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What Freedoms Lost Under Obama? Oh! THOSE Freedoms…

Anti-American President Barack Hussein Obama today is signing into law the biggest assault against the Constitution and the American citizenry any of us have ever witnessed.

Despite overwhelming opposition from citizens to these atrocious health care reform bills, Congressional Democrats voted to pass them anyway. With gleeful self-congratulations, they advanced legislation to Obama’s desk that not only WON’T reform anything, but which will only make things worse. Typical of Progressive policy! It’s always about them and their pathological need to be historic.

Thankfully, millions of Americans refuse to accept this criminal action. Court challenges are being filed and groups are banding together to push for the repealing of this nonsense. A number of States have  even passed legislation intended to thwart the bill’s mandates requiring individuals to purchase health care insurance.

Of course, the Internet is being deluged by Obammunist operatives who are attempting to dishearten opponents. But, they are not having an effect, because average, patriotic Americans already know the strategy of the enemy within. Americans are fighting back and saying, “No.” The more names they are called, the more resolute they are about taking back their government from the lying, power-hungry Communists in office.

Typical posts by Obammunists include, “So, what freedoms have you lost under Obama!?” How sad that they do not instinctively understand. None are so blind as those who think licking Obama’s heels is the height of societal virtue.

These dim bulbs of progressive enlightenment simply do not grasp what being free really means. Nor do they want anyone else to understand it, either.

Being free means having the opportunity to work hard in order to earn the money and personal property necessary to reach one’s potential and goals. Additionally, unless one has the power to decide how he can use the fruits of his labors to realize his dreams, one cannot pursue his happiness, and thus, is not free.

ObamaCare will impose enormous taxation on all working Americans. The confiscation of even more of a person’s net revenue strips away that person’s freedoms. It is as simple as that. When one has less disposable income, one has less choices. When one has less choices, one is less free.

In the future, should you wish to take time to protest against government tyranny, you will be unable to do so. Why? Because you will not be able to afford to take the time off to do so. You won’t have the money needed to travel, or to buy signage materials, or to pay for lodging. You will be voiceless. The only mechanism you will have left will be reliance upon elected representatives who may or may not choose to represent you. As we see now, our government represents only those in power and their lackeys.

So, when some upstanding liberal beacon of civil liberty snidely asks you what freedoms you’ve lost under Obama, just look him squarely in the eye and say, “You wouldn’t understand. It’s an American thing.”


14 thoughts on “What Freedoms Lost Under Obama? Oh! THOSE Freedoms…

  1. People already are too consumed with work, life, and various stresses to properly protest anything. The spirit of the 60s is dead. Even those who protested Vietnam are too tired to protest now when things are many degrees worse. These worsening conditions are not to be blamed on only one party, but upon all politicians, most of them duplicitous and self-aggrandizing. But if we look at people as people and evaluate them that way then both Bush and Obama were/are good Presidents. I laugh at the phony Christians who think that anyone who claims Christianity and is a member of the Democratic party is unfaithful to God because after all the ideas of caring for the sick, providing help for the ailing, love for your fellowman, care for the earth, respect for all, and so forth were practiced by Jesus whose actions from a sociological and political standpoint were more consistent with the Democratic party than the Republican who are generally in favor of unabashed and unhindered Capitalism which is just as evil as Communism because both gain by harming another.

    • Looks like the outcomes of the Mid-Term Elections in 2010 refutes your contention that American people are too weary to be activists. The Tea Party Patriots and American Majority “teabagged” Obama and his Communist Hoarde.

      • Not so. Voter turnout was lower than expected. What’s more, the Tea Bag Party was not as influential as they thought they’d be. There were only two places where a candidate they supported was voted into office, and the margin was slimmer than anticipated. My point in my comment from June is that both parties (which includes the Tea Bag’s because the vast majority are closet Republicans) have both good and bad features. This notion of ‘us versus them’ is a ruse perpetuated by the elite who know that the people want to have a ’cause’ to rally behind. If the economy rebounds even slightly then Obama’s chances of re-election are pretty good. But people are fickle, and there is a great degree of discontent. The citizenry are looking for solutions, but those solutions will never come. Our society is too far gone to ever recover. Most economists agree that we are not even close to the climax of the economic crisis. There are too many problems to prevent catastrophe. The Tea Baggers merely represent that anarchistic element of our society which is gaining a louder voice. To overthrow the current regime is anarchistic, and if such sentiments continue to motivate the citizenry then it should be recognized as the bell tolling for this once great nation, and perhaps the world. The current social, economic, and now religious structure is tottering on the edge of an abyss. It’s a sad fact, and even a scary one, but it is reality. We are at an historic crossroad, and everyone can see it.

