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In America, Speech Is Either FREE Or It ISN’T

The time has come to say, No. No, you cannot infringe on free speech in America.

To all the leftists in academia, the media, and in government, No. You cannot legislate speech as Hate Speech and still claim you are for free speech. Even if you aren’t for free speech, you cannot criminalize speech you disagree with. We have The Constitution, which overrides any law you cravenly attempt to push through.

To all the homosexual activist groups and their ACLU lawyers: No. To all the liberal professors and their sophomoric student activists: No. To the President and his sycophants in the media: No!

We Conservatives and average everyday Americans will no longer allow you to push us around and infringe on our First Amendment Rights. Remember that it is GOD not the government that gives us our rights. If you think you are free to take away our unalienable rights, you are right and truly mistaken.

If we want to mention God and Jesus, we will. If we want to extol the virtues of our culture and governing documents, we will. If we want to say we disagree with gays, or blacks, or guinea pigs, we will. You can no longer threaten us with jail, for in doing so, YOU are breaking the supreme law of the land. You can no longer shout us down, for we will shout louder.

If you push us, we will push back with disproportionate force.

Yours is the philosophy of the past. You claim to be progressive but only demonstrate thoughts and actions best left behind. Not all cultures are equal. Some are evil and should not be accepted. There are absolutes. If this is not something you agree with that is your prerogative. But you cannot stop us from saying this, nor can you continue to push indiscriminateness as the only path to truth.

From now on, I and others like me, will stand our ground and say, No. If it means going to jail, we shall. If it means making you uncomfortable at work, at school, and in public, we shall. Because it is our right. You have no right to be free from feeling uncomfortable because you choose to think in an insane manner. Common sense and logic will now be the order of the day.

If the media continues to lie and distort and propagandize, we will communicate the truth and expose the liars in alternative ways. You will not win. Yours is the way of the dodo. Eventually, truth will triumph and the liars will receive their just rewards.

In the meantime, No. Stop the obfuscation, and true hate speech. You’re only embarrassing yourselves.

Especially the crew at MSNBC, who obviously has no understanding of The Constitution  (and yet, they all know what teabagging is).


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