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Stand Fast and Don’t Be Swayed

Imagination’s amber light
Casts shadows leaping through the night
Which guide us past the things we dread
As sandaled we down Life’s road tread.

And if, as we journey,
The oil begins to dry
And if, we are blinded
And Hope begins to die
If, Dear Companion, we fail at all we try
Stand fast, and don’t be swayed.

For in our souls there burns a spark
That lifts us from the abyss dark
There’s not a Hell we can’t endure
When in us wells an oil so pure
Whose flame outshines all eldritch fires
And lights the road toward Heaven’s spires.

Stand fast! And don’t be swayed.

I wrote this poem twenty-five years ago. I want to dedicate it to my fellow patriotic Americans who are as dismayed as I am by the intentional destruction of our nation by the Left.

The time has come, once again, Patriots, to act. To make our voices known and to become visible to the public. God has called on us to fight for our posterity’s freedom. In the face of lies, ridicule, and hatred, if falls to us. If not us, then who?

Just know you aren’t alone.


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