destruction of God Himself. They have great disdain for Faith. Ironically, these same people become devotees of causes and movements with the same religious fervor of a Jesuit priest. Such arrogance.

Which brings me to the point of this commentary. I realized that even the most talented, most powerful, and most intellectual among us can be blinded to Truth because of Arrogance. Why do Hollywood stars flock to a made-up religion that charges them to be audited? Why do politicians invariably become corrupted and break their vows to serve their constituents? Why do university students so easily become seduced by romanticized representations of a murderous Cuban henchman and by the failed policies of Communism?


Once a person starts to reject God- the fountainhead of truth- and starts to believe he knows all there is to know, that person becomes blinded to Truth’s presence in this world. Such a person will begin to believe that he is smarter, better, and wiser than everyone else. And, soon, he will begin to crave power; the power to reshape the world, to make it a “better place.” Consequently, this champion of progress will seek to control what others think or do, so that there is no war, or hate, or injustice.  Only a Socialist Paradise on Earth- with him on top of everyone else, of course, to make sure they are all equal. Even if it’s all equally poor and miserable.

Arrogance. There is none so blind as He who will not see.

Redefining Right and Wrong In Order to Redefine America

There is right and there is wrong, and no matter how much Liberals want to deny this reality, it is true. A concerted effort by the Left to redefine right and wrong has been the primary source of discord within our nation since the Sixties. Over the past forty years, God has been removed from American Life. This is not because Americans are becoming “progressive,” but rather it is because the Left has actively attacked Christianity and traditional American values. But why?

The answer is simple. Liberals don’t like the idea of right and wrong because moral judgments put a crimp on their immoral world view, their socially-damaging hedonistic lifestyles, and their Socialist aspirations.

Many militant atheists on the Internet and on television love to claim that though they scoff at the idea of a God, they are still moral people. They define morality as an innate human understanding of what is universally right and what is universally wrong. To them, belief in a higher power is social weak-mindedness; religion, they argue, is an antiquated construct designed to control and oppress the populace. There is no need for God in modern world, they say. We are enough. We are the arbiters of universal truth.

If the Left’s view of the human condition were true, and mankind was instinctively good, then why do children need to be socialized to think more about their family unit and the greater society than just about their own selfish, narcissistic needs and desires? Surely, children instinctively know right from wrong, correct? But, if mankind intuitively knew universal right from wrong, why are there such disparate differences between human cultures and their values? Why is Life valued so much in the West and not as much (if at all) in the East?

And, if the atheist and the Liberal view of humanity were true, why does mankind even have the capacity for faith? Why did religion even develop? Why didn’t humanity, long ago, emerge from caves with pointy ears and suppressed emotions, speaking of logic and “the burning time?”

The Left uses Cultural Equivalency to dismiss the importance of God in society, and, especially, to denigrate Judeo-Christian American values. By falsely claiming the Founding Fathers did not base this nation’s Constitution on Judeo-Christian principles, the Left is hoping to remove the religious underpinning of our nation. The Separation of Church and State myth is a lie used by the Left (and propagated by their accomplices in the Media) to expedite this end.

America the Beautiful God Bless America. In God We Trust. All these ideas must be abolished by the Left if they are to turn America from a capitalistic representative democracy to a secular Socialist State. Therefore, the idea of American Exceptionalism, which is such a disdainful concept to liberals, must be diminshed and ridiculed.

Liberals do this daily by pointing to other cultures as truly superior to ours because those cultures espouse “progressive” views like strictly secular government (replacing belief in God’s commandments with belief in the almighty State’s laws), respect for others’ values (multiculturalism), and acceptance of multisexual normalcy (or, rejection of the traditional family unit).

The Left has successfully used sex as a political weapon to further their Socialist goals. In California, Senate Bill 777 makes it against the law for educators to use any curricula that contains language that could potentially offend students whose parental lifestyles differ from traditional family lifestyles. Presumably, this makes the phrase “mom and dad” subject to hate crime laws. In this bill, even the question of gender (which never never used to be a question) has been politicized and legislated.

