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The Public Employee Unions Debate Explained in a Nutshell

All last year, when the Democrats had majorities in both the House and the Senate, they did everything they could to avoid passing a budget.

They knew the national debt issues were going to bite them on the ass. They knew they’d have to do something about Social Security and MediCare, and other socialist entitlement programs that are broke and unsustainable.

It wasn’t until after they lost a huge number of elections in November that they finally decided to vote on the budget. They tried pulling a fast one during the lame duck session, by pushing as much of the far-left agenda as they could into the budget process, but even some Democrats finally said, No.

So, the Democrats punted the budget issue off onto the Republicans.

Now that the Republicans are making necessary cuts to the budget, in order to work toward a balanced budget, the Dems are screaming bloody murder. They increased the budget year after year, despite the fact that we have no money, and now claim the Republicans want to “cut” things.

They are making ridiculous assertions to the media in order to sway public opinion on the issue, because the Dems do not want the government to cut anything. The Democrats also punted in the hope that public opinion would go against the Republicans for doing what must be done.

Thus, we have come to the Democrats’ miscalculation regarding public employee unions.

When Obama keeps flushing tax payer dollars down the toilet to “create jobs,” what he’s doing is COSTING America even more money. Public sector jobs cost money to create and maintain, because the government takes American tax payer dollars to pay the salaries and benefits of public employees.

The public sector doesn’t produce anything. Thus, it doesn’t create wealth or generate revenue to ADD to the tax coffers. Instead, it drains the tax coffers, and, prevents money that might otherwise be in the private sector from being used to generate additional tax revenues.

Public sector union employees, on top of using tax monies to get paid, then pay a portion of those tax payer dollars to unions as “dues.” Guess where the majority of those dues monies go to? To re-elect Democrats who want the votes of public sector employees.

These union dues-elected Democrats then bash corporations as the bad guys in order to obfuscate the fact that the Dems in office secretly include pro-union policies and benefits into unrelated legislation. Over 97% of union dues spent on politics are used on Democrats. (Rather incestuous relationship, huh?) It has long been a cycle of enriching the unions and the Democrat Party, while screwing the tax payers.

Since he was elected, President Obama has blatantly rewarded his union campaign supporters with countless policies (the biggest of which is the Healthcare Law). There hasn’t been a bill proposed or passed in the last two years that hasn’t directly increased union power and benefits. In fact, unions have received exemptions from having to abide by Obamacare. The rest of us? No equal protection or application of the Law.

On top of the fact that public sector employee unions are adversarial against tax payers, they also have long promoted far-left ideology. This is bad for our culture for obvious reasons; not the least of which is the fact that self-avowed Communists make up the union leadership. The Constitution is a hindrance to their goals, and so, they financially-support many anti-American groups who actively work to subvert the Constitution. Obama HIMSELF has acted in an unconstitutional fashion on numerous occasions. His most current such act being when he declared that the DoJ will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, because in Obama’s personal opinion, that law is “unconstitutional.”

So now that the public is aware of the far-left’s money train, and wants that train stopped, the Left is propagandizing the issues and doing what it always does: continue to grow its power base by entrenching themselves into the bureaucracy, and by buying the votes of those who work for the government.

Enough of this already. Public employee unions seek advantages for the employees they represent that other Americans don’t have, or come close to enjoying. In the case of Wisconsin public employees, for example, some get benefits that are three times as good as their public sector counterparts! That is incredible. Public employee unions promote the idea that it is morally acceptable for the folks they represent to greedily seek to be better off than other Americans (at those other Americans’ expense!).

THIS is the reason public employee unions are under attack. America is BROKE! We cannot afford these outrageous pension obligations and benefits. Nor should we have to. Not only are these current levels of benefits unsustainable, they are morally indefensible.


One thought on “The Public Employee Unions Debate Explained in a Nutshell

  1. Have you noticed over the years when some government job opens on the local level the lines are long and filled with those wanting to get on the gravy train, The jobs are laid back and the benefits are golden for the one accepted for the position. In most cases however, the most qualified, the best man for the job is passed over due to political correctness and racial quotas to be met to assure racial balance.

    I often gone into the federal building in Little Rock and into the HUD office and was amazed to see all the empty desk of those “hard workers” on coffee breaks. And when you finally find someone to help they always act like they are doing you a favor rather than providing a service. I wouldn’t go into those places if I could avoid them, but being a small business owner dealing with Home Improvements I must get certain forms signed from time to time. What a bunch of idiots I must deal with/

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