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An Open Letter to Senator McCain

Senator McCain,

You are confusing the hell out of me. I am a registered Republican in San Diego. I am a Conservative.

Every week, you say one thing, then say something else the next week. You say you’re a Conservative, yet you want to enact Liberal policy. You surround yourself with Liberals advisers and lobbyists. (What was up with pandering to La Raza of all organizations!?)

PLEASE decide on your positions and let us know exactly what they are. Now.

 The following are my views. I hope that as your constituent, you take them into consideration:

Global Warming: It is an unmitigated sham, and I will vote against anyone who seeks to enact policy on that junk science. It is apparent even to a common citizen like me that this is a Marxist push to damage our nation and move us toward a Socialist State.

Illegal Immigration: Secure the borders already! We’ve paid for a wall. Where the heck is it? Enforce existing immigration law. Illegal aliens are NOT undocumented Americans. And please stop with the Amnesty bills! We already have said, “No!”

Pork Barrel Politics: It is corrupt vote-buying, plain and simple. You have an obligation to the NATION not just your direct constituents. Write a bill ending Pork Barrel amendments and making bills completely transparent, and you will earn my respect and maybe my vote.

Drill for Oil and Build Nuclear Power Plants: The hippies have had their say for far too long, and it has cost our country greatly.

BE a Conservative: You claim to be one, so please enact Conservative policies: Less government, free markets, less onerous regulation, less entitlements, lower taxes, more Freedom (including Freedom of Speech, which is underassault by the Left!).

I am about to leave this party and vote Independent for Conservative candidates. I do not want to be in a party that  helps the Democrats enact Marxist policy. This Presidential campaign is crucial to the future of freedom and liberty in this country.

Please make the decisions that are best for upholding the Constitution; the document you swore to uphold, remember? I pray you do.

Oh, and this “League of Democracies” idea… Please. The U.N. is already soaking us for billions. Now you want the U.S. to forsake its sovereignty so that corrupt leaders everywhere can soak us for even more!?

God help us.


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