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Corruption Has Consequences

“Elections have consequences.” Obama and his sycophants love to use that expression;  as if being elected to high office gives them carte blanche to enact any radical program they want, using tax payer monies.

I completely reject that premise.

To accept it, I would have to accept that I am no more than a tax slave to the whims of whatever Party is currently in power. I am no one’s slave, so obviously there is a problem.

And, a big problem, it is. Our elected officials are under the misapprehension that they are of an elevated status or caste. They act and speak as if our place in society is to be no more than compliant ATMs. They are completely delusional; blinded by their vanity. We will not fall into line and work our lives away just so they can tax us and use the revenue to provide voting inducements to the poor and the illegal.

Let me articulate this as clearly and vociferously as I can: FUCK NO!

What gives these corrupt sons of bitches the idea that they can deny us representation, treat us like tax slaves, and ignore our demands for redress of grievances?

I’ll tell you what, I am pissed. I am furious. I am more than willing to take it to the streets and raise my voice in protest. Aren’t you?

Elections have consequences… Bull shit. Corruption has consequences!

It is time we rid ourselves of the entrenched filth that taints our government. It is time to speak out as one voice and demand they step down. It is time we all say, “No! We will NOT pay taxes. We will not be forced to change our lives so that you arrogant highbrows can play aristocrat. NO! FUCK NO!!

This cannot stand. Corrupt leaders can push their constituents only so far before we can no longer tolerate the abuse. And, abuse it is! It is unconstitutional, and IT IS WRONG!

I will not wait until 2010 to fight these remorseless bastards. Right now, they are trying to fundamentally change our society. We must  not have any of it. Even if they successfully pass their abominable legislation, we must fight it. We must not participate in it. When we are in power, we must and will reverse it.

America must be restored! The Communists are taking over and they intend to destroy us.

Listen up, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid! You, too, Dodd, Frank, and Waters! You are done! Your power over us is over. Your time is near its end. And when that end happens, God help you. For your crimes and dereliction of duty, you will be investigated, tried, and imprisoned.

And, don’t think we aren’t coming for you, too, Republicans! Those of you who have broken the law will also find yourselves out of office and in prison. We will not allow corruption in Congress anymore! We demand that our representatives act ethically and responsively to OUR needs, not their own.

We are not your slaves. YOU SERVE US!

So, just as elections have consequences, so too, does corruption.


3 thoughts on “Corruption Has Consequences

  1. Ya! that’s tellin’ it. You definately have a way of putting it out there, alright. If we don’t get our language and ass out the door, we’re frigged.

    No one is going to listen hence the rush. There are solutions obviously but that is not what is going on, or, going to happen, if we don’t do something about it.

    So much has slipped past anyone watching tv, I feel bad they have been duped by all of this – tyranny. There, I said it. It’s out.


    and get to the comments.

  2. I came, I read, I found the F-bomb and other obscenities. Those words are not necessary to get the point across. I agree with the movement, but disagree with the method displayed here.

  3. Edgar, thanks for reading. I appreciate it. As for obscenities: I write both from the head and heart, and sometimes the heart wins out. And, the obscene policies and words of the liberal Democrats that are being used against Americans can only be reflected by the employ of such words.

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