Members of the Transgendered microminority are demanding separate bathrooms at schools so they can feel “comfortable and safe.” They also demand that they be allowed to use any bathroom they wish, because, inside they may be a man or a woman, despite what plumbing they were born with. Never mind that by allowing them to do so, educators might make the majority of other students feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

There are three genders in nature: male, female, and hermaphrodite. In the human species there are supposed to be only two: male and female. However, because there are rare instances when a human is born with an extra set of genitalia, the Left declares there is no such thing as gender. Taking the exception to the rule, Liberals have redefined human sexuality in order to make normal that which is not. And, that which is normal is decried by acronymed activists as “heteronormative.” As if being normal were a shameful, oppressive state of being in this brave new world of theirs.

The mantra of the Left is “If it feels good, it’s good for you.” But, is doing what feels good for the individual always good for society? More often than not, no. In fact, doing what feels good has gotten a lot of individuals in trouble because their actions have a direct and negative impact on those around them. As well it should! New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (Dem) revealed yesterday that he has paid for the services of a prostitution ring. Apparently, for six years. Today, the apologists in the Mainstream Media are gnashing their teeth and blaming American values for this “tragedy.” And, not because the governor’s actions have harmed his wife, daughters, family, and constituents, but because once again America’s Puritanical expectations of ethical behavior on the part of its citizens are damaging the career of a “brilliant man.”

Actually, he is just another a hypocritical politician.  He has run on an anti-corruption platform for years, and now he has admitted to committing egregious acts that run counter to his public proclamations of ethical standards. Yet, Spitzer is not the only hypocrite in Congress. There are politicians on both sides of the aisle who have committed adultery and/or broken the laws they have sworn to uphold. It is truly sad and telling, however, how the liberals in the Mainstream Media are making sickeningly obvious attempts to excuse Spitzer by parading one liberal commentator after an other to tell us how adultery is such a silly reason for forcing him from office. After all, if a French or British, or German politician has an affair, it is a “private issue that wouldn’t even make the eighteenth page of the newspaper. We Americans are the laughingstock of the world. We’re soooo prudish.”

Oh, really? The French weren’t having conniptions over the public and presumably sexual relationship between he and the young model who is now his second wife? And, politician’s indiscretions aren’t really only private. They do affect his/her public actions. Blackmail, for instance, could be used to force an indiscreet politician into pushing through legislation that is counter to the nation’s security or values.

Ironically, the MSM’s modis operandi when covering such revelations of indiscretion on the part of  a Republican politician, is to crucify him for being caught with his pants down (the dirty bastard!). Apologies are demanded, his office must be vacated immediately, and every spokeshole on the alphabet stations make it perfectly clear that those on the Right are clearly devoid of any ethical standards. Meanwhile, the Media turns a blind eye to Democrat evils, and cheerfully report about the latest anti-American attack or protest (all while ignoring pro-American stories and squelching any mention of positive news in Iraq). Nope, no bias there…

So, how has America come to this sorry state of being? Plainly, it is because the Left is using social engineering legislation, biased reportage in our Media, and liberal indoctrination in our schools to erode traditional values. The overwhelming majority of individuals in the Media are self-identified liberals. For anyone not sure what a “liberal” is, it is an anti-Traditional American values member of the far left wing of the Democrat Party who believes in uneducated actor-activist tirades, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, global warming, and Socialism-Communism. Their agenda, therefore, is to eliminate God from the public square and to make citizens dependent on the State. To successfully do so, they must redefine right and wrong.

If what is traditionally right is now viewed as wrong, and what is historically and naturally normal is now abnormal or oppressive, then citizens start to doubt all of their cultural assumptions. Political Correctness is the primary tool for the cultural subversives enacting this confusion. When one is not sure of the validity of one’s positions, that person remains silent. The more Americans who remain silent, the easier it is for the unAmericans among us to continue to wreak havoc on our culture. We must not remain silent any longer. Too much depends on our voices being heard. At the very least, we are rapidly at risk of losing our freedom of self-determination as a people and as individuals.

