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No, Chuckie, the Rapture HASN’T Taken Away the Conservatives

If one were to take Chuckie Schumer’s word for it, you’d think there weren’t any Conservatives left on the face of the planet. Or, at least, that only a very few proponents are left.

Thankfully, one need not take any of what the Chuckster’s shilling. In the pantheon of prevaricators, Schumer stands head to head with any other member of that notorious group. I cannot say that he is the Liar of Liars, because that would be denying Joe Biden his claim to the title. But, Schumer is pretty darned close to the top.

In a recent interview with MSNBC Commentator Rachel Maddow, Schumer pontificates once more, claiming as fact:

“They have nothing positive to say. The world has changed. The Old Reagan Philosophy which served them well politically from 1980 to about 2004 and 2006 is over. But, the Hard Right, which still believes: ‘When the Government moves, chop off its hands’, still believes that, you know Values kind of arguments and Strong Foreign Policy, all that is over. So, they have nothing other than to say, No.”

Apparently, living according to values and having a strong foreign policy are passe, to Chuckie. And, his assertion that the Old Reagan Philosophy is “over,” is simply wishful thinking on his part.

Why would ANY American want us to abandon our values, our economic system, and our national pride in favor of a transnational subservience that will make debtors and slaves of us all? Americans will not be relegated to working their asses off in order to provide the State with money to spread around to other countries. That scenario is unacceptable when it is practiced within our own country. Yet, Schumer thinks we of the chattering class don’t care about porky amendments to bills signed without due representation in Congress. What next? Will he smirk his smirky smirk and flatly state that Americans won’t care if the Democrats seek to add a few porky amendments to the Constitution?

Schumer’s derision of the principles President Reagan espoused and governed by make me contemptuous of the smarmy senator from New York.

Now, with the Tea Parties not too far away, Schumer and the rest of the contemptible Left who have infiltrated our government are deriding the events as silly and obstructionist. His naked contempt for American citizens who oppose Socialism makes him sound rather silly. The Tea Parties aren’t a “Republican Thing.” They are vehicles for ALL Americans to use to express their disgust at ALL politicians who refuse to serve We the People. That includes arrogant jackasses like Charles Schumer.

TERM LIMITS! That is my number one demand. Congress critters are simply too powerful and no longer do their duties. The media protects them, enabling the pseudo-aristocratic behavior We the People are FORCED to live under. This is AMERICA, and no one tells We the People what they can or cannot do except We the People.

LOWER TAXES! That is my second priority. If the state and federal governments must cut all funding to illegal aliens and to all societal parasites, so be it. It is Government that should be making do with less, not We the People. If ten percent is good enough for God, it sure as hell should be good enough for the federal and state governments. If Government cannot meet its constitutional obligations with the revenue it gets, then Government must cut unconstitutional federal programs. Balance the budget and act like responsible citizens, you cretins in the Senate and the House!

NO AMNESTY! I’m not sure how many times We the People must speak out about this issue, but, we will continue to do so. We are a nation of LAWS. Start enforcing them. Got that, Napolitano!? Do your job or resign.

I’ll tell you what IS over, Schumer: The days when We the People continue to allow ourselves to be milked as cash cows to fund your pet projects. We in the Tea Party Movement will be forcing politicians to listen. If they refuse to listen, we will revolt and throw the worthless bastards out come 2010 and 2012. Our founding fathers tell us we are allowed to do much more than that; so be grateful, Congressmen, that we don’t violently revolt and start building guillotines.

When we see what you, Senator Schumer, and the rest of your comrades are pulling Washington, D.C., We the People are not amused. Nor will we remain silent. The media may try to ignore us and Obama may try to silence us, but you all have been served notice.

As far as the Conservative Movement is concerned, we will continue to disregard any of the lame attempts at minimizing its participants. All that does is piss us off and steel our determination. But, keep it up. Pathologically childish-sounding talking heads on MSNBC and CNN can snarkily proclaim the demise of Conservatism all they wish. As  anyone in the true reality-based community will tell you, liberals are simply masking their fear of the REAL HOPE AND CHANGE that’s coming.

So, here’s to the upcoming Tea Parties! May they cause all manner of disconsternation to every traitor in the country.


5 thoughts on “No, Chuckie, the Rapture HASN’T Taken Away the Conservatives

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  3. The American voter must IMPOSE TERM LIMITS on Congress simply by NEVER REELECTING anyone in Congress. In other words, don’t let anyone serve more than one term. That’s the only way to teach them that the voter is their boss! and that Congress as a career will not be tolerated.

  4. Not only are the Tea Parties coming up this week, but the President has dredged up amnesty for illegal aliens as an issue.

    He has pushed the limits on aggressively moving his Socialist agenda forward. It may (finally) come back to bite him.

  5. In response to your comment that the “birthers” are a non-story, what is your explanation for the fact that Obama has spent a million dollars keeping his history “sealed”? I don’t that is trivial. I think it is ominous!
    Has any other president done that, and why should it be allowed?
    Doesn’t the Freedom of Information Act cover this?

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