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You Say You Want a Revolution?

Grease up the guillotines, and off with their heads!

Do you hear the people sing / Singing the song of angry men? / It is the music of a people who / Will not be slaves again. / When the beating of your heart / Echoes the beating of the drum / There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. – Lyrics, Les Miserables

There is a palpable fury raging through the body politic. From its furthest appendages, to its heart, blood is pumping like it hasn’t since the Civil War. It started with the insults from the Media, the Left, and then President Obama. It has since progressed daily, like a poison into the vein of public discourse.

For too long, our youth has viewed our history and national potential only through the prism of liberal propaganda. Imagine how disgusting our country looks when peered at through the filter of shit-smeared windows. What hope do we have for the survival of our nation if this continues? In 2008, our Youth elected a Muslim-oriented, anti-American Radical for President!

It has been a devastating two years since. However, the tide of public opinion has dramatically shifted. This past 2010 Mid-Term Election Day, the Tea Party Patriots were supported by the majority of Americans in repudiating the Liberal Agenda. Hope and change has been demanded, and may finally take place.

Yet, no sooner do We the People make clear our expectations than the Democrats and their Liberal cohorts begin the spin. They claim that the outcomes are not a referendum on Obama and his policies, but on “Business As Usual in Washington.” Even the Republican Leadership is talking, “Compromise.”

Sigh. Obviously, elections will not be enough to retake our country from the Corrupt, the Communists, and the Shadow Oligarchy. Even forming a viable Third Party may not be enough. It will still have to engage the Establishment Ruling Class on their turf.

Obviously, we will need to formulate a decisive plan and put that plan into action. This plan doesn’t involve storming the Capitol and dragging the corrupt bastards out by their heels and putting them through the guillotine, as I would so love to do. After all, what good is having the term Treason defined in our Constitution if those who subvert it don’t get their heads lopped off?

No. This plan doesn’t involve sharp vorpal blades, or rioting in the streets, or engaging in Weather Man-style terrorism. None of that.

Instead, we vote not only with our voices, but with our feet.

We decide on a specific state, and we move there. We move there by the millions. Conservatives from all over the country move to Texas, or to Alaska, or to Montana… Somewhere. We move there and we get elected to State Government. We make it a Conservative, Constitutional State. Then, we assert our state’s rights.

We proceed with participation in our Union as normal, doing what we can to eliminate corruption in the governmental process. We demand it as a condition of continued membership in the Union. If the system is too corrupt and unresponsive, we then secede from the Union.

The only way to free ourselves from the Entrenched Political Aristocracy that is intent on giving away our national sovereignty, and on keeping us their tax slaves, is to band together and say, “Hell No!”

Rather than violent overthrow of this corrupt government, we can coalesce into a sovereign State of our own. Perhaps, after we have gathered and consented to a State Government that truly runs on Constitutional Law, citizens in other States will decide to do likewise, and join us. Perhaps not. Perhaps a completely new government that is ratified by representatives from each of the states can be formed, and those Entrenched Bureaucrats in Washington can be left behind.

Whatever happens, our fate will be of our making.

The alternative is to continue down the path of One World Governance and the loss of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Are we willing to allow this?

Personally, I like Alaska. It has resources, is physically removed from the Lower 48, and has plenty of room. But, Texas will do. The people in that state may still have some of the “Remember the Alamo” spirit in their blood. I’m not from there, but I do.

Do you?


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