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Republicans: Conservative the **** Up, Already!

At the risk of sounding histrionic, I say we acknowledge the fact that the liberals are at war with us, and have been for decades. Hey, Republican congressmen and women: Enough with the “gentlemanly” approach of dealing with the Left as if they were capable of compromise. They will not compromise, and neither should we. The liberals are in the process of destroying this country, and we have to stop them. NOW! Not next election cycle, but now.

First, we must stop with this nonsensical in-fighting. Rush is one of us, and we need to support him. Just as we need him and other Conservative talk show hosts to support us. Any pansy-assed pundits who dare straddle the political divide and who display their disloyalty by decrying Conservatism and its proponents must be marginalized. We do this by simply ignoring them. We stop giving them e-traffic, and we don’t enable them. In short, we take our Party back from the misguided elites, and RINOs, and liberal plants who are playing us like violins.

We must purge any and all individuals who want to remain “moderate” because this is not the time for moderation. The further left the liberals push this country, the further right the Republican Party needs to go. American citizens are in a tailspin, holding out for a hero; a real leader. To a bare majority of the liberal sycophants, the misguided, and the ill-informed, Obama may be what they wanted, but he obviously is not the leader the country as a whole needs.

The man is Public Enemy Number TheOne. He has no verifiable past, and no regard for the wishes of half this country. He has no intention of compromising his socialist principles. Add to him the provaricating Madame Pelosi and the shameless Harry Reid, and we have one hell of a screwed up government to fight against. Oh, and the ever intimidating bunny killer, Emanuel, too.

Republicans have to pull off the satin gloves of decorum and engage the enemy within with bare fists. This is a gutter fight and we’re losing. The country is depending on people who actually believe in the Constitution to step up and do whatever it takes to defeat the liberals. THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

Just as Clinton was willfully blind to the threat of Islamofascism, we, too, have been blind to the threat of fascism from agents of change within our own country. For far too long, we have allowed- no, ENABLED the ACLU to subvert and demoralize our nation. We did this by not standing up for America and its culture, history, and Constitution. We let the ACLU run roughshod over the sanctity of our values. We have been moral cowards. We haven’t had the guts to bitch slap these nancies and tell them, No. We haven’t really believed we were right and they were wrong. But we are right, and they are wrong. Dead wrong.

But, we’re now in the shitter, folks. Things in Congress stink to high heaven and the outlook is pretty crappy. Are we going to let the traitorous bastards in the Left flush us down, or are we going to finally get pissed off and say, “No! No more. Not in our country!”

Nearly half of our citizens have been turned into mewling, government-dependent pussies. Are we going to let the Left beat us down, too?


I’m just a ordinary guy who’s taken up blogging. I never had the guts to serve my country when I was younger. I was a bit liberal in my thinking back then, if I thought about politics at all. I thought I was too intelligent a person to “waste my potential” by enlisting. Besides, I was living the life of a swinging bachelor, and I wanted to sow my oats. All I cared about was me. I didn’t know it then, but I was basically a worthless liberal loser.

Well, I feel a great deal of shame these days; as I have since become a husband, father, and businessman. And, since September 11th, I have become a patriot. I now see what a selfish, arrogant puke I was. Today, at the age of 44, it is too late for me to don a uniform. It is something I will regret for the rest of my life.

But, it’s not too late for me or any of you to serve our country in another way. The question is: What can we do?

Where do we go from here? Who will lead us? And, do we really need just one leader? Perhaps our cause needs more than one person to shoulder the great tasks that lie ahead. Perhaps the strength of our movement comes from the many voices that shape its message. Unfortunately, our message is being obfuscated by the political factionalism we are engaged in.

The liberals don’t get to define us. WE will decide what we stand for. WE will no longer feel guilty for believing America is exceptional. It is! WE ARE AMERICANS, dammit. We have been endowed by our Creator with many blessings and rights. LET’S GROW SOME BALLS and Conservative the fuck up, already!

We need to stop with the recriminations and do what must be done. Our country and our families are depending on us. Please, let’s not let them down.


One thought on “Republicans: Conservative the **** Up, Already!

  1. Obama “IS” a “LEADER.” He is leading us right into a Depression which proves that his Princeton Professors were correct in awarding him straight A’s in such courses as: “Screw The USA”; “Up With Socialism”; “Taxing Is The Key To Good Health”: and, “Whitey Sucks.” And this can’t be repeated often enough!!

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