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Expel the Disloyal From Our Ranks

RINOs and Squishes need to be cast aside immediately so that the Republican Party can be relevant once again.

The Liberal – I mean, Fascist-  er, Communist- wait, Democrat Party is the Party of Traitors for the weak-willed and the simple-minded. Theirs is the white flag of surrender and the currency of world government. That is NOT the type of party the Republican Party should be trying to emulate.

The Republican Party should be the Party of Patriots for the self-reliant, responsible, and free; whose flag should forever be the stars and stripes, and whose coin should be founded on the currency of moral truth.

In order for this to happen, we need to rid ourselves of disloyal members who claim to be Republicans but who are really just RINOs intent on sabotaging our goals. And, the squishy “Moderates” are no better. A person who cannot or will not take a stand on basic party tenants should just join the Democrat Party. We don’t want them. Nor do we need them.

Who really needs political fence straddlers? What good do they serve? They aren’t decisive. They aren’t leaders. They’re just… wannabes who are too afraid to make a commitment.

This is not a time for wannabes. The statists are intent on seizing control. Why? Who knows. Maybe they weren’t held enough as babies. It certainly isn’t because the pathological need to control others is in the best interests of this nation. Or of their fellow Americans.

I hate calling these traitors “Americans.” That is an honor they don’t deserve. To be called an American is to be recognized for being an example of goodness, righteousness, freedom, and courage. Statists represent none of these qualities. They are simpering, bitter, controlling misanthropes who eschew liberty and faith.

So, throw the disloyal off the sides. They deserve their briny fate. A ship manned by such as these is doomed to drift in doldrums of indecision, and to sink into maelstroms of Machiavellian manipulation.

Unless a person believes in and stands for small (not just less) government, low taxation, free market capitalism, individual rights, rule of law, and adherence to The Constitution, they simply are not Republicans.

It takes courage to have principles and to hold yourself to a higher standard. Statists don’t even bother to do either of these things. What rational American would vote for such… Europeans? This questions baffles me. Regardless, I know that there are millions of real Americans who still understand what values are and why it is important to uphold them.

To these patriots I say, “Expel the disloyal from our ranks! They are the flotsam and jetsam of treachery that will surely sink us all.”


2 thoughts on “Expel the Disloyal From Our Ranks

  1. Nice call!

    Brand ‘purity’ is a much maligned phrase in the liberal media, but it does help define what conservatism is. Right now, the GOP and conservatives just need to say ‘no’ to any attempts at bipartisanship. The Bipartisanship ‘Trap’ is being set out by liberals to provide cover when the unintended consequences arise.

    The inflation that will accompany the Stimulus spending in 2010 will be Obama’s middle class tax increase. He and the Democrats will be looking for any Republican support they can find so they can say to voters “this was supported by both sides.” Fortunately, Specter turned his coat and defected after the Stimulus bill.

    Democrats are laying other ‘Bipartisanship Traps’ though.. for a more complete list, you can look at:

  2. Certain issues demand loyalty to the basci core principles. The traitors that voted to pass the largest tax increase in American history (Cap & Trade) and impose socilism of the worse kind on our daily lives, must be expunged.

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