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Obama Say Whaaaaat!?

There’s speak, there’s doublespeak, and then there’s Obamaspeak. It’s bad enough President Obama is a promise-breaking prevaricator of the worst kind.  Now, he’s broadening his repertoire to include Orwellian linguistics.

On signing a bill reversing President Bush’s restriction on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, President Obama said:

“But after much discussion, debate and reflection, the proper course has become clear. The majority of Americans, from across the political spectrum and from all backgrounds and beliefs, have come to a consensus that we should pursue this research — that the potential it offers is great, and with proper guidelines and strict oversight, the perils can be avoided.”

Bullshit. The majority of Americans have not agreed upon anything of the sort. Infanticide and the wanton destruction human life in the form of embryonic stem cell research is not an American goal or value. It would be great if liberals would stop declaring them to be. But, they won’t.

American culture reveres the sanctity of life. Liberal culture despises it. Which is why liberals are at war with America, and why they side with despots and terrorists. Liberalism is a culture of death.

At the heart of liberal philosophy lies self-loathing nihilism. To them, every problem in the world has its roots in the mere existence of mankind. From Zero Population Growthers to Washington Socialists, mankind is a menace that must be educated and punished for doing what it does: polluting the world with its children.

As the father of three, I found it strange when someone once asked me if I was Catholic or Mormon. As if having more than one child were something unnatural. What’s really unnatural is supporting the murder of  50 million children in the name of “choice.”

Why does the Left hate children so much? Is it because children are helplessness and dependent? Perhaps they hate that sense of dependency in themselves, and so, they seek to excise their feelings of self-loathing by aborting children. And, by making others dependent on them. Could liberals really be that insecure and fearful?

Whatever their motivations, liberals know rational, life-loving people aren’t going to willingly support the liberal agenda. Thus, liberals resort to lies and propaganda to secure their ends. They justify whatever means they deem necessary to achieve their goals because theirs is a strange, dark little world of excuses, victimization, fear, and corruption.

So, now, President Obama, who seeks to “change it and rearrange it,” and who has broken every promise he made on the campaign trail, tells us that a consensus has been reached on the subject of stem cell research funding. Words fail me. I could write about the upside-down thinking of people like President Obama for a million years and I still wouldn’t be able to fathom how they can so brazenly lie to the rest of us. They really must think we are idiots.

We aren’t, of course. But how does one debate people who make moral issues political, and who make political issues moral ones? That kind of calculated obfuscation can only come from people who have little, if any, regard for others and for the truth.

How do we live in a society upended by liars and propagandists? The liberals in the media are complicit in this upheaval; in this perpetration of falsehoods. What can we do against this onslaught of immorality?

The only thing we can do: We fight. We record the truth and protect it from revisionism. We serve as witnesses to the insanity of liberalism, so that future generations know what actually went on in our time. We don’t allow people like this president to redefine reality, just as he is attempting to redefine this nation.

March 2009: There is no consensus on Global Warming and there certainly is no consensus on infanticide! Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.


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