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No, Obama, We Will Not Be Forced To Volunteer

I’m getting myself ready for jail. Or death. Because there is no way in hell I will allow anyone to indoctrinate my children in leftist ideology and force them to “volunteer” as part of Obama’s private Hitler Youth. And, I certainly am not going to be compelled to volunteer my time to further a cause I do not agree with.

I don’t know where Republican leaders are on this issue. They should be crying bloody murder over the passage in the House of a bill that among other things, would require young Americans to spend three to four months in a camp(us) to learn how to volunteer Obama-style. These Americans would then be required to “volunteer” 50 to 100 hours per year. A four-year academy would also be established to train college-age students in how to be “Sector Leaders.”

Sector Leaders? WTF!? America is a communist country now?

There is something terribly wrong with this bill. Who the hell is Obama to draft our children? They are OUR children, not the State’s. And, how does forcing someone to volunteer make any sense except to the intellectually dishonest?

I remember during the presidential campaign that Michelle Obama said:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

Sorry, lady, but I do not have to do anything Obama deigns to tell me to do. Not if it’s unconstitutional. I, for one, will not participate in any program that will essentially destroy the sovereignty of the family unit in America.

I wonder what will happen when I refuse to hand my children over to Obama. Will I be jailed? Will I be reeducated? Will my children be taken away from me and put in “the system?” What exactly is this plan Rahm has, and why does Obama feel the need to create a national civilian security force?

Congress, listen: It’s one thing to confiscate citizens’ bonuses. It is quite another thing to confiscate citizens’ children.

If the day comes when someone stands at my door demanding my children, I will fight them to the death. And, I’m not just speaking figuratively. I will literally fight. If that is what it’ll take, then so be it.

The current administration and the Democrats in Congress may want to take our civil liberties away, but we aren’t going to let them. The mere fact that they are in the process of doing so means they have broken their promises to uphold the Constitution. For that, the lot of them, including this President, should be thrown out of Office.

How we throw them out remains to be seen.


7 thoughts on “No, Obama, We Will Not Be Forced To Volunteer

  1. I am totally with you on this one! I keep asking where the hell are the Republican leader speaking out about this? I would never allow my children to be FORCED into “volunteering” to causes that Dear Leader believes are worthy. Like you, I’ve been asking how will this even be enforced? Then, when my husband says not to worry, it will never happen, I say Yeah, so what about the SIX BILLION DOLLARS they’re spending on this over the next five years?! Wake up people, wake up!


  2. Compelling youth to volunteer? For What? Community organizing?

    The danger here is that we’ll have Americorps, ACORN and union thugs acting as Democrat ‘brown-shirts’ t taxpayer expense.

  3. I have been submitting comments to articles, blogs, and the White House & DOJ websites since inaguration day questioning the Administration’s motives and expressing my anger over the prospect of, and my absolute refusal to participate in, this grand social experiment. To call this volunteerism is, at best disingenuous, and probably a downright lie. The Administration has planned all along to coax, cajole, coerce and if needs be force “priviledged” (a.k.a. white, middle-class) Americans out of their “hiding places” to serve in the “previously underserved” (a.k.a. poor, minority) communities that Barack believes we need to see and experience first hand. Go back and re-read Eric Holder’s “nation of cowards” speech or Barack’s earlier campaign speeches – it’s all there. This is a text book sociology project, and we’re all supposed to be the test subjects.

    Well let me state this once again for the record. I will never, under any circumstances, voluntarily serve this Administration’s wealth-redistributing, socialist community transformation, get-your-mind-right policies. If they assign me to some remote re-education camp for “instructional purposes”, so be it, but they had better darned sight be prepared to take me forcefully. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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