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When Obama Attacks “The Rich,” He Attacks America

President Obama is every bit the socialist I feared. His incessant threats to tax the rich into oblivion are just the first steps toward destroying our economic system and replacing it with the failed philosophy of Socialism. His use of class warfare rhetoric is intended to provoke a populist movement against capitalism by first pinning the blame for our current financial distress on “the greedy Wall Streeters and the Rich.”

Aren’t the majority of Democrats in office also rich? So, shouldn’t we be blaming them, as well? In fact, there should be calls by Republicans for investigations into Frank, Dodd, and other Democrats who obstructed oversight of Fannie Mae. Wall Street alone didn’t cause our woes. The blame can be pinned almost entirely on corruptocrats in Congress for creating and forcing economically-unsound policies on our bank industry.

Now, when Obama attacks the rich in America, he is really attacking America itself.  He is attacking capitalism. He is intent on perpetuating the biggest assault on our freedoms under the guise of social justice.

Yet, what justice is there in robbing a person of what he has worked hard to attain? What justice is there in denying the unborn their right to life? What justice is there in destroying the greatest country that has ever existed? Obama, following his Black Liberation Theology principles, seems to believe America MUST make reparations and redistribute wealth in order to make up for the scourge of slavery.

Well, Mr. President, aren’t you enslaving future generations in order to make your unamerican aspirations a reality? There is no justice when you grant one group special privileges by denying basic, Constitutional rights from another group. I think we have learned that over the past two hundred years. It is becoming apparent that the President and the Congressional Democrats are intent on passing extreme liberal legislation in order to remain in control indefinitely.

I fear any group that intent on acquiring and retaining power. All Americans should fear the current hoard of liberal-socialists in office. They view themselves as elected-for-life aristocracy.

These politicians have absolutely no shame in destroying fellow Americans. That is what they seek to do. But, they seek to destroy only rich, CONSERVATIVE Americans. Democrats are already attempting to find a covert way to silence Conservative speech. Soon, they intend on heaping tax upon tax upon Conservatives. Meanwhile, Democrats will devise ways to avoid abiding by the very same rules they want to force the rest of us to live by. Middle-Class citizens will soon find that Obama’s foolish and irresponsible policies and budgets will bankrupt America into a second- or third-rate nation.

We must stop these traitors. And, make no mistake. That is exactly what they are.

Will we allow a man of dubious birthright to destroy our country? I pray we don’t. He and his treacherous enablers have only their own interests at heart. They must be removed. Every last damned one of them.


4 thoughts on “When Obama Attacks “The Rich,” He Attacks America

  1. Don’t you worry for Obama’s policies, he is the poster boy of the new America. The rich put him in the white house, just to blame him for the catastrophe that is coming. Nothing is going change in the way the taxes are paid,Just wait and see in the next 4 to 6 coming years. You will see all over the news, blogs, books, youtube, any media outlet available will be saying the same. “See what you got for electing a black guy, he destroyed America”.. My friend did you read the Invincible Man, I invite you to read that book and then you can come back and revise your comment. Obama’s rise is a prefabricated
    Do you really think that America change overnight from being racist to tolerant country, his election should serve as a proof that everything that happen in the world is by design. Mark my words.. watch..closely the upcoming events.

  2. It was the greedy Wall Street crowd. And the politicians, and the open border cheap labor advocates, and the off-shorers, and rigged Diebold electronic voting machines. Mix it all together and you have what we have now. Where Obama came from is something else all together. That needs to be kept on the front burner.

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  4. I think you are RIGHT on, Roger! The problem is most people are so ignorant they can’t see what’s happening. God help this great country of ours.

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