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The American Media: Enemy Combatants Against We the People

A nation cannot be free without a free, unbiased media. We are not free.

Over the past two years, American citizens have been subjected to non-stop propagandizing about the man with no past, Barack Hussein Obama. From cable news networks to mainstream newspapers,  two things have been pushed with a feverish zeal not seen in my lifetime : the dire need for the public to go “green,” and the equally fanatical “need” for change under the previously unknown BHO’s leadership.

Mainstream media promoted Obama and squelched any negative associations he had, in order to get him elected president. They continue to do so today.

From JournoList, to GE CEO Greg Immelt’s Go Green/Promote Obama agenda with NBC/MSNBC CEO Jeff Zucker, to the ongoing covert cabal of culinary commie communicators frequently dining together at the Watergate Hotel, to the incessant anti-Conservative blather spewed by CNN/MSNBC, it has become quite obvious that there is a left-wing war being waged against We the People.

When did journalists go from being the Fourth Estate to the Fifth Column?

It is disgusting that the media in America openly acts as operatives for the Democrat Party. It was bad enough when they pretended to be impartial. Now, they outright proclaim their loyalty to Obama and to the Congressional Leftists who are subverting our Constitution.

If it were the other way around, and the media covered for, promoted, and propagandized solely for Conservatism, I’d be just as horrified as I am now. The media should not be taking sides. The media should strive for objectivity. The media should side with the country, not with a party. The media should not be populated by a bunch of childish, traitorous, partisan douche bags!

Sadly, in 2008, the media shrugged off its mantle of societal responsibility and slipped on its negligee of partisan whoredom. Oh, how in love they are with Obama. The media has continued its radicalization by slapping on its beret of Communism. Joe McCarthy was right all along. There have been traitors infiltrating our ranks.

These enemy combatants are now sniping at anyone in its sights who doesn’t adhere to its anti-Conservative, anti-American narrative. Leftists torture logic, waterboard patriotism, and mind wipe history in order to achieve their goals. And, they deny any responsibility for anything they do.

Lat month, well-known members of the media ridiculed average Americans in an effort to marginalize them. Since January, networks have engaged in a campaign of misinformation (and outright lies) against Conservatives. And, throughout the financial debacle, the media has purposefully covered for the collective asses of the asses who caused the debacle. Even the unconstitutional acts of political overreach by Obama, the candidate they worked so hard to elect, get absolutely no scrutiny or coverage.

These individuals and organizations can no longer be considered the “American” Media. They are, instead, the Democrat Party Propaganda Machine. In fact, the media is now nothing more than the psy/ops army for the vast left-wing conspiracy.

In fact, President Obama has threatened to unleash the media against hedge fund investors unless they agree to his unreasonable, unlawful, and unconstitutional demands.

These non-uniformed enemy combatants are targeting not just “greedy Wall Street organizations,” but We the People, as well. And, we must target them back. Though Obama and his ACORN minions will attempt to silence Talk Radio, We the People will not be silenced. I don’t know what the thinking is in the White House, but if it takes several thousands of us to attend FCC localization oversight committees, we shall. WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR VOICE.

Liberals have taken to the streets for decades in order to make demands, coerce, and extort. If liberals want to see real activism, they need only push us further, and we will shock them by how deadly serious we are when we demonstrate. What liberals seem to forget is that quite a few people who once wouldn’t have participated in demonstrations are now unemployed. That means they are free to take to the streets and push back.

Thanks to the Internet, Americans are no longer reliant on the alphabet networks for news. The truth is being spread and eyes are being opened. The media is the enemy, and its agenda has been revealed. We will now actively defend ourselves against it and take back our nation. We will reclaim our liberty and make this a free country once more.


2 thoughts on “The American Media: Enemy Combatants Against We the People

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  2. The challenge for people like us is in overcoming the media’s love affair with the liberal agenda. With lies and misreporting, they convincingly portray anyone with a dissenting view as a kook or wacko. So that makes it tough. We’re left preaching to the choir while Republican leaders are busy trying to “find themselves”.

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