So, I say, speak up when you know the truth is being redefined as part of the Leftist Agenda! Do. not. be. afraid. any. longer! Express your opinion. It is your RIGHT. Unlike abortion, and licenses for illegal aliens (ahem, Gov. Spitzer!), and municipally-funded parades for gays, your freedom of speech is an actual right enumerated in our Constitution. Do not let anyone take that right away from you. Do not be shouted down. Do not be confused by the subversives and their lies. For God’s sake, educate yourself about our true history and about our Constitution! Yes, for God’s sake.

Because if we abandon God, He will surely abandon us. And rightly so. Do not let the Left redefine right and wrong. And, do not let them tell you there is no right from wrong, as the liberals in England have successfully done to their citizens.

Truth is immutable. And the truth is, what’s right is right, and what’s wrong should always be decried by Society and vigorously punished; even if it puts a crimp in the Godless hedonists’ lifestyles.

Going Postal Liberal-Style

Apparently, some unAmerican piece of garbage complained about a six year-old display of U.S. soldiers who have/are serving abroad. This photo display has been up in U.S. post office in Paso Robles, California since 2001. Given the post office’s proximity to Santa Barbara, it shouldn’t be surprising some liberal moonbat called the display “pro-war,” and a “Wall of Shame.”

What is surprising is how absolutely hateful and pathetic that moonbat is to go through the trouble of complaining about these fine soldiers. And, it is equally spineless and pathetic that the spokesman for the U.S. Post Office, Richard Maher, said, “regulations specify that only official postal announcements and other government notices can be put up on the walls. We just cannot put those photos back up, they should not have been up there to begin with.”

This leads me to believe the complainer has some understanding of law and used it to point out “the policy.”

Hmmm… seems the unAmerican moonbat in question might be another narcissistic lawyer. I wonder if s/he is an atheist, as well.  Mix it all together, and what do you get? Can anyone say, “ACLU?”

One thing is certain: the PoG just loves hating the Military and our Country.  Here’s an idea: Let’s put him/her against the post office wall and shoot the PoG for treason!

If It’s Good Enough For God…

I want my taxes cut. Politicians can propose and enact all of the social programs they wish, but first, I want my taxes cut. Permanently.

I want more of the money that I earn to be under my control. Not under the control of the government; and especially, not under the control of Socialists like Hillary Clinton. I work for my money. I earn it. It’s mine. I don’t presume to claim ownership over her money, so I don’t understand why she seems to think she has a right to take control of mine.

Actually, my view is that any money I earn is really “God’s money.” I’m just stewarding it for Him. The Lord blessed me with certain gifts with which I have been able to earn a nice living. I am trying to use my gifts even more so I can have a great living.

So far, I’ve been a fair-to-middling steward. But I am trying to do a better job. Isn’t our Government essentially stewarding our tax monies? Shouldn’t we expect it to do a better job utilizing our monies in a more effective manner? I sure do! But, as we have seen from over seventy years of social engineering through government spending, it hasn’t. Or can’t. Or won’t.

There are some who think it is just to take money from wealthier citizens and to give the appropriated amounts to poorer citizens. That is about as unAmerican a concept as I can imagine. What is just about taking the money earned by one group and giving it to another group that hasn’t earned it? Not only is it not just, it perpetuates class warfare and instills a sense of victimhood in poor citizens who buy into that philosophy. As a person who experienced poverty from childhood up into his late twenties, I find this Robin Hoodlum philosophy demeaning and insulting. 

From the time I was five, I worked. I LOVED to work. It meant I could earn money and buy things my parents couldn’t afford to buy for me or my brothers; things like decent food, clothing and toys. And, candy! I weeded gardens, washed cars, delivered newspapers, and sold lemonade. As a teenager and young man, I worked as a bus boy, fast food employee, waiter, laborer, video store clerk, camp counselor, and so on. All of which paid very little. But it paid. And, I knew that if I worked hard enough, I could make more money. No matter how poor we were, I usually felt hopeful that the future would be better.  

