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Obama and the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse

Why do I get the feeling that Obama sold his political career to the Chicago Political Machine in order to serve as a Manchurian Candidate for Socialist/Communist special interests?

Since he has taken office, he has completely mind-screwed Americans with his misguided and poorly-implemented policies. Pelosi and Reid, flanked by Schumer and Frank, are the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse. All five of them are behaving like hippies who have locked themselves in a head shop. Each is lighting up their personal stashes of ideological weed using every bong they see. They are lost in a haze of self-indulgence that obscures their criminality from passersby standing just outside the head shop window.

Barack and his posse of  scorched earth politicans  are up to something and this doesn’t portend well for this country.

What’s also worrisome are their claims that they have received a mandate from the masses to toss the cultural salad and throw it into disarray. This is untrue, of course, but Queen Pelosi has been chomping at the bit to have someone in office to manipulate in order to get far left Socialist (aka liberal) agenda pushed through.

Power. That’s what she wants. Power and control. Over you and me. Obama wants power, too. Especially over our youth. His Brownshirts Bill just passed in the House. If it passes in the Senate and is signed by the president, Obama and his henchman Emanual will also gain power over our children.

I don’t think I have ever felt as anxious and nauseous as I have since November of last year. Knowing that fellow Americans willingly chose a man who told us he was going to tax us (vis a vis corporations and small business owners, who will pass the costs along); establish a Civilian Security Force every bit as powerful, equipped, and funded as the military (o.0!); and “transform our nation,” makes me look askance at every person driving a car sporting an Obama sticker.

Since January 20th, my every fear about the man with no past has been realized. Every step of the way, Obama has performed badly as President. He has insulted a number of our allies, laughed openly at the plight of Americans his ideology doesn’t embrace, and has allowed Tim Geitner to throw billions away in order to purportedly fix the economy. The reality is, every Obama political supporter has received financial payback in these hackneyed stimulus bills. Yet the root causes for this financial debacle are still not addressed. And, the first Black President has effectively made slaves of us all.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Schumer have lied time and again. They are absolutely untrustworthy. Their scurrilous actions and mendacious speeches are leading to the ruination of our country. Were it not for their allies and enablers in the MSM, we might have a fighting chance against Obama and his horsemen. But, sadly, they have formed an unfair, unspoken, and immoral conspiracy to deny citizens the Truth about Congressional exploits and acts of treason.

Now, it seems the only way to save our country is to literally fight these unrepresentatives. Perhaps it is time for everyday citizens to march on Washington, D.C. in such numbers that even the police there would be unable and unwilling to face the wrath of millions of furious Americans.

We can dismount all of the horsemen in Washington and avert the impending Barackalypse.


4 thoughts on “Obama and the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse

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  2. Roger, he hasn’t “performed badly” in his mind! He’s accomplished exactly what he wanted to by implementing a not-so-gradual socialistic take over of our banking system. The drive-bys are so enamored of him, they don’t seem to notice that he’s taking over private industry! What amazes me is that they don’t know that their freedoms will be the first to be squashed under Obama’s type of government!

  3. It was an easy sale. Convincing an undereducated voting population that He had leadership ability was not difficult. Obama gives a good speech. Because the current generation of younger voters has no experience discerning a good performance from solid ability, they voted for the rock star.

    The luster will wear off when Obama delivers his middle class tax increase – called inflation – in 2010. Then the tide will turn. Students will also study economics again to figure out what happened.

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