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With Obama’s Reelection, America is on Her Knees

Take heart, Patriots. The times are bleak and the populace weak, but we must continue fighting.

The banner lies there on the battlefield before you. Do you gird yourself and pick it up or will you stay down and resign yourself and your posterity to the false inevitability of Freedom’s demise?

Feel the pain and anguish of a battle lost. For you are human. But then, stand up and raise your eyes to God. For He is watching.

The times are testing our faith and our resolve. Will we be the men and women who the times require; those who will pick up the fallen banner of truth, and wave it?

In the future, will our descendents look back at this moment in history and take pride in knowing we did what had to be done to stem the tide of evil? Will we do what we are called to do? Or will we fail them and our selves because we are discouraged that too many of our countrymen have succumbed to the evils of covetousness, idolatry, and fear?

As long as the spirit of our Founders burns within us, we will be up to the challenge. Fight on! In your words and in your hearts. Do not stop because the war will never end. Accept nothing less than freedom from governmental oppression and from the enslavement of your fellows. Live free or die fighting.

No crying. No whining. We fight. Today, tomorrow, and every damned day until we win. And we will win. Because that is what Americans do!

Never stop believing in the Constitution, and in the truth that our rights come from God and Nature.


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