However, there were times when I was very young, because of my father’s alcoholism and/or flakiness, we had to wait in long lines to collect welfare. Usually, it was after we had been evicted from yet another rental. Those were humiliating times for me. Hours spent in large, impersonal (and smelly) government rooms; lines of morose people looking down at the floor in despair or resignation. I always worried that my father would give up, too, and accept defeat. That welfare would become our way of life. Sometimes I thought I would give up, as well.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Though my parents eventually divorced, my desire to do better for myself grew stronger. I’ll take adversity over hand outs any day.

My current views on money, poverty, and fairness were shaped by my life experiences. And, it is my faith that guides me toward the wisdom of understanding that enslaving another in a cycle of poverty is not compassion.

Until such time as every wealthy member of the Democrat Party gives away all of their money to the wretched and oppressed, I am not interested in their thoughts about what I do with my money.

So, no more taxation by misrepresentation of compassion. The Constitution specifically says, “to promote the general welfare,” not “to create a welfare state.” The only level of taxation I find acceptable is: 10% to the Federal government and 10% to the State government. No more. If 10% is good enough for God, 20% total sure as heck should be good enough for the government.

Moveon.borg: Resistance Isn’t Futile

The Left looooves to call those on the Right, “Nazis.” Anytime it sees or hears something it disagrees with, the Left gets apoplectic and indignant, and starts calling people names. Who are the real Nazis, though?

The Crush Rush Democrats are really looking foolish in their current campaign to reinstitute the misnamed, Fairness Doctrine. If ever a group behaved in a fascist manner, it is the the far Left radicals who populate the Congressional Democrat Party, as well as the nutroots smear groups like and Media Matters for America. These are the 21st Century Fascists. Which is surprising to them because they claim that only they stand for freedom of speech and civil liberties. Their actions prove a different reality.

It is surreal how Senators Reid and Pelosi, with straight faces, project onto others what they themselves are guilty of. Talk radio host Michael Savage is not wrong when he declares Liberalism is a mental disorder. There is no other explanation for the unmitigated gall the Left has for continually lying and distorting. All, while lying and distorting.

These moonbats must really think. we’re. stupid!

The Right is every bit as fallible as the Left. No doubt about it. But, dear God, just how far do the liberals think they can take things before karma finally walks up and bitchslaps them into unconsciousness? Enough is enough. We must publically challenge everything these fascists claim. 99% of the time, it’s an outright lie. The other 1% of the time, it is merely a distortion. In short, nothing liberals say can be taken at face value.

The only hope for the Republican Party is if its leaders start to exhibit character and vociferously promote REAL American Values.  The Left has none. At least no values regular Americans care to hold. The “San Francisco values” exported by Madame Speaker Pelosi most certainly are not worth promoting; though she and the Pink Mafias are trying their damnedest to force us to swallow them.

Well, Pelosi can stick her San Francisco values where the sun don’t shine. The Sixties are long past done, and the sorry remnants of that time should be relegated to the scrap books of history (along with the water bongs the liberals must still be sucking on). For forty years, the Left has dictated the terms of discourse in our country. And, our culture has been cheapened for it.

Free sex, free drugs, free health care! Anything… Anything but true free speech. Because the second we utter a politically-incorrect opinion… It’s off to the clink for some trumped up “Hate Crime” charge. We don’t need or want such forces of fascism and cultural perversion in our country.

We must resist.

I don’t like to be lied to. And, I like being told what I can say, think, or ‘feel’ even less. It’s time to resist the fascists. Some of the most fascist of all not only wear pink, but rainbow colors, as well. There isn’t an aspect of society that isn’t being dictated to by the Gay activist community. When someone does something they don’t like, they, too, call names and besmirch their perceived enemies. Most of the time, their antics go beyond rational discourse. And, when that happens, regular people get freaked out and scurry away from the nutroots.

The reason is because you cannot rationally debate an irrational group. Feelings, not logic, are their only means of expressing themselves. And, since feelings are personal and subjective, whatever they think or say MUST be true, right? When faced with facts and logical arguments, what does a liberal do? S/he looks around for the nearest digital video camera and starts screaming, “Don’t tase me, bro!”

What Makes an American an “American?”

Consequential times are upon us. Our culture is under assault from without and from within. Given the global anti-American environment we find ourselves in, perhaps it is time to redefine ourselves. Not in others’ terms, but on our own. The vital question we should all be asking ourselves is, “What makes an American an American?”

