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Miss USA Pageant: Latest Venue for Gay Marriage

Why don’t gay activists and their Hollywood supporters just burn Carrie Prejean at the stake?

During the 2009 Miss USA Pageant, Perez Hilton, a gay entertainment blogger who was serving as a judge, asks a politically-charged question and doesn’t get the politically-correct answer he wants. He is “shocked” and later that night, posts an absolutely unfair and disgusting attack on the young woman who respectfully and honestly answered the question. This man, who was supposed to be an impartial judge in the competition, demeans a contestant on the Internet. Who thought to give this clown in that responsibility in the first place?

“Let me explain to you. She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Miss California lost because she is a dumb b-tch.” After admitting that he gave Miss Prejean a zero score for the answer, thus costing her the title of Miss USA, Perez continued his assault on Miss Prejean, and by extension her supporters, by telling a talk show host the next morning that he really meant to call her a “c**t.”  This classless buffoon compounded an already egregious demonstration of intolerance with outright contempt for values he does not hold.

All in the name of demanding that gay marriage be legal and accepted by society as normal.

Yet, society as a whole, like the majority of citizens in California, has already spoken on this issue. It has deemed gay unions as not meeting the traditional definition of marriage. For this, Perez, gay activist groups, and Hollywood “progressives” have banded together to universally deride Miss Prejean. She is now the blasphemous, all-American witch that must be burned at the bonfire of homosexual indignation.

Even pageant organizers Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, Miss Prejean’s purported “friends,” sided with the reprehensible Mr. Perez in their criticism of the answer. In doing so, they made a public spectacle of themselves, debased the organization, and elevated Mr. Perez to a stature he is undeserving of. And, in the process, they humiliated a young woman who represents the finest of all-American qualities. When did the Miss USA Pageant deride traditional American values?

Therein lies the true target of this coordinated attack on Miss Prejean: the values she represents.

The Nation Organization for Marriage has created an anti-gay marriage spoof video that ridicules Americans who hold traditional values, and who believe marriage has always been defined as a sacred union between a man and a woman. Traditionally, this is true. As to be sacred, such unions must be blessed by and consecrated by religious institutions. Homosexuality is considered unnatural and unacceptable by such institutions. Thus, there is a life and death struggle occurring between homosexuals and the Church.

If gay marriage is to occur, religion must be destroyed or co-opted. Tolerance of gay marriage is no longer the goal. It is outright acceptance by society that gay activists seek. Whether society likes it or not.

Once aggrieved, now militant, homosexual groups and their supporters are making an outright assault on traditional American values and institutions. Miss Prejean happens to embody those institutions. The question now is: will traditionalists allow Miss Prejean to be a scapegoat for perceived bigotry and intolerance, or will they stand by and for her in order to reiterate their beliefs?


3 thoughts on “Miss USA Pageant: Latest Venue for Gay Marriage

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  2. QUEER REVOLUTION – a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm.

    Now that two 11-year-old boys have committed suicide this past week, I am EVEN MORE driven to do “radical” actions in an effort to bring attention to our cause. For the record, if you think that DEMANDING WITHOUT APOLOGY what is ALREADY DUE TO ME is “radical”, well then – that is YOUR problem.

    So I’m afraid that violence against an institution’s property MAY need to be the next step. I don’t know. Something needs to change NOW.

    We are harmed by legal inequity.
    YOU are not.
    That may need to change as people like YOU try to insert your “religion” into CIVIL LAW.

  3. John, I couldn’t care less what you want or demand. Queer is not an intimidating or interesting word or movement to me.

    As long as gay activists assault traditional values, their opponents will disregard what they have to say.

    Perez isn’t worried whether he offends straights. Or if marriage is a deeply-held institution to heterosexuals. So, why should they care what he thinks?

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