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It is Liberalism That Will Eventually Fail

All this talk of “Conservatism will fail” is just so much self-delusion on the part of liberals. Conservatism will not fail. Liberalism will.

Conservatives have these pesky things called, “values.” They are called values because they are PRINCIPLES WE VALUE. As such, we are more than willing to die for our values, if need be. Are liberals?

Eco-terrorists and moonbat animal rights activists talk a big game, but are they really willing to die for a ficus or a rat?

Liberals are all talk and little substance. They rely on lies and on other people’s money to enact what no sane individual would otherwise enact. Extreme leftists invariably cover their faces and strike targets from a distance (usually under cloak of night). So, I cannot imagine they have the courage of their convictions to die for what they believe in.

How many liberals have you ever heard proclaim, “I will die for this country and our Constitution?”


Conservatism will only get stronger the longer leftists continue to savage our country. And, there will come a time when Conservatives will get so fed up that they will surprise the everliving hell out of liberals by treating them the way liberals have been treating the rest of us for decades: as the enemy.

You can only push rational people so far with insane policies before they finally stand together and do what must be done. And believe me, that point is coming soon.

The “War on Poverty” is the liberals’ Viet Nam. It is a quagmire from which they have yet to emerge with any credibility. Decades have passed and BILLIONS of dollars have been redistributed to the poor, and STILL the War on Poverty is not over. And, why is this?

Because liberals have no intention of winning this war. Nor any other war.

They aren’t about eliminating poverty; but instead, they are about gaining control over the rest of us. That is all they seek to do. Their every policy proves this. The bad news for them is: This is America. We have the Constitution. We don’t take kindly to being controlled; especially by hand-wringing weaklings who aren’t willing to die for their country.

The day will come, after food shortages have started and utilities fail, and chaos is rampant on the streets (all caused by liberal policies), when liberals will find themselves in very dire straits. Will they have the wherewithal to band together, fight for one another, and establish strongholds of safety and law and order? I highly doubt it.

More than likely, they will sidle up to the thugs who oppress them, and comply with their demands (even coming to adore their oppressors), as if stricken by the Stockholm Syndrome. They will become quislings intent on saving their own asses, discarding any facade of being “Americans.” Instead, they will become anything their oppressors want them to be.

Ours is a fragile civilization; dependent on a culture of convenience, on aged power grids, on lines of communication that can be easily disabled, and on over-reliance on computers and the Internet. When the shit hits the fan, and starving citizens are scrambling for water and leadership, it will be the Conservatives who will rise from the chaos.

Conservatives will have the moral courage and Christian generosity to share supplies, organize tasks, and provide leadership. Of this, I am certain. Not so with liberals. Though they proclaim themselves “progressives,” they will continuously prove themselves to be regressive in their behavior.

Why? Because they have no values that are based on the foundation of reality and truth. Because they are Godless.

Any policies that are divorced from common sense and history (such as Obama’s policies), are doomed to fail. Anyone who espouses such policies, therefore, will also fail.

Of course, all of this is just extrapolation on my part; based upon the actions of our contemporaries and our predecessors. But, there is no truer teacher than History. Though mankind continues to develop, one thing never changes: the truth. And the truth is something liberals find anathema to their worldview.

Thus, it is in this light that I feel confident is proclaiming: It is Liberalism that will fail before Conservatism ever does. Thankfully, America will be the stronger for it.


2 thoughts on “It is Liberalism That Will Eventually Fail

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  2. While this matter can be very difficult for most people, my belief is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do value that you’ve added pertinent and sound commentary here though. Thank you!

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