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Get Rid of the Old White Guys in the GOP!

Dear Lord. I think I may agree with race-baiting liberals on one thing: the old white guys in the GOP absolutely suck.

Anytime I start to feel hope that the GOP is starting to get its shit together, they sneak up behind me and pull out my chair. One old white guy after another has been publicly trashing Conservatives and Rush Limbaugh. Senator Cornyn (R-TX), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is the latest. He had some mighty serious words to say about Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, in regards to the confirmation debate about Sonia Sotomayer:

“Neither one of these men are elected Republican officials. I just don’t think it’s appropriate. I certainly don’t endorse it. I think it’s wrong.”

Why did he say this? Because both Newt and Rush have not minced words and have called Obama’s nominee for a seat on the Supreme Court, a racist. Based on her own words and attitude, she apparently is. Yet, what is Cornyn’s take on what Sotomayer said in several instances, and how she plans on judging?

“We are all a product of our upbringing and who we are, and I think it’s a fact people do have different backgrounds, but I don’t think those backgrounds ought to determine what the law is.”

I completely agree, Senator. But, whoo-eee, aren’t you the tough talker when it comes to trashing people who are essentially on your side. When it comes to standing up FIRMLY, COURAGEOUSLY, and WITHOUT CONPUNCTION against the single-most dangerous person to hold the seat of the Presidency, well… Then, you are timid and hesitant.

Your duty, sir, as is the duty of every Republican, is to fight as publicly as possible against the unconstitutional excesses of Barack Hussein Obama.

This includes taking Sotomayer to task in the most strenuous possible manner, in order to prevent the usurpation of the rule of law by extremists. Sotomayer, by her associations with extremist organizations (like La RAZA), by her mediocre record of jurisprudence, her questionable temperament, and by her expressed intentions on how she will judge, does not deserve to be confirmed.

But, instead of forcefully doing your duty, you forcefully deride two high profile Conservative individuals (and the MILLIONS of people they represent).

That demonstrates poor judgment on your part, sir. So, I hold little hope that you and the rest of the old white guys running things in Washington will ever catch a clue.

Therefore, we want you OUT. Come next election cycle, you and your pals are going to not only fight the Donks, but We the People, as well. It’s looooong past time we cleaned house in Congress.

It’s time to sweep away the old white guys and bring in the YOUNG white guys (as  well as, the young brown and black and yellow and plaid guys, and gals).


Now Senator Jeff Sessions is decrying  Rush, et al.

“I will not use that kind of language [“racist”]. These people out there are not party officials. They are not Republican officials.”

This type of kowtowing is exactly why the GOP is bent over a barrel by the Donks.



5 thoughts on “Get Rid of the Old White Guys in the GOP!

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  2. I thought we had a young GOPer in Mark Kirk, but his vote on the Cap and Trade bill is making me think otherwise…

    Aaron Schock is a good one. I think he is 27 years old?

  3. People like yourself need to get active in the GOP and start working your way up the ladder, so that you can become Party nominees and elected officials.

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