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CA Liberty March & Arts Festival Update #1

On April 15, 2013, I will begin a 700+ mile walk from San Diego to Sacramento. This is a march to stand up for my civil rights and to demand transparency and accountability from our elected and appointed officials. Click HERE to read more information about the march.

The following are things that I need to raise money for, for the march: a recreational vehicle; walking shoes and clothes; travel gear; maps and GPS units; food and gasoline.


I have not received a call or e-mail from anyone about being able to use their RV for use on the march, so I visited a local Cruise America rental lot to inquire about the cost of renting one. Given the distance and duration of the trip, and the size of the team I anticipate bringing, the cost for utilizing this mode of transportation will be $6970.82.

This breaks down as:

  • $5217 to rent the RV for 47 nights @ $111 per night
  • $510 for mileage ($0.34 per mile)
  • $443.82 for tax
  • $800 for Gas (projected gallons to be used: 150 gallons at $5/gallon (based on possible gas price increases)
  • $6970.82 total cost for RV rental, mileage, taxes and gasoline.

A $500 deposit is needed for the duration of the rental.


I’m going to need help getting three pairs of shoes for the march, as well as clothes that will withstand the stress and friction of the journey.

The cost for three pairs of shoes that will last over the course of my training and then the march itself will be $365.00.

The cost for the travel clothes, including a rain slicker and rubber boots, will be approximately $1000.00.


Street maps to use for planning out the march routes cost $130.00.

One-set of Garmin Rhino 120 GPS 2-Way Radios will cost $350.00.


There will be three people in the march team. Figuring $30 per person per day for 47 days, we will need $4230.00.

Gasoline for the trip, approximately 150 gallons @ $5/gal will cost $750.00.

The GRAND TOTAL COST for march expenses is $13,795.82




One thought on “CA Liberty March & Arts Festival Update #1

  1. Some of the demands for CA should be: repeal SB48, repeal AB32, End sanctuary cities, stop funding Illegals, Close the borders, Stop taxing us into oblivion, and Stop turning our state into a desert. Drill and refine..for energy independence.

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