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Who Will Win in 2012: We the People

I had an epiphany yesterday. I was in the shower, thinking about how Sarah Palin could possibly win the Presidency in 2012, when I experienced a moment of absolute clarity.

My eyes were wet but through my refracted vision I saw clearly what has to be done to restore power back to We the People. Since I am by profession a 3D animator and game designer, I momentarily saw the entire political process as nothing more than a real-time strategy game. I understood at that moment that lowly, know-nothing nobody me am only an insignificant pawn in this game. And, I have to tell you, I don’t like playing that role. The original rules on how to play this game were written a long time ago. However, along the way, self-appointed organizations began to change the rules in order to grant themselves unfair advantage. These organizations, or Parties, are not specified as being part of our governing process. Yet, these parties have insinuated themselves into the game board of our society by establishing infrastructures and mindsets that reinforces their power.

The rest of us, meanwhile, are expected to play along according to those modified rules. And, we have, for a very long time! Well, it’s time We the People put down the dice and say, “No more. No more chance outcomes. And, no more manipulated outcomes we must accept, as if we don’t deserve any better. NO. From now on, you play by our rules.”

It is absolutely within our power to decide what the outcomes will be in 2010 and 2012 (and thereafter). However, over the past seven and a half months, we have collectively been mired in despair and fatalism about what the future holds. All because we recognize we are being governed by lunatics intent on destroying our nation. We don’t know how to react or respond to their madness. We on the Right are rational people who live in a nation of laws (or, so we thought). But how effective can we be in fighting this insanity when we are so uncertain about what we can do about it?

As Obama and the Congressional Socialists furiously attempt to ram odious policies down our throats, they use the MSM to create panic in us. Consequently, we feel too paralyzed to act; much less react.

To make matters worse, we are overwhelmed by the realization that neither political party is representing its constituents.

So, what do we do about it? Well, we’ve started holding Tea Parties. For average Americans not taken to bucking authority and making scenes in the streets, this is a bold and admirable first step. But, we’re still waiting, wondering, “Who will save us? Where is our Hero?”

Is it Sarah Palin? Is it an unknown Conservative Republican yet to rise up from obscurity? Is it uberman Chuck Norris?


I say this will all certainty, inspired by my moment of absolute clarity: It is We the People who must and WILL save this country.

You may be thinking, “Duh! We already know that.” But, no, I don’t think we do. I don’t think we are positively convinced of this.

The Statists have made their big play. Their endgame is near. Now it is time for us to respond with a bold move of our own. How? We do this by being certain about who we are and what we want. We stop thinking in terms of Republicans and Democrats ONLY, and start campaigning independent of Party.

We are Americans! Once we decide on a course of action and believe in it 100%, we achieve it. If we can put men on the Moon, sell rocks to people as pets, survive Disco, develop desktop computers and create the Internet, we most certainly can form a third party that can win! But, we must start NOW.

First, we must understand what the objective of the big game is: Restoring the integrity of our representative republic so we can once again be free.

Second, we must understand what the victory conditions are to achieve that objective: Regaining control of our government from the entrenched, super rich who have skewed the game in their favor.

Third, we must ensure that our citizenry is reeducation on why it is crucial we win this game: Because we are the last real bastion of Freedom in the world. Period. Our governing documents and our way of live ARE worth preserving.

In Sarah Palin, I see a whole new game. As she campaigns on behalf of Independents, Democrats, AND Republicans, she will have an opportunity to express HER message. People might not otherwise take the time to listen to her, will have an opportunity to see and hear her. With her charisma and all-American message, many many change their minds and start to believe in her. In 2010, the politicians who she helps sweep out the incumbants will remember her. Some may even endorse her later on. Their constituents may even decide they, too, are fed up with politics as usual, and REALLY demand true change.

The GOP is fracture beyond repair. Two-thirds of the leadership wants to moderate, or, move to the Left. That is a stupid and pointless effort. The further to the Left the Democrats have gotten, the further to the Right the Republicans should have moved. Perhaps, if a viable third party coalesces in time, one which promotes many of the same Reagan Conservative platforms the Republican Party once held, the last third of party leadership will abandon the Republican Party.

