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Pssst: We Really Lost the Cold War

The Congressional Democrats have ripped off their patriotic masks and revealed themselves as the communists that they are. No longer is this America, Land of the Free. Now, if they have their way, it is Amerika, Land of Nationalized Everything.

“Obscene Profits!” Hmmm… aren’t Americans supposed to be free to work hard, pursue their happiness ( presumably obscene profits), and grow their wealth? Or, is that no longer going to be allowed by the fascists in Socialists’ clothing?

It is apparent the Wall may have fallen, but the Communist operatives in America have succeeded in doing through infiltration and subversion what the Soviet Union failed to do with the actual use of missiles: The radical takeover of our Congress and Judicial system.

Calls for nationalization of our health care system by Clinton, of the oil industry by Maxine Waters, and Maurice Hinchley, are outright anti-American. But, the good news is, the more these radicals push for nationalization, the more Republicans in Congress and The House will grow some balls and really start pushing for new drilling. Right? Right..?

If they don’t, WE will have to. Someone’s got to stop the commies and their legal arm, the ACLU, from taking over this country. I will give them this, their takeover has been semi-bloodless; though Democrats’ collusion with Al Qaeda to prolong the Iraqi War by bitching about “Failure” HAS increased the number of lost American lives.

The question now is: Will Americans recognize the enemy within for who it is before it is too late.



One thought on “Pssst: We Really Lost the Cold War

  1. I wouldn’t quite say we lost the Cold War. I would say that we are currently losing, but we haven’t lost. The Cold War didn’t end when the Berlin Wall came down. Communism isn’t a country, it is a jealously-based thought process of Godless people. “Secular Progressives” are really “Godless Marxists”.

    You and I are not alone in recognizing the enemy within, and it is not too late to turn the tide and get back to winning the battle like we did in the Reagan years.

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