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Barack: Typical Crooked Politician After All

Just as the Media has dropped any pretense of impartiality, so too, has Barack dropped any pretense of being an honest politician.  It isn’t surprising that the Big O is as crooked as the rest, especially given his entrenchment in the Chicago Crime Machine. The man goes from being a “community organizer” (presumably telling vagrants in what order to line up for soup so they then would consent to signing their dead friends’ names on ACORN voter registries) to candidate for President.

 Smell that? Yup. The overpowering stench of corruption. I guess when Michelle told us he stank, she really meant it.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, has devoted a considerable amount of time reviewing and analysing Barack’s campaign contributes. Seems the rascally bean pole has been receiving FOREIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. Isn’t that ILLEGAL? Hello, FBI..?

Despite his claims to the contrary, Barack has still failed to return $33,500 to the Palestinean Hamas contributers. The contributers have said the money hasn’t been returned, and Geller’s inspection of the campaign contribution records have no indications the money is anywhere else but in Obama’s till.

Take a look at this article to see how Geller proves Obama is a lying piece of excrement:


Geller is also covered in American Thinker, discussing the issue.

When you’re done, if you are convinced that Obama is every bit the criminal we always suspected him of being, post this news on your blogs; as the Neanderthal News Networks are trying their damnedest to keep from reporting the truth about their beloved Messiah.


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