THEN, then, my fellow gamers, WE will have changed the rules and thus, changed the game back to its original design. Back to how it was intended to be played.

So, how do we begin to edit the modified rules back in favor of We the People? We start by demanding a free, unbiased media. Without factual information, we are incapable of making informed decisions for ourselves. That’s been the case for far too long. We’ve relying entirely on the intellectual elites, and look where that has gotten us. Henceforth, all “news” organizations must be expected to be truthful and accurate. Fraudulent reporting and misleading advertising must end. Editorializing by reporters and anchors must end.  If networks continue to choose to conduct themselves in the irresponsible manner MSNBC has, then we completely tune them out and form our own news media networks. The Internet has shown we can bypass established MSM and tell each other the truth, if need be.

Once we have a free, unbiased mainstream media again, we start reeducating our children about our national history and heritage. We have remained silent for too long against the secular onslaught of the communist organization known as, The ACLU. This organization needs to be investigated, and if found criminal, disbanded. This goes for any other openly anti-American organization that may be wreaking havoc on our society.

We must NEVER be ashamed of being Americans. Nor should we never again allow the enemies within to use our laws and principles against us. Free speech is protected. Disinformation and national subversion is not. God must once again be brought to the fore in our society. It is under God that our nation was founded, and it is under God that it will continue. We won’t seek to establish a theocracy, of course. But, neither will we continue to accept the erosion of our Judeo-Christian values from our governing systems. We stand for God, or we lose his blessings. It’s as simple as that!

Finally, American values and character traits MUST be promoted and practiced in our schools, our businesses, and our government.

So. Are you game? Are you enraged and engaged enough to really you commit to changing the rules? Will you serve your country now that it calls for you? This is it, people. If we lose, we not only don’t Pass Go, but we are sent Straight to Jail! (okay I’m mixing my game genres, sorry) Freedom will be lost. And, the only way to regain it at that point will be to stop playing games and actually fight for our lives.

I am committed and I will work to build a new, even better America. And, if I can that commitment, anyone who loves this country can. And, should.


5 thoughts on “Who Will Win in 2012: We the People

  1. At this moment, the Leftist machine is in overdrive, the war on the economy is in full swing, and the Appeaser-in-Chief has engaged in a policy of nearly full retreat around the world, we cannot disband the GOP just yet, as a matter of practicality. On the other hand, as the Tea Parties around the country showed us, the spirit of freedom is not yet extinguished and if that energy can be tapped then freedom-loving Americans can retake the Republican Party. I say this, let the GOP be transformed from inside as the party of freedom, and vote out every GOPer who represents the party of “socialism-lite.” In theory, I would love to start another party, but just think its faster and more effective to mobilize those Republicans who are dissatisfied with their leadership. Palin can lead the charge if she’s got the stones.

  2. Great post!

    As a person that advocates no political parties, and realizes, they only further divide the country, cause jealousies, false alarms among the people; and open up doors to foreign influence, I am more inclined to go Independent.

    As I am am an Independent myself, I broke free from the herd mentality some years ago, but only made the official change to Independent about a year and a half ago.

    Further proof that the deck is stacked in favor of one of the two cartels… in many states, including my own, I can not vote in the primaries as an Independent. So be it! The are not going to bribe me out my Independence!

    Independent candidates will force the people to look deeper into the candidate’s voting records, and principled beliefs. That being said, no matter who we vote for, going forward, we need to somehow have a way to know where they stand on The Constitution, and not just specific issues of the day.

    It is certainly within our hands… Even more so when we start rejectng ALL parties, and start restoring the government back to the rightful owners… We The People of The United States!

  3. There are some very good Republicans left…

    For example, why not ask Senator Jim DeMint to go Independent? I bet The Republican Party will allow him to caucus with them… And one by one, we can funnel of the good ones, and hopefully see the parties fade away.

    I’d love to see a Constitutional Amendment that forbids the formation of political parties… I think it would help bring unity back to the country as well.

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