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California Liberty March Journal – Day Four

On Day Four of the march, I walked from Old Town Temecula across the freeway to Temecula proper, back across the freeway to Murrietta, into Wildomar, and finally, Lake Elsinore.

O and Brad A. met me at the starting point by an Arco station, under a huge American Flag atop a giant flag pole. Once we got organized and stretched out a bit, we started northbound on Old Town Front Street.

The men and I were greeted by JR, a patriot from Orange County. He was standing by his truck, holding water bottles. JR then drove ahead to meet up further down the route.

Someone on the other side of the road drove north in a pickup drove and stuck his arm out of the driver’s side window to give us the thumbs-down signal. He did this twice, to make sure we saw. I was the only one who noticed.

As we entered Old Town, residents and tourists had already started filling the area. There are restored buildings, as well as new development; all in the old town motif. It is a very cool place to shop and eat. One place, Texas Lil’s, has very pretty waitresses with country-style clothes that accentuate their assets. It is my father-in-law’s favorite place to eat in Old Town.

We got a few honks and thumbs-up from people, especially from motorcycle riders. There are a lot of riders that hang out there.

After a continuing discussion about the health benefits of staring at breasts, we had left Old Town and walked east, over the freeway,  into Temecula proper. The route went past the Duck Pond, almost to where my in-laws live, then north to Winchester Road, where there are a lot of large shopping centers.

We were tired and hungry by then, so we stopped at a Carl’s Jr. After twenty minutes, we ventured on, back over the freeway, into Murrietta.

For the most part, we passed long stretches of business parks, empty tracts of land, undeveloped lots, and rural areas. This type of zone is what I call the “Paying Dues and Wracking Up the Mileage” zone. When I walk through such areas, I am not being seen by as many people, but it is the only way to reach the areas I want to go to on foot later in the routes.

Once again, JR met us along the way and gave us water. I received a cell call from Mike D. with the CA Sons of Liberty motorcycle club.  He and a friend were riding down to meet us for lunch. They had left three hours earlier, and had just gotten into Murrietta. Mike told me they were going to get food, and would then ride down to find us.

O, Brad and I continued talking about bewbage, then about hunting, shooting, politics, and how hot it was. Mike and his friend rode down the road and greeted us. After introductions, we continued on.

When we finally reached Murrietta Town Center Park, it was 3 pm. We all went to Bob’s Pizza for lunch. Mike and his pal paid for food, which was very generous of them. The pizza was very very good! It’s in a strip mall just to the north of the park. It has PowerAde, which I drank, to replenish my electrolytes.

During lunch, Mike’s friend, Darrell (whom I will call, The Wise One) gave me very encouraging words. He helped me realize that what I am doing is SOMETHING; even if I don’t know what it may or may not result in. He rode down, he said, because he regrets not doing things in his past, and that he now worries for his grand-daughter’s future.

By helping me out, he felt he was contributing to the fight against the theft of our civil rights. Darrell is but one man, like me, but collectively, we can make a difference.

I expressed my frustration at not receiving a single reply from any of the Conservative media folks I spent two months trying to contact. I said I should march through San Francisco wearing just a tee-shirt, chaps, and shoes. I said that that’s one place I could wear “ass-less chaps” and not get arrested. “You’ll lead a parade then, he joked.” The Wise One offered to “cover the rear,” and defend me from any “boys” who followed along.

Once we finished lunch, we said our good byes. Brad had gone home with his wife Mary, who, once again, had been waiting and waiting on us to reach the march mid-way point. JR and the Sons of Liberty also left.

O and I then set off toward Lake Elsinore, refreshed and cheered by the company. It was after a bit of walking, on the edge of Wildomar, where an SUV full of people honked and stopped. Out piled the Jonson Family, Holly and Mark and their kids: Derek, Sierra, Ashley, Aaron, and family friend, Francesca. “We’re here to march with you,” they announced.

They held out water bottles, and I was so glad.

For the next five miles, the kids took turns carrying our flags. We chatted as we walked, and waved to people who honked at us. It was exactly what I envisioned when I came up with the idea for the Liberty March: small to large groups of citizens, banding together with flags, marching in public in the name of the Constitution and our civil rights.

As the sun started to set, the Johnsons took their leave, and O and I thanked them for walking so far with us. They are a great, patriotic family! I will be posting their family business link the next time I blog.

O and I trudged on. By the time night had fallen, our feet and shoulders ached.  We passed through Wildomar and into Lake Elsinore area.

Many dogs barked at us from every homestead along the rural community road. A lot of dogs! We passed a cluster of old houses where a Mariachi band was playing. Past that, a bear of a man named John called out to us from the far side of the road.

John asked why we were carrying the flags, so I explained. He asked how I reconciled what I was doing with Scripture and my faith. I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I asked for clarification.

John mentioned End of Times and Revelations, etc. and how, despite our efforts, what will happen, will happen. I told John that as an American and a Christian, I am not going to give up on America. I will continue to try no matter what. Because that is what we must do.

I don’t know if this is, as others have been telling me as I march, God’s Plan for me. I certainly have been praying, and asking God for guidance. I ask Him to join me as I walk, and to let me know, if possible, that I am doing His will.

But, since God doesn’t speak to me directly, I am taking it on faith that what I am doing is what he wants me to do. So, I am going for it, without hesitation.

Interestingly, John quoted Jesus, who said something about not seeing and still believing (in Him and God).

Toward the very end of the march, as we were just a mile away from the end point, O noticed a foreign-looking man in his thirties circle around from across the street, and then up behind us. As O undid his flag pole to use as a club, I was taken by surprise when the man asked what we were doing.

I handed him my card and gave him the ten second presentation. He had what sounded to be a Middle Eastern accent, possibly Israeli.

Off the stranger went to a Stater Bros nearby. O and I walked just a bit more, to reach an Arco station where his wife was waiting to pick us up.

Overall, this was one of the best marches I’ve had so far.


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