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A Compelling Story But Poor Judgment

Once again the Democrat Party is using identity politics and crying “racism!” to misrepresent both themselves and the Republican Party.

No sooner does Barack Obama nominate racist Sotomayor to a seat in the Supreme Court, than the usual media partisans begin warning Republicans about challenging her nomination. What gall. If it were possible, I’d bitch slap every last liberal hack who insults our intelligence by even suggesting that it is racist to question Sotomayor’s suitability for the seat. This includes any “Moderate” Republicans.

Sotomayor’s own words show her to be unprofessional, uncommitted to upholding The Constitution, and racist. We already have an Administration full of such people. Adding yet another ultra-liberal to our court system will only result in even more judicial activism on the part of the misguided left.

Sotomayor has said that she will adjudicate cases based on her feelings and life experiences, as well as on law. Not a strict constitutionalist, is she. In 2002, Sotomayor spoke at Berkeley and said she believes it is appropriate for judges to incorporate their “experiences as women and people of color,” in order to “affect our decisions.” This isn’t the impartial professionalism traditionally demanded of appointees to this position. She followed this up with, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” That’s about as racist a statement as has ever been uttered by a public official. And frankly, I am sick of the white male bashing that the Obamunists are continually partaking in.

Yet another reason Sotomayor should not be confirmed is because in 2005 at Duke Law School, she inadvertently admitted that she believes the “Court of Appeals is where policy is made.”

Policy is NOT made in the judicial system, ma’am. It is merely interpreted there. Attempting to make policy from the bench is exactly what the Framers DIDN’T want anyone to do. Since you’re not up to speed on the purpose of the Separation of Powers, ma’am, perhaps a refresher on Constitutional Law may be of use. Take Obama with you. He seems to have completely forgotten or willfully ignored anything he ever knew on the subject.

Finally, Sotomayor’s court record is not even close to being stellar. She has a string of reversals by the Supreme Court on cases where her judgment was called into question (six out of seven cases reviewed were overturned). At least one colleague, Judge Jose Cabranes,  said Sotomayor’s opinion on a municipal case (brought by firefighters who alleged racial discrimination in promotions) “contains no reference whatsoever to the constitutional claims at he core of this case” and its “perfunctory disposition rests uneasily with the weighty issues presented by this appeal.” Again, her racial bias comes to the fore.

So… a racist judicial activist with a lousy court record and a “compelling story” has been nominated and the liberals have the temerity to tell the GOP to shut up about it.

The most rankling part of this situation is the GOP probably will. There are some eggheads up there who actually believe that pandering and trying not to offend will win them elections.

GROW SOME STONES, ya bunch of Beltway Eunuchs! First, solidify the party platform and leadership. THEN worry about trying to sway votes from Hispanics (aka, illegal aliens who were raised in Socialist countries). Guess what, GOP: the Dems already have their claws so deep in these people (the hopelessly uneducated, unskilled, and unwilling to assimilate), that it would take the exhortations of Jesus himself to get them to vote Republican.  Even then, these people like their entitlements, so chances are any vote gains would be negligible come the next election.

Why do the geniuses running the GOP continue to play the Democrats’ games? Republicans should understand by now that they will NEVER win against liberals’ despicable tactics; not so long as the liberal media uses its power to lie, misstate, and propagandize on behalf of the Democrat Party.

If the GOP doesn’t try its best to block the confirmation of this unsuitable nominee now, despite the political blackmailing by the Democrats, they will never have the political wherewithal and capital to be taken serious again. The Republican Party will be abandoned by its constituency for another party that will replace it.  And, what good is a party when it doesn’t have any followers?

Stop pussyfooting around, guys. If the liberals lie about your position, call them on it. Hold press conferences. Create YouTube advertisements stating your positions. Be relentless. Be AMERICANS.

Stop letting the lunatics hold power over you. And, stop doing things only if they’re “good for the Party.” Do the right thing always, and always for the sake of the country. We the People demand this.


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