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The Post-America Progressives

After all of these years of my wondering why and how any American could hate his or her own country, I think I have figured it out. Americans who self-identify as “Progressive” aren’t really Americans any more. Not in their thoughts, words, or deeds. They are “Citizens of the World.”

Citizens of the World have ‘progressed’ past nationalism. Patriotism to such people is archaic, misguided, and petty. Far better to extol the virtues of the cosmopolitan than to wallow in the distasteful mud hole of patriotism.

Citizens of the World have progressed past the provincial values of American Puritanism and Judeo-Christian Moralism. In place of God, Progressives have taken to worshiping Earth. Led by former divinity student Al Gore, Progressives have chanted the mantras of fighting Global Warming (now Climate Change) in every news report, blog, and interview. In place of God, Progressives have taken to worshiping Obama as The One, the Messiah. The State is the new church, and the sycophantic Obamites are poised to enact His will as He stutteringly announces it.

Recently, Obama has said that he doesn’t “appreciate” people who make a virtue out of selfishness. The New Gospel According to Barack now adds industriousness, self-reliance, patriotism, and capitalism to the list of sins Americans must not commit.

Now that Obama seems to be the next President-Elect, every Communist member of the Democrat Party is spouting off with insane anti-American nonsense. Case in point: Congressman Moran (D), who essentially  told his constituents that being communistic is good and being capitalistic is bad. Seems McCarthy was absolutely correct. There were and are Commies that have infiltrated our government and who seek the downfall of this great country.

Today, as millions of Americans, illegal aliens, foreign nationals, and liberals vote, I pray that enough of the spirit of America still resides within the national bosom. I pray Obama is defeated, and that McCain has the wisdom to lead us out of the grievance-mongering, government-dependent mentality that the liberals and the media have fostered for decades.

I pray that Americans have reflected on the past two years and recognized a Do-Nothing Congress that has been every bit as unethical and corrupt as any other. Finally, I pray that this period of reflection is followed by a time of definition.

Do we want to be Americans or Progressives?

If we want to remain Americans, we need to strenuously uphold the Constitution. We need to stop allowing the failed philosophies of Multi-Culturalism and Political Correctness to sap us of our strength and freedoms (and tax dollars). We need to proudly wave our flag and thumb our noses at those who continually flip us the bird. In short, we need to grow a collective pair and tell any who threaten us that we will beat the ever-living crap out of them if they so much as look at us funny.

OR, we can choose to be Progressives and abandon any economic prosperity that we have hereto forth enjoyed. As Progressives, we can allow legislation from the bench, the complete obliteration of any sense of history, the complete removal of God from our buildings and coins, and the establishment of thought crimes.  That way, Obama’s “civilian security forces” can enforce prosecution of such crimes, in the name of The One.

I don’t know about you, but, I choose freedom and prosperity. I reject servitude to the State. And, I reject servitude to The One.


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