      • My god, you’re a pessimist! Obviously, I disagree with your analysis. If the Tea Party Patriot movement was not influential, the GOP wouldn’t have got as many seats in the House and Senate as it did. Polls these days mean something. And, in poll after poll, the majority of Americans explicitly reject liberal policy. Forty percent of Americans self-identify as Conservative. Twenty percent self-identify as liberal. The rest have no opinion either way or think of themselves as in the middle. Yet, those amorphous middlers side with right-of-center ideology most of the time.

        In this election, the majority sent a mandate to reject Obama. The Left will spin that, but the reality is that they were repudiated.

        By the way, the only “tea baggers” in this country are those who suck on men’s testicles. So, I will ask you to refrain from using that term again when commenting here. It is an insult.

        The irony of the Left continually using that term is that logic would then dictate that the Tea Party Patriots “teabagged” the liberals this election.

  2. I’ve always seen them called the “Tea Bag Party” so if it’s pornographic my apologies. Personally I consider myself “independent”, favoring some conservative ideas, some liberal ideas, and some libertarian ideas. What bothers me most are those who vote strictly along party lines without regard to truth or what is best for America. Of course, those who are strictly conservative will believe everything that Republicans do is best for America, and the same goes for liberals. But when people are not willing to look at the other side we have discord. For example, to say that Obama and his ilk are “communists” (or that their policies are “communism”) is just as ridiculous and unfair as saying that Bush and his ilk were “Neo-Nazis”, etc… because such things are/were false. These were only propaganda and buzzwords used to stir up people’s emotions and get them to vote one way or another. I would personally disagree that the results of the election were a mandate against Obama’s policies. People vote from their wallet; always have, always will0.. The fear of over zealous spending equally applied to the Bush administration who were the first conservatives to go against traditional conservative fiscal practices. Most people have no idea how bad things were after the crash of Sept 2008 and how close we were to the end of this nation. Bush started the ball rolling in the recovery and Obama passed it. Had McCain been in office he likely would have also passed it. Obama is right when saying that he failed to communicate to the people what was really going on. But to say that the “Tea Party” movement is indicative of American sentiment would not be entirely accurate. Only the political are political. People don’t reject Obama, they reject the out-of-control spending because they don’t understand the reason for it. As you may have read in a recent NEWSWEEK magazine article if the people really knew what was going on behind the scenes they would panic and it is for this reason that the various government agencies do not tell the whole story. It may sound pessimistic, but it’s the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but in order to avert disaster you have to be willing to recognize that a disaster is looming. I’m not an economist, but I do read what economists are stating. An overwhelming number say that we are in serious trouble. So, we need to face it and only then can we seek solutions. I don’t believe that there are solutions which will work because I believe that God’s word shows we are in the “last days” and that the discontented will contribute to the collapse of the social order. Solutions can only come from God because the heart of man is selfish. No political party can solve problems when each and all of them are consumed with selfish motives.

    • No member of the Tea Party movement has ever called themselves Tea Baggers. That is a liberal invention, perpetuated by the media, and sadly, used by the President.

      Obama is not right in claiming he failed to communicate anything. The man made over 59 speeches on Health Care alone! Come on. That is just insane. With the media pushing the same message and his political surrogates making the same claims, his message has been received. And rejected. Americans, contrary to what the elitists say, are not stupid. Some may be dumb. And some may be downright addle-minded drones. But, on the whole I have more respect for the average American than I do the arrogant Ivy Leaguer. And, I always will.

      The fact that you use Newsweek as a source of information should trouble you.

      • I’ve enjoyed discussing this with you. You are clearly an intelligent person and that always makes for interesting discourse. Re: the “Tea Baggers” if it is truly pornographic then the POTUS was naughty in using it. Can you give me a source on that? As for the Newsweek reference I was using it to make a point: there are things behind the scenes that the average person knows nothing about. You could find that pointed out in any journal of your choosing. This is part of the reason many Presidents change their policies once in office. They are finally let in on the big secret, so-to-speak, and given security briefings by both civilian intelligence and military. It’s terrible to have to say that this nation is in trouble, but it’s a fact. The system as it exists now is not only irreparable but it is also unsustainable. The capitalist system has many benefits, but as with pure communism it has selfishness behind it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s true that some selfishness is necessary when it comes to economic and social progress, but the fact of the matter is that capitalism is not superior to any other system, and has many faults and is rife with corruption. Communism shouldn’t be confused with Marxist dictatorships. Communism is a socio-economic construct that has been practiced for millennia. In fact according to the book of Acts the very first Christians were socialist. My point in mentioning all of this is that our system is collapsing because of the rampant selfishness of man. Conservatives cannot fix it any more than Liberals. (capital ‘C’ and ‘L’). Obama was elected because people were tired of the bumbling Bush administration just as Reagan was elected because people were tired of the bumbling Carter administration. As for elitism, that exists in every institution, but I wouldn’t call Obama an elitist Ivy Leaguer. As for the American’s are stupid thing I think there are many stupid Americans, and by stupid I mean misinformed and foolish. News used to be sacred, now it’s nothing but entertainment. On the day when nearly one million were protesting in France the most popular news story in America was that the Kardashian sisters were wearing the same dress in the same week. If you ask most Americans what is going on around the globe they wouldn’t be able to answer. There are many reasons for this, including lack of time, lack of interest, poor education, boredom, etc… The intelligent are the minority, although plenty of them are also foolish. I guess I’ll stop the post here for now to prevent further rambling …