Is it being a person who shamelessly accepts entitlement bribes from politicians who are only trying to buy themselves into office?

Is it being a person who expects cradle-to-grave security in exchange for self-determination and financial freedom?

Is it being a person who is willing to be less than his or her full potential?

I sure as hell hope not. Americans are made of sterner stuff.

Yes, Life is hard. And it should be. The human condition is defined by challenges met, endured, and overcome. Failure is our greatest teacher. It isn’t something we should deny ourselves, or our children. And, while we may occasionally experience despair because of continual failure; there is, burning within us, a tenacious spirit.

It is a spirit whose flame should be stoked so that it rages within our national bosom. With this spirit ablaze, we will continue to face potential failures, and to accept them as integral parts of life. Life isn’t made easier by sugarcoating words; not when it is the unvarnished Truth that is needed. Nor is Hopelessness salved by accepting that which we have not earned. Take away competition, and you take away what it means to be an American.

Sadly, the term “rugged individualism” is quickly being supplanted in our national lexicon by “institutionalized victimhood.” This must not continue. Anyone willing to trade their freedom for false security is not thinking like an “American.”

Americans are self-reliant, not dependent. Americans are industrious, not lazy. Americans are determined, not weak. Any other definition is unacceptable. Especially when it is foisted upon us by fellow countrymen.

Cackling Commies and Socialist Scum

I remember a time, not too long ago, when the idea of Socialism in American politics would have been unthinkable. At least, unthinkable to patriotic Americans. Now, the face of Socialism is laughing (or rather, cackling) at us from New York State as she runs for President of the United States of America.

To say that I am distressed by the flagrant promotion of Socialist ideas by this woman, and by her brethren in the Congressional Democrat Party, is an understatement. I am absolutely appalled. What the hell has happened to politics in this country? Daily, we are assailed by fresh insults to our national character. And, these attacks are not just from the Left.

Weak-willed Republicans pander to “the Center,” but really are just trying to assuage ultra-Liberal operatives. RINOs like these are every bit as deceitful and ruinous as Code Pinko, Moveon.borg, and George “I’m Going to Reshape America” Soros. Who are these damned people to try to change our values and traditions?

They are traitors.

Traitors to American values like self-reliance, self-determination, and love of God. Make no mistake about it: Americans are a faithful and true people. We believe our country stands for sterling principles. Truth, justice, and the American Way is not an “outmoded slogan.” It is a statement; one that encapsulates a very worthy code of ethics, and which helps to define our very way of life.

Yet, the Far Left despises that way of life. Since the Sixties, they have worked in earnest, secretly at first, now unabashedly, to undermine our culture. How self-loathing does one have to be to work against one’s own people? I have pondered this imponderable since 2004, when Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, et al, made it clear they hated our Military and our Country. They undermined our war effort, undermined our Military, and subverted our President. They are traitors. Traitors who bend the truth and change the rules without shame.

Those on the Left have been changing the rules since 2000, when the Democrats started their unrelenting push for power at any cost. When things don’t go their way in Congress, they change procedural rules. When things don’t go their way in elections, they change electorial traditions. When reality doesn’t reflect their skewed view of life, they lie. And lie. And lie. And lie. They besmirch, denigrate, and LIE.

How long will those of us who still believe in the greatness of our country allow these lies to go unchallenged? I’m not talking to the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, and Michael Savages of America; you folks have been every bit as patriotic and vocal as we need you to be. No, I’m talking about the other yous: you regular, all-American Joes, like me. When will we finally get off of our collective, silent asses and scream, “Hell no! I will NOT let America go under. I will NOT let liars tell me my country is not exceptional. I will NOT be silent any longer!”

This is our challenge; to be willing to fight this war. It is a cultural war whose outcome will determine the fate of our dear country. It is the greatest war we have fought to date. And, it rages in the hearts and minds of every Patriotic American. I hope you decide to enlist.

As you fight this war, stand fast against the gales of cackling laughter. Be resolute against the soul-sapping Socialist values that are eroding our national character. Be brave! After all, America is still the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Remember?