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Why Garofalo Doesn’t REALLY Believe Conservatives are Racists

If Janeane Garofalo really believed Conservatives were racist rednecks, she wouldn’t be spouting this nonsense off. She’d be silent and keeping her views to herself.

Instead, the gnobby troll is vomiting a tirade of nonsense on every liberal media venue that agrees with her, secure in the knowledge that no one will stone her or saw her head off.

I’d be careful, though, Janeane: If there really are violently insane people on the right as you claim, they may be moved to prove you right.

Janeane isn’t the only one who believes Conservatives and right-of-center Americans are a threat.

The NHS Report released by Napolitano, just before the tea parties, is interesting, because the first thing the first lesbian director of Homeland Security does is label regular, patriotic Americans as “terrorists.”

Ah, how absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is if Napolitano wasn’t corrupt to begin with. Bang up job as Governor of Arizona, Janet. And now, you refuse to let agencies under the aegis of the DHS do their job and round up ‘undocumented Americans.’ How’s that “uphold the Constitution” thing working out for you?

So, Janeane Garofalo, if you reeeeaaaaally believed what you thought, I doubt you’d be saying it. Chickenshit is the liberal M.O. that President Obama demonstrated on several occasions during his meetings with Chavez and Ortega. Instead of honorably representing and defending the United States of America, he remained silent; fist-bumped and mano-a-manoed, and accepted anAmerica-Bashing-book with a smile.

So, if a liberal President isn’t going to exhibit moral and intellectual courage, I highly doubt a pathologically insecure liberal twit will. It’s always easiest to bash the innocent than to challenge real terrorists.


3 thoughts on “Why Garofalo Doesn’t REALLY Believe Conservatives are Racists

  1. One can tell that the libs are now somewhat frightened of the monster they have created. By bad-mouthing America and those that believe in American principles of liberty and economic freedom, the lefties stirred up some unintended passions on the right. Leftists hold as self evident that they are more likable and are smarter than the rest of us. When someone dares to question that philosophy, they start ranting about mental make-up of their opponents. In short, when challenged, liberals tend to become childish, arrogant and nonsensical.

  2. Janeane Gargoyle, I mean Garofalo, is a stupid twit (not the word I wanted to use.) She is taking to her “B” movie, Reality Bites, way too hard and not facing reality. I get really tired of all those ignorant persons who have no idea what it’s like to be the common working person.

    I am a white woman, in my 40’s, I live in the country (I guess that puts me as a Bubba), I drive a truck, we have guns and horses. I am right-wing, and at this point I guess I’m considered an extremest because I attended a Tea Party, fly my flag on my house, and on my truck proudly, not arrogantly, but proudly! And I PAY MY TAXES!

    My husband, and I, purchased a home with property last year, and we did it right. We both work hard in the medical field. We pay our bills and NEVER ask for handouts, we didn’t even take the housing tax credit! We pay our credit cards timely, that we owe, and pay for things in cash as much as we can. We work hard for our little piece of the pie.

    So, being called a “racist” and a “redneck” just because I attended a Tea Party, pisses me off. I’m NOT a racist!!! Redneck, maybe. Back off Janeane, and all of you jerks that have NO idea of reality!

    Just remember… Tim Gietner, Nancy Pelosi, and all of those other jerks are not colored, and I’m steaming mad at them; how does that make me a racist?? Answer that Janeane, or have you crawled back into that hole of yours?

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