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Why Do Congressional Democrats (and RINOs) Hate America?

I cannot understand how the liberal minds works. It claims to be patriotic (that is, if hating and deriding your nation is the definition of patriotism), yet it seeks the nation’s demise. Such crazy logic cannot be understood by rational members of society. So, perhaps, that is why I have failed to this point to undertsand the motives of our Congress.

Their hatred for America is so palpable, that you can feel it radiating from both chambers (primarily from the Senate). These demi-Aristocrats must really think they are above contempt. Guess what, guys and dolls: You aren’t! Nor are you above the Law. And, no, you are NOT THE Law, either. You only make the laws – based on what the People demand, not based on your personal agenda.

The fact that politicians do not recognize pork as the manifest corruption that it is proves they are the ones out of touch with reality. With their great wealth, they insulate themselves from the pain we average folk feel from high food, energy, and fuel prices. How nice for them.

Obama’s lofty yet specious rhetoric exemplifies politicians’ views of us: that we are simpletons they can bribe and lie to in order to remain in power. No one should wield such authority in our nation. Not even the President can or should have that type of callous, unbridled power.

Yet, here we are again, with ANOTHER energy bill defeated by the Environmentalist-Terrorist-beholdened Democrats. With the help of a number of intellectually-dishonest Republicans who are really just Democrats who have infiltrated the GOP, the Democrats in the Senate are determined to drag our country down to Third-World status.

No drilling. No new refineries. No new mining. No action. Only inertia. Until AFTER the elections, I bet. THEN, we will have no new drilling, no new mining, no new refineries. Only their much vaunted “progress” into a economically-devastated, Socialist utopia.

To say that I loathe Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the liars in Congress is an understatement. Why? Because they are Unamerican Americans.

They seek to deprieve us of our freedoms and our rights. All in the service of converting America into a failed European clone. Well, I am angry as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

They CANNOT take away my freedom of speech, no matter how many Hate Speech laws they legislate. They CANNOT keep me under their thumbs and force me to ‘alter my lifestyle’ because of the myth of Global Warming. They CANNOT take away my guns, nor can they take away my ability to compete in a Free Market so that I can pursue happiness.

THEY CANNOT! I will not let them.

I have never been arrested in my life. I have never demonstrated, and I have never committed an act of civil disobedience. But I will say this, if things do not change, and SOON, these pieces of offal prancing about in our halls of Office will find themselves underseige.

Common, law-abiding citizens as myself will spend the time and money necessary to march on Washington and demand they vacate the premises. WE are the ones in charge of this nation. WE are the power. And, we will find ourselves forced to take action in order to save our Union. Because WE love our nation. We understand that The Constitution is a precious instrument that must be actively preserved.

The Socialist subversives who currently taint our legislatures must be purged. Enact Term Limits. Prosecute criminals who break their oaths to uphold The Constitution, and who betray the security of this fine country. If there are laws against fraud, there need to be laws against politicians who willfully lie and deceive Americans during campaigns and while in office.

For, they do not just serve their constituencies. They serve ALL Americans. And, for the past forty years, they haven’t been cutting it! With precious few exceptions, our ‘leaders’ have failed us. Especially the Democrats; who seem driven by only one goal: to regain complete control over us.

Well, I won’t have it. I want control over THEM. Get rid of lobbyists, get rid of the PR firms, and the sycophants, and, most especially, GET RID OF THE LIBERAL-BIASED MEDIA!

Both our Congress and our Media are oppressing us. Liberals keep threatening to reenact the Fairness Doctrine. Well, I say, let’s do it! Because there is nothing fair about a citizenry being propagandized to, manipulated, and condescended to by people who are supposed to be informing us of the TRUTH.

Now, I don’t know how we can accomplish these things. That is part of the frustration. I do know that I am LESS FREE NOW than I was when I was a child just thirty-odd years ago. In one generation, we have lost much. What will happen if we allow things to continue? I have three children. Will they be ‘allowed’ to freely travel about this nation as they wish? Will they be ‘allowed’ to have more than one child? Will they be ‘allowed’ to think their own thoughts?

Will I be ‘allowed’ to type my own thoughts after the next elections?

With the messianic Obama as our next President, and his disaffected wife at his side, I fear I may not. It may take them a couple of years, but based on their own words, I do not doubt they will try to suppress dissent.

If they try, though, I and others will rise up and declare, “You cannot take away my God-given freedoms in the name of Tolerance! And, you cannot destroy this country without a fight! You can try, but to accomplish your ultimate goals, you’ll first have to pry our freedoms, and our guns, from our cold, dead hands!’


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