      • Eric and Patriotic American,

        Your exchange is interesting and I believe a healthy dialogue that more people should have in our country. I don’t want to try to address all of what was exchanged but would like to share the following thoughts.

        I believe you both had some things right but neither had it all correct, which is based on my belief and opinion. My beliefs and opinion are also obviously not 100% correct!

        Many people are simply apathetic, uninformed or just too lazy to “protest” changes in our country. They are more concerned with watching their favorite TV shows than educating themselves on what is going on in our country.

        We have been slowly loosing freedoms for the last 100 years under both political parties. The Tea Party, in my mind, represents a large group of Americans that are waking up and saying enough is enough. They are not anarchist. They are people that want us to reverse the government build up that has been happening all of these years and return to the small, limited government our Constituion calls for.

        The analogy of the Democrats being more inline with Jesus and Christianity than the Republicans is off. As a Christian one is called upon to help their fellow man. They are not called upon to give their money to a Government, who will take a big cut of that money and then distribute it to who they believe are needy. However someone that is in the Democratic Party is NOT being unfaithful to God. Anyone (Dem or Rep) that believes a Government has the authority and responsibility to ensure/force sharing is misguided.

        Capitalism is in no way evil like Socialism or Communism. It is not perfect by any means but it is definitely superior to any form of Marxism. There are corrupt, greedy people that abuse Capitalism. That does not make Captialsim itself evil or bad. Christ said “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”. Since everything belongs to God and nothing belongs to any man, including Caesar, then there is nothing to render unto Caesar.

        So all Christians are called upon by God to share what they have with those less fortunate. However God gives all men the choice on who, how or what they share. God even gives us the choice of whether to believe in him and to serve him or not. So when Government and Politicians begins to dictate to the people what their Rights are and take from one to give to another it becomes a serious danger to our God given Right of freedom of choice. Our Rights, as our founders knew, come from our Creator and are unalienable. So they come from God and can not be taken away by other men, Government etc. So that being the case then a Government can not grant new Rights to people either.

  3. Eric showed his age or ignorance or both in his one statement. “but the fact of the matter is that capitalism is not superior to any other system” There has never been a famine in a capitalist society which already makes it “superiour” to all your other iterations of Marxism.

  4. I’m 72 my wife is 71. I served my country to preserve freedom during draft season 1969. Today 2011 my wife says we have not lost any freedoms. She believes that it is all hype and say so. How do I convince her to the contrary? Before it is too late to protect and preserve our wealth?

      • Congratulations good sir! You are a bigot! And i mean both of you, by the way. Obammunists? Where the hell did you come up with that? Have you studied economics at all? Or US history for that matter. Every single time in modern history the gov. has attempted to make a change people like you have screamed Communism. Did you know people called FDR communist for making the Public Works Administration. This organization payed people to work on projects including park and road contruction, infrastructure, and other tasks. Without them you might not even have roads wherever you live. Are you happy about that? Nope, you just want to whine about how you actually had to help pay for what the government is doing for you today. Stop being such a baby.
        >inb4 liberalist accusations, I’m neutral, I just hate extremists.

  5. Hate “extremists” all you wish. That doesn’t make you morally superior, It makes you a hater.

    And, yes, FDR WAS wrong for setting America off on the path that has led us to entitlements, unsustainable social programs, and Communist mentality. Was he, himself, a Communist? Don’t know. I do know the majority of Democrats in office today are either Communists or support Communism.

    Have I studied history, etc? Yes. And the make-work programs of that time weren’t bad things. As long as people worked for what they earned, and, as long as the work being done was necessary.

    The same cannot be said of government expenditures for Green Energy companies and policies, or for the perpetuation of welfare and government dependency.

    Call me a bigot all you wish. I am not. I am opinionated and discerning and willing to make discriminating choices.

    I could call you names, as well. But, I am adult.

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