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The Danger and Outrage That is Obama

Should Obama be elected as President of the United States, the country as we knew it, will never be the same. Through decades of liberal programming and outright lying, the Democrats have succeeded in turning about half of our population into sniveling, government-dependent pseudo-Europeans.

Obama is an egomaniacal puppet of Soros. Soros, who is about as anti-American as they get, has shoved ‘The One’ down our throats. In his speeches, Obama has shown himself to be even more unqualified for the Presidency than we thought. Yet, a huge number of people are enthralled by him. Why? The guy isn’t really that good-looking, and he can’t seem to form coherent thoughts when he’s off the teleprompter. So why all the fainting and leg-chilling, and hysteria?

On top of that, Obama has 300 advisors. 300 Advisors!? Who needs that many advisors? Does he have the faculties to think about and enact policy, or not?

Disturbing as the shameless Media adoration for him is, it is even more disturbing that so many people can be taken in by someone who has accomplished NOTHING OF NOTE in his current and previous positions; nothing, except for becoming nominated to run for the Highest Office in the land. Because he’s black. Not because we know who he really is and what he really believes, but because he’s black.

Oh, how historic it would be to have a Black President! How compensatory for blacks that would be. FINALLY, liberal shame will be assuaged. Finally, the dictators of the world will have succeeded in supporting the rise to power of a 21st Century fascist.

Make no mistake. Obama has displayed fascist tendencies. He is intent on a rule over Americans where we will be told what to think and do.

No, thank you. As wishy-washy as McCain is, I will take him anyday over the candidate most certain to  damage our Republic. Actually, they BOTH scare the hell out of me. McCain, I guess, is the less scary of the two. And, he’s not running based on race. Obama, meanwhile, is whinning about any critical comments ask of him.

I don’t vote for people because they are white. I vote for what they stand for. What does Obama stand for? Change. What kind of change? Socialism.

Socialism is anathema to the American way of life. Yet, Socialists in the Media and in our Educational Systems have succeeded in doing what they set out to do: to dumb down Americans enough to convince them to cast aside shameful things like patriotism and self-respect, and instead, to embrace “free everything.”

This is the danger of Obama. He is an empty suit with empty rhetoric who is facilitating the complete take over of our country by those who seek to destroy its once great stature and unique Constitution. Obama will surround himself with many Marxists. Marxists are not fans of capitalism; and capitalism is the economic system which has enabled us to become the most prosperous nation in history.

There is outrage by those of us who recognize Obama for who he is. But, without the ability to discuss this properly with our fellow citizens (because of Media Coverage Black Outs), we have no other method of distributing our opinions and obscured facts to the public at large. So, blog away we do. But that isn’t enough.

We need to take this to the streets. It seems that is the only way to get people’s attention. It’s worked for the radicals, it will work for us.

So, if you’re mad as hell as I am, let me know. Perhaps together, we can figure something out. We must save our country!


One thought on “The Danger and Outrage That is Obama

  1. “On top of that, Obama has 300 advisors. 300 Advisors!? Who needs that many advisors? ”

    A man who thinks that running for President gives him the experience and qualifications to be President, that’s who. Lol.

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