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Liberal News Networks Disgust Me

This isn’t going to be much of a post, as the bile in my mouth is building.

Just watching the absolutely hypocritical coverage of Sonia Sotomayor by the fawning empty suits and skirts makes me sick. Who are these people that read the same crap over and over again, knowing they are lying? Just how shameless and intellectually dishonest can these people continue to be?

People like Matthews and Olbermann and Maddow are nuts. I expect them to be partisan tools. But the lesser known liberal “journalists” and pundits, those who are good-looking, sound reasonable, and who dutifully read whatever copy they are given to read, how can they live with themselves?

They are paid liars. Think about that. LIARS.They willingly say things that aren’t true and which are intended to hurt, if not destroy others.

I can’t think of a sadder way to earn a living. Their clothes may be clean, but their souls are as dirty as they get.


One thought on “Liberal News Networks Disgust Me

  1. Their souls will stay dirty and truth escapes them.

    Thinking is impossible without truth. Rome is the epitamy of that statement by her actions over the eons – which go directly against a republic.

    We are filthy with roman influence and it is death to be sure. Our founders knew it and determined not to let it happen again. But they are very persistent and continue to forward their agenda lie or no lie –
    whatever it takes.

    For God and Country, to the understander of liberty. And his soul rests.

    The Liberal has no understanding of liberty and cannot speak it. Why do they make no sense? They have no truth.

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