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First Black President Enslaves Americans

The irony of Obama’s presidency is that as he campaigns his way to being elected President of the World, he is virtually enslaving you and me.

It should be evident to even the most myopically ardent supporter of President Obama that he and the Congressional Democrats have been working toward the destruction of our Constitution for quite some time. They are part of a concerted effort to transform America into a second-rate Socialist Nirvana, and from there, a Communist Utopia. George Soros, your agents of change have accomplished your life-long dream.

When a gainfully-employed citizen must labor for half the year in order to subsidize unemployed supporters of the Democrat Party, that citizen is a slave.

When a citizen has  “surplus income” confiscated in order to pay for social re-engineering, leaving that person with only enough to pay for necessities, that person is a slave.

When a person no longer has the means to control his or her own destiny because the State restricts his rights, that person is a slave.

Every day since Obama took office, our country has been assaulted by change I refuse to abide by. Obama is literally stealing our country. He “punch-drunkenly” wants to take over the financial systems of the world (on behalf of Soros, perhaps?) and to make us feel more pain at the pump as the result of higher gas prices, in order to change Americans’ lifestyles. He has ensured this will happen by restricting our ability to become energy independent through drilling and coal mining. He believes that Americans need to be taken down a notch, or ten, in order to achieve the fabled Socialist Nirvana, and to appease the American-Hating jackweeds in the international community.

President Obama’s eight day Royalty Tour around the world exposed him as bumbling and clueless. The man gives the Queen of England an iPod, and then BOWS to the King of Saudi Arabia. Not just a head bow, but a full, ninety degree angled bow at the waist; as if to ask, “May I get you your coat?” Then, the political genius continues his indulgent tour by apologizing to the world for America’s past arrogance and dismissive treatment of all those noble nations that surely would be our friends and love us if not for the previous president, and convenient scapegoat for the democrats, George W. Bush.

Chamberlain had nothing on Obama. A more ameliorating performance the world has never seen. EVER. From ANY country’s leader. But, “lucky” for us, America’s current Oval Office Occupier is not just  naive, he is determined. In just two months, he has decried his own country, appeased our sworn enemies, and is in the process of facilitating our shift towards Communism.

Who the hell is this man the Democrats and assorted lunkheads elected!?

If there was any truth to Obama’s claim that he wanted to bring hope to our fractured nation, that hope has long since been replaced by cynicism and suspicion. Because the change he is ideologically-committed to achieving is about as counter to our traditions and values as things can get. In fact, Obama is THE most polarizing president in forty years, and has proposed far-left legislation that makes even some Democrats nervous.

Most troubling of all is how his campaign-supporter-bail outs and onerous budget plans will turn us all into virtual slaves. The next few generations will be born indebted!

This is madness! Absolutely contrary to what this country was intended to be. But, by Obama’s own admissions, he sees the Constitution as a flawed document. This being the case, what’s to stop him from completely disregarding the Constitution in order to achieve what is obviously his next campaign? Specifically, to screw up America enough to garner the votes of an adoring, international oligarchy of socialists and tyrants so he can be elected President of the World.

God help us all.

As dire as this is, I am trying to look on the bright side. At the moment, Obama’s just the Manchurian Plantation Owner.


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