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Reflections on the the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th’s Aftermath

‎In the days immediately following Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were attacked yet again. This was done by CAIR and other Muslim extremists groups who sought to maximize the damage their ideological fellow travelers inflicted on us.

The Muslim organizations that engaged in this assault did so under the pretense of wanting to stem anti-Muslim sentiment, and, to build bridges between our cultures. They accomplished this by getting their allies and surrogates in the MSM to push the narrative that Americans should exercise restraint and not willy-nilly attack Muslims in our country; as if it were a given that Americans were vicious bigots who were unable to control their baser instincts for revenge. THAT was a prolonged attack on our national psyche.

“Don’t be angry,” we were instructed by liberals in universities and in the media. Democrat Nancy Pelosi and other Progressive liberals also admonished Americans to not act rashly.

Why the hell not!? Why were we not allowed by the know-it-alls to actually FEEL anything and GRIEVE?? After all, we were just viciously attacked!

THIS is one of many things I will remember about the aftermath of Sept 11th.

Since this horrible day, I have been involved in political blogging and study. I went from being a complacent, disinterested American, to a very, very patriotic American.

I have been trying to understand the viewpoint of those on the Left, and, after ten years, I am no closer to understanding how any American can be so disdainful of their own country as 20% of ours seems to be.

Isn’t it remarkable that not SIX years after the worst attack on American soil, out of collective guilt for things they hadn’t done, groups of American liberals and politically-ignorant “Moderates” subsequently elected a man with no history or experience to run our country. Into the ground. This was, presumably, to set things right. To PROVE Americans weren’t bigots and racists. To prove that we were above the barbarism of extremists.

So, who did this assemblage of guilt-ridden, misguided Americans elect? A mysterious messiah with a Muslim name; a man who, as it has turned out, apparently hates his own country, and who also believes it is to blame. Instead of promoting American values and strength, he denigrates our traditions and culture, while promoting Islam at every turn.

How astounding this is. This never would’ve happened, were Americans not assaulted for years after Sept. 11th as being “deserving of being attacked.”

Now, our nation is on the precipice of economic ruin. Our psyche is weakened by continual apology tours, gratuitous vacations, and divisive speeches that set one group of Americans against another. Our Leader is continuing the devastation wrought by the Sept. 11th attacks. And, this must end.

In thirteen months, I pray this man will have been ignominiously removed from office. I pray every single anti-American operative he has installed into the government bureaucracy is also removed.

It has been ten years of despair. We need to stand up to the political machinery and Progressive Fifth Column, and retake America from the Communists. And, the Politicians.

And, we must actively fight any attempts at Islamization here in America. Otherwise, the terrorists will have finally won.


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