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‘Illegal Alien Demands Day’ Comes and Goes

So, the Communist holiday of May 1st 2008 has come and gone, and America is still a sovereign nation. No La Raza revolution, and none of their ‘demands’ being met.  There was, however, plenty of the usual Mechista/La Raza idiocy: American flag desecration, hate speech and reverse racism, and anti-American, pro-Communist propagandizing.

Here are PICTURES on Ringo the Gringo’s site of the invading Mexican hoarde in Los Angeles and their supporters.

Looking at these pictures, and videos, I find myself confused as to where these people learned their history. And, why it isn’t apparent to them the irony of their statements as they pertain to ‘border enforcement.’

“No One is Illegal,” they proclaim. Yet, Mexico viciously enforces its borders and jails/deports illegal immigrants. And, Mexico abuses its own citizens and restricts positions of power and wealth to the descendents of Spaniards.

What tops it all, is that these “eager American citizens” are calling for the end to capitalism and the expulsion of White People from “their” continent. Whites are the illegals. Excuse me… I thought no one was an illegal?

Color me puce, but if they were really planning on assimilating into our culture, why would they be advocating for its destruction and the elimination of 79% of its populace?

There must be a lot of great things about Mexican Culture. Why else would illegals feel so homesick as to want to bring the Third Worldliness of back home to our streets?

Judging by the significantly smaller crowds this year, the Immigrants’ Rights Movement (a misnomer, but one used to confuse the real issues) is not as supported or tolerated by as many Americans as the demonstration coordinators like to claim. I, for one, intend on agitating for the Border Wall to be completed, and that our current laws be enforced. Illegal Immigration will be an issue this election. Once the Barack, Hillary Circus is resolved.

One of the illegal alien kids in a photo on another site had a tee shirt on that said, “They can’t deport us all!”

